Christmas Favorites

buildings, winter, wintertime, snow, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNYV02P15_03.1734buildings, winter, wintertime, snow, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNYV02P15_05Rockefeller Center, Ice Skating, winter, wintertime, Tree, lights, CNYV07P03_01Rockefeller Center, Ice Skating, winter, wintertime, Tree, lights, CNYV07P03_03Decorated Home, Trees, Lights, Nighttime, Plaistow, New Hampshire, COEV01P13_14Decorated homes, Trees, Lights, shops, CSFV13P09_09Derrick Crane, Christmas Tree, Nighttime, Paintography, ICCV02P12_19BChristmas Tree, Nighttime, Paintography, ICCV02P12_19CDecorated Tree, presents, living room, PHCV01P04_19nativity scene, angels, choir boys, singing, PHCV01P05_18Hacienda Business Park Arch with a Wreath, PHCV01P07_01Hacienda Business Park Arch, Wreath, Cars, Street, 1980's, PHCV01P07_03Christmas Tree in the Snow, cold, ice, night, nighttime, PHCV01P08_08.2415caroling, PHCV01P08_11Nativity Scene, manger, Baby Jesus, crib, lamb, Mother Mary, camels, oxen, Three Wisemen, angels, figurines, PHCV01P08_13Santa Claus, town of Tomales, Marin County, California, PHCV01P10_12Christmas Tree decorated, decorations, woman sitting, 1940's, PHCV01P10_16Christmas Tree decorated, decorations, boy, girl, father, mother, pony tail, tricycle, piano, presents, 1950's, PHCV01P11_03The Magic of the Rainforest, PHCV01P11_19Snow Scene, Reindeer, Sleigh, PHCV01P14_02Lighted Christmas Tree on the Lake, PHCV01P14_14Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, lawn, front yard, sled, home, house, building, PHCV01P15_01Oldsmobile Station Wagon rear, ribbon, car, 1970's, PHCV01P15_09Candy Cane Lane, home, house, building, tin soldier, PHCV02P03_01Christmas Lights, PHCV02P03_10Sled, reindeer, Christmas Lights, Home, House, Building, Residence, Residential, PHCV02P04_19Christmas Lights, garage, house, home, building, Residence, Residential, PHCV02P05_02Santa Claus with Vladimir Lenin, PHCV02P05_19reindeer, snowman, storybook scene, Christmas Lights, decoration, frontyard, house, home, spiral, Nipomo, PHCV02P06_02candy cane, storybook scene, Nipomo, PHCV02P06_11Nativity Scene, manger, Baby Jesus, crib, lamb, Mother Mary, hay, Three Wisemen, PHCV02P08_04santa claus exposes himself, PHCV02P08_14Dock, Canal, Boat, Water, sprakly lights, TSCV06P04_04Abstract, Lights, Trees, Wiggly Wag of light, XTLV01P13_08.2842Pacific Palisades, California, POFV02P13_11Opening a present while Anne Fuller looks on, flies eye dome, POFV03P09_07Panorama, City Hall, night, nighttime, buildings, christmas lights, CCOV02P10_14woman, smiles, tinsel tree, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Tree, Christmas Tree decorated, 1940's, PHCV02P10_02Many Cats, Tinsel Tree, wrapped Presents, fireplace, 1950's, PHCV02P10_06Mom, Daughter, Girl, pajama, Female, Woman, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Tree, 1940's, PHCV02P10_19Doll, Dollhouse, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Tree, 1940's, PHCV02P11_03Man, Woman, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Tree, Christmas Tree decorated, 1940's, PHCV02P11_04girl, formal dress, hat, shoes, cateye glasses, ribbon, kegs, 1950's, PHCV02P11_08Cards, 1950's, PHCV02P11_10Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Tree, Christmas Morning, boy, piano, 1960's, PHCV02P11_14nativity scene, figurines, lamb, buildings, PHCV02P12_13Television, Lamp, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Tree, curtains, drapes, table, PHCV02P13_01Bonnet, Girl, smiles, happy, cute, 