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Cigarette, Parrot, ABCV01P04_17Virginia Slims Cigarettes, Metro Muffler & Brake, CLAV03P10_06Misty cigarettes, Teens Trust us to Listen, CMKV01P01_06SoHo, Chinatown, taxi cab, cars, buildings, Downtown Manhattan, CNYV01P14_02cars, taxi cab, skyscrapers, buildings, Manhattan, 26 November 1989, CNYV03P05_07.1735Magna Tobacco, buildings, Manhattan, 26 November 1989, CNYV03P05_09Marlboro, Buildings in Manhattan, 30 November 1989, CNYV03P14_09Marlboro, Buildings in Manhattan, 30 November 1989, CNYV03P14_10Camel Filter Cigarettes, 1972, EPBV01P03_12Honda Motor Bikes, Kathmandu Nepal, EPBV01P03_13Newport Cigarettes Billboard, Interstate Highway I-208, Mariposa Street, EPBV01P04_05"Mind if I smoke?", "Care if I die?", anti-smoking billboard, cars, Third Street, sex in advertising, sexy, billboard, EPBV01P04_06Lucky Strike Cigarettes, EPBV01P04_07Lucky Strike Cigarettes, EPBV01P04_08Bob, I've got emphysema, anti-smoking campaign, Sobel Design Building, Townsend Street, SOMA, EPBV01P04_09Marlboro Man Cigarettes, horse, cowboy, EPBV01P04_10Crane, Truck, Marlboro Man Cigarettes, horse, cowboy, telescoping crane, EPBV01P04_11Marlboro Man Cigarettes, horse, cowboy, telescoping crane, EPBV01P04_12Camel Cigarettes, harmonica, cartoon, Eller, EPBV01P04_16Menthol Camel Cigarettes, cartoon, Eller, EPBV01P04_17Camel Cigarettes, harmonica, cartoon, Eller, EPBV01P04_18Menthol Camel Cigarettes, cartoon, Eller, EPBV01P04_19Camel Cigarettes, cartoon, Eller, EPBV01P05_01Marlboro man, Camel Cigarettes, cartoon, Eller, EPBV01P05_02Marlboro man, Camel Cigarettes, cartoon, Eller, EPBV01P05_03Camel Cigarettes, cartoon, Eller, EPBV01P05_04Lucky Strike, cars, EPBV01P05_05Camel Cigarettes, cartoon, hillside, EPBV01P05_06Marlboro Cigarettes, cars, bus, buildings, Fourth Street, EPBV01P05_07Cars, Bob Iv'e Got Emphysema, anti-smoking billboard, SOMA, EPBV01P05_08Joe Cool Camel Cigarettes, EPBV01P05_16Joe Cool Camel Cigarettes, EPBV01P05_17Cobo's Grocery, Corner Market, FGNV01P10_17chewing tobacco, C-Store, FGNV02P06_05.3542Brain, HANV01P02_01Brain, HANV01P02_04Brain, HANV01P02_04BBrain, HANV01P02_07Brain, HANV01P02_07BBrain, HANV01P02_09Brain with Orbit, HANV01P02_09BBrain, HANV01P02_10Brain, HANV01P02_11Brain, HANV01P02_13Brain, HANV01P02_15Brain, HANV01P02_17Brain, HANV01P02_18Brain, HANV01P02_19Brain, HANV01P02_19BCross Section of a Brain, HANV01P03_01Cross Section of a Brain, HANV01P03_02Cross Section of a Brain, HANV01P03_02BCross Section of a Brain, HANV01P03_02CBrain, HANV01P03_03Brain, HANV01P03_03BCross Section of a Brain, Two Halves, HANV01P03_06Cross Section of a Brain, Two Halves, HANV01P03_07Cross Section of a Brain, Two Halves, HANV01P03_08Brain, HANV01P03_09Brain, HANV01P03_10Brain, HANV01P03_11Brain, HANV01P03_12Brain, HANV01P03_13Real Human Brain, HANV01P03_14Real Human Brain, HANV01P03_15Real Human Brain, HANV01P03_16Real Human Brain, HANV01P03_18Real Human Brain, HANV01P03_19Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_02Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_03Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_03BReal Human Brain, HANV01P04_04Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_05Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_06Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_07Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_07BReal Human Brain, HANV01P04_08Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_09Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_09BReal Human Brain, HANV01P04_10Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_11Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_12Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_13Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_14Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_14BReal Human Brain, HANV01P04_14CReal Human Brain, HANV01P04_15Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_16Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_16BReal Human Brain, HANV01P04_16CReal Human Brain, HANV01P04_17Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_18Real Human Brain, HANV01P04_19HANV01P05_01Brain, Head, HANV01P05_02Brain, Head, HANV01P05_03Brain, Head, HANV01P05_04Brain, Head, HANV01P05_06HANV01P05_08HANV01P05_10HANV01P05_12Brain, Head, Nose, Bone, HANV01P05_14Brain, Head, Nose, Bone, HANV01P05_16BBrain, Head, Nose, Bone, HANV01P05_16CBrain, Head, Nose, Bone, HANV01P05_16DBrain, Head, Nose, Bone, photo-object, object, cut-out, cutout, HANV01P05_16FBrain, Head, Nose, Bone, HANV01P05_17.2015Brain, Head, Nose, Bone, HANV01P05_17Bsmoke, floats, and then, sits, in air, and the air, sits in pressurized pull, which resultant effort, gives rise to a wonder of joy., OLFV08P07_07.1157smoke, OLFV08P07_08.1157cigar smoking, man, lounging, pants, shoes, tie, backyard, 1950s, PDEV01P02_18couch potato, San Francisco, California, PDFV01P08_10PDRV01P06_16PDRV01P06_17Cigar Case, PDSV01P07_17Cigar Case, PDSV01P07_18cigarettes, PDVV01P10_06cigarettes, PDVV01P10_07Austin Creek State Park, PORV13P01_11Smoking, Drinking, Man, Male, Depressed, contemplating, PSAV01P02_04Smoking, Drinking, Man, Male, Depressed, contemplating, PSAV01P02_05smoking, drinking, PSAV01P02_08smoking, drinking, PSAV01P02_12smoking, drinking, PSAV01P02_13smoking, drinking, PSAV01P02_14smoking, drinking, PSAV01P02_14Bsmoking, drinking, PSAV01P02_15smoking, drinking, PSAV01P02_16smoking, drinking, PSAV01P02_17Helmets, SBYV03P03_02camel cigarettes, TORV01P07_06camel cigarettes, TORV01P07_07camel cigarettes, TORV01P07_08The Third Eye Resists Seperating the Soul from the Being from Ego from the sanity of the Innerverse, Self Portrait, XPFV01P01_19Self Portrait, XPFV01P01_19BSelf Portrait, XPFV01P01_19Cin the synctanic mentalibriated syntonic being, here be that which is not, XPFV01P02_09XPFV01P15_09CXPFV01P15_09DBrain, Head, Nose, Bone, HANV01P05_17CPRSV07P01_14Geisha Girls, Navy sailor with Cigar, funny, Sasebo Saga Japan, 1950s, PEIV01P02_15Smoking, Pipe, Smoke, Inhaling, near Ahmedabad, Man, Male, Guy, PORV08P06_03Smoking, Pipe, Smoke, Inhaling, near Ahmedabad, Man, Male, Guy, PORV08P06_04table, TV-Trays, dinner, 1960s, FDNV02P13_05Poodle, pipe, Male, Man, Masculine, Person, Adult, Caucasian, smoker, smoking, Men, 1966, 1960s, PORV24P09_02Geisha Girl Smoking, Cigarette, Long Dress, Japanese Brothel, Sasebo Saga Japan, 1950s, PEIV01P02_13Man, Straw Hat, Pipe, Smoker, PCFV01P02_10Brain, Head, Nose, Bone, HANV01P05_16GSmoking, Cigarette, soldier, uniform, cap, 1940s, MYAV05P01_02Ladies Smoking Cigarette, January 1969, 1960s, PBTV05P04_15PORV12P06_08Broom, Cigarette, PORV26P08_06Cigarette Smoