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USS Clamagore SS-343, USS Laffey 724, Patriots Point, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, MYNV11P15_08Clamagore SS-343, MYNV15P04_04Clamagore SS-343, MYNV15P04_05Clamagore SS-343, MYNV15P04_06Clamagore SS-343, MYNV15P04_07Clamagore SS-343, MYNV15P04_08Tail of the Clamagore SS-343, MYNV15P04_09Submarine Clamagore SS-343, MYNV15P04_10Moored Clamagore SS-343, MYNV15P04_11Clamagore SS-343, MYNV15P04_12Clamagore SS-343 at Patriots Point, MYNV15P04_13USS Clamagore SS-343, MYNV13P09_02USS Clamagore SS-343, MYNV13P09_03The Sail USS Clamagore SS-343, MYNV13P09_04Gang Planck to the USS Clamagore SS-343, MYNV13P09_05Clamagore (SS-343), Sub Model at Patriots Point, step sail, MZWV01P02_18Clamagore (SS-343), Sub Model at Patriots Point, step sail, MZWV01P02_19Clamagore (SS-343) Sub Model at Patriots Point, step sail, MZWV01P05_01
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