1960's, PLPV14P14_19boy, football, player, helmet, toy train, tree, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, 1950's, PHCV03P05_06girl, doll, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Tree, Christmas Tree decorated, 1950's, PHCV03P05_08woman, female, santa claus, television, pants, socks, chair, 1950's, PHCV03P05_12Toys, Mom, Dad, Son, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Small Tree, Radio, boy, pajama, Telephone, 1950's, PHCV03P05_16Girl, brand new tricycle, dog, tree, smiles, cute, funny, 1960's, PHCV03P06_10Santa Claus, Stagecoach, PHCV03P06_19Nativity Scene, camels, figures, Three Wisemen, January 1959, 1950's, PHCV03P07_01Nativity Scene, sheep, manger, January 1959, 1950's, PHCV03P07_03F-86 as Samta's Sleigh, Playhouse, Mailbox, Front Lawn, Retro, 1950's, PHCV03P07_05men, food, smiles, smokers, cigarettes, beer can, candles, Tulsa, 1950's, PHCV03P07_13Television, Fireplace, women, man, Tree, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, 1961, 1960's, PHCV03P07_16Typewriter, doll, mother, father, woman, girl, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, 1961, 1960's, PHCV03P07_18Pistol, Boys, Playing, Holster, Television, March 8 1959, 1950's, PRGV01P09_12Electric Train, Boy, 1940's, VRMV01P01_14Lionel Electric Train, Boy, Tree, 1940's, VRMV01P01_16Lionel Electric Train, Boy, Tree, 1940's, VRMV01P01_18Girl, Men, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Christmas Tree decorated, 1950's, PHCV02P09_14grand piano, cards, 1940's, PHCV02P09_15Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Tree, Diaphanous Curtains, Christmas Tree decorated, 1960's, PHCV02P09_17Building, Lights, Christmas Tree, December 1964, CSOV02P12_05rain, rainy, building, home, house, residential, exterior, outdoors, outside, domestic, domicile, residency, housing, garage, balcony, CSFD06_126Christmas Tree, Lights, cold, Home, House, domestic, building, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, CSOV03P06_14Christmas Tree, Lights, cold, Home, House, domestic, building, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, CSOV03P06_16BDog gets a Treat, ADSV03P14_17Madonna and child, angels, lambs, manger, Three Wisemen, figurines, Nativity scene, PHCV02P09_11vest, candles, boy, television, carpet, 1950's, PHCV03P08_07tiny tree, girl, boy, oiler, toy train, oilcan, village, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, 1950's, PHCV03P08_08Decorated Tree, Girl, toy train, 1950's, PHCV03P08_11Woman, toaster, Tree, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, tinsel, 1950's, PHCV03P08_12Tree, infant, dad, mom, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, 1950's, 1940's, PHCV03P09_17presents, baby carriage, Tree, Decorations, Ornaments, 1960's, PHCV03P10_01Dinner, table setting, wreath, bells, cookies, gingerbread men, tablecloth, 1950's, PHCV03P10_03Girl, Doll, Tree, nightwear, pajama, 1960's, PHCV03P10_08tree, presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Lamp, 1940's, PHCV03P10_18Tree, Decorations, Ornaments, Presents, flocked, lamps, curtains, 1950's, PHCV03P11_04tree, cobblestone, Decorations, Ornaments, PHCV03P11_17wallpaper, clock, Grandma, dinning, dinner, smiles, 1940's, PHCV03P12_03women, woman, Grandma, Sofa, Piano, Levelour blinds, 1940's, PHCV03P12_04Cold, Boy, Child, coat, door, entrance, arch, PHCV03P12_08Flowers, Bell hop, woman, bellhop, singing telegram, 1950's, PHCV03P12_10Boy, sports wallpaper, banners, Nativity Scene, 1950's, PHCV03P12_11Santa Claus, boy, man, teen, shirt, 1950's, PHCV03P12_13Mother, Daughter, 1950's, PHCV03P12_14Girl, Presents, Gift, 1940's, PHCV03P12_15Nativity Scene, lamb, baby jesus, mother mary, joseph, wisemen, 1950's, PHCV03P12_17boys, girls, unwrapping presents, tree, christmas morning, Decorations, Ornaments, 1940's, PHCV03P13_04Girl, Frosted Tree, Pajama, Smiles, Smiling, nightwear, 1970's, PHCV03P13_08Kids, Children, brother, sister, siblings, television, sofa, Early Morning, Tinsel, Tree, 1960's, PHCV03P13_09Space Cadets, Astronauts, Tree, Costume, Salute, Attention, presents, Decorations, Ornaments, 1960's, PHCV03P13_14Mother, Children, Morning, Monopoly, opening presents, robe, nightwear,  1950's, 1950's, PHCV03P14_07Wedding Bride Doll, girl, Presents, Gifts, Tree, sisters, 1940's, PHCV03P14_08Tree, Lights, Road, Cars, Roadway, Speed Limit, PHCV03P14_15Tree, Lights, PHCV03P14_18Nativity Scene, Candles, Three Wisemen, 1950's, PHCV03P15_08Tree made from cards, 1940's, PHCV03P15_19Nun, Tree, Presents, Gifts, 1940's, PHCV04P01_14Dinner, Table, food, men, women, plates,  glasses, 1940's, PHCV04P01_17Praying Girl, Kneeling in Prayer, Log Cabin, Nativity Scene, 1960's, PHCV04P02_17Santa Claus, Log Cabin, girl, building, 1950's, PHCV04P02_18Santa Claus, man, portrait, beard, glasses, 1950's, PHCV04P03_01Girl, Santa Claus, Doll, 1960's, PHCV04P03_02Old Record Platters, 45's, 45 rpm, formal dress, curtains, books, Decatur Illinois, December 1962, 1960's, PLPV16P05_11Brother, Sisters, Siblings, Girls, Boy, Television, Decatur Illinois, December 1962, 1960's, PLPV16P05_17Santa Claus, Playing the Saxophone, POUV01P08_01Bear, Lights, Night, Nighttime, Cold, Ice, Snow, Winter, City of Niagara Falls, CNZV01P14_09Steps, Walkway, Lights, Night, Nighttime, Cold, Ice, Snow, Winter, City of Niagara Falls, CNZV01P14_16Home, House, night, nighttime, PHCV04P03_09Christmas Tree, PHCV04P03_12Stained Glass Window, Altar, Cross, Church Interior, CEGV07P15_03Night, Nighttime, balls of light, December 1961, 1960's, CNYV08P06_08Television, Flowers, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Tree, Christmas Tree decorated, 1950's, PHCV02P09_03Nativity Scene, Baby Jesus, Lamb, sheep, Mother Mary, Oxen, Prayer, Praying, 1940's, PHCV04P04_04Television, Living room, presents, globe, lamp, mess, abundance, lampshade, 1960's, PHCV04P04_05snowy lights, cozy, bucolic, home, house, snow, PHCV04P04_14Woman, Man, Couple, Mom, Mother, 1940's, PHCV04P04_15BLionel Electric Train, Village, 1950's, PHCV04P05_07Boys, Baskets, Sofa, toddlers, boy, girl, 1950's, PHCV04P05_08Boys, Toddlers, Baby, Mother, Son, opening presents, 1950's, newborn, PHCV04P05_09Father, Son, Tree, fireplace, cards, wicker chair, toys, 1950's, PHCV04P05_10Table setting, candles, tree, placemats, 1950's, PHCV04P05_13wrapping presents, women, fun, funny, party, 1950's, PHCV04P05_14Santa Claus with children, pipe, smoking, belt buckle, hat, log cabin, 1950's, PHCV04P06_01boy reading, fireplace, sitting, Tree, Presents, Gifts, Decorations, Ornaments, 1950's, PHCV04P06_05Nativity Scene, Trees, Camels, Sheep, 1950's, PHCV04P06_12opening presents, Allied Moving Van, archive, Retro, nostalgic, nostalgia, dolls, seaplane toy, 1950's, PHCV04P06_13Traffic Signal Lights, stores, shops, buildings, evening, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, night, nighttime, dusk, CLAD01_207Four Season Beverly Regent Hotel, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, night, nighttime, dusk, CLAD01_211Four Season Beverly Regent Hotel, shops, stores, evening, night, buildings, nighttime, dusk, Beverly Hills, CLAD01_217Christmas Caroling, PHCD01_023Christmas Caroling, PHCD01_026Woman, Man, Husband, Wife, grandma, Tree, Presents, Gifts, Decorations, Ornaments, 1940's, PHCV04P04_15Rocking Horse, Boy, Smiles, 1950's, PHCV04P06_16Girl, Doll, father reading a book, crib, cute, Tree, Presents, Gifts, Decorations, Ornaments, 1940's, PHCV04P07_01Girl with Minnie Mouse, doll, cute, adorable, Tree, Presents, Gifts, Decorations, Ornaments, 1960's, PHCV04P07_04Christmas morning, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, piano, woman, man, boy, Tree, Presents, Gifts, Decorations, Ornaments, 1950's, PHCV04P07_05Woman, sofa, dress, coffee table, Tree, Presents, Gifts, Decorations, Ornaments, 1950's, PHCV04P07_17Woman, Grandaughter, Grandmother, Smiles, Couch, Coffee Table, Lamp, 1940's, PORV22P04_10Santa Claus Delivering Presents, N9763Z, Bell 47G-2, pontoons, floats, San Pedro, 1978, 1970's, TAHV04P06_12Santa Claus Delivering Presents, N9763Z, Bell 47G-2, pontoons, floats, San Pedro, 1978, 1970's, TAHV04P06_12BWoman sitting, Christmas Tree, lamp, candle, Hollywood, 1940's, PDFV02P11_01BFrosted Christmas Tree, pink dress, decorations, girl doll, shoes, 1940's, PHCV01P07_19Girl on a Tricycle, Television, stereo speaker, Living Room, 1950's, PHCV02P14_01Television, stereo speaker, Electric Train Set, toys, 1950's, PHCV02P14_05Television, Record speaker, Men, man, baby, 1950's, PHCV02P14_06Cars, Hollywood Boulevard, buildings, crowded, shops, Corvair Van, 1960's, CLAV08P15_14Brother, Sister, siblings, baby, toddler, 1950's, PHCV02P09_02BPretty Lady opens a present, gift, sofa, unwrapping presents, 1950's, PHCV02P14_10Boy, Pedal Car, 741 Station Wagon, firetruck, smiles, 1950's, PHCV02P14_11Girl, Baby, toddler, Walker, Manger Scene, 1950's, PHCV02P14_15Girls, tree, toddler, sisters, cute, 1950's, PHCV02P14_19Girl, Sisters, White Cat, Baby, toddler, Manger Scene, 1950's, PHCV03P04_19Mother, Daughter, Son, mom, siblings, 1954, 1950's, PHCV04P08_04BGrandma, Girl, Toddler, toys, presents, gifts, December 1964, 1960's, PHCV04P08_09Woman, Negligee, Laughing Woman, funny, skimpy Lingerie, December 1967, 1960's, PHCV04P08_11Boy and his new Christams Toys, Crane, Books, Father, Son, December 1959, 1950's, PHCV01P12_10Lots and Lots of toys, Consumerism, 1950's, PHCV04P10_01Jack-in-the-Box, boy, Unwrapping Presents, 1950's, PHCV04P10_05Boy, Presents, Toy Crane, 1950's, PHCV04P12_03Santa Claus, Girl, Present, 1950's, PHCV04P12_19Boys, Girls, Father, Grandfather, Grandmother, Santa Claus, 1950's, PHCV04P13_02Brothers, Sister, Siblings, new record player, 1950's, PHCV04P13_06Boy, Tree, smiles, 1950's, PHCV04P15_03Mother and Daughter unwrapping presents, 1950's, PHCV04P15_11Father with Daughter, 1950's, PHCV04P15_12Cowboy and His Choo-Choo Train, Stage Coach, Gun, Hat, 1950's, PHCV04P15_17Group Portrait, dinner table, 1950's, PHCV05P02_14Little Girl Ironing, doll, stockings, presents, 1950's, PHCV05P03_06Boy with his new Fire Engine, December 1966, 1960's, PHCV05P05_09Man, Woman, tree, smiles, 1950's, PHCV05P06_01Cute Ladies sitting on boy friends laps, 1950's, PHCV05P06_03Girl with her new Guitar, Twist, 1950's, PHCV05P06_05Boy with Aircraft Carrier present, 1950's, PHCV05P06_10Boy with his new RC controlled Airplane, 1950's, PHCV05P06_13
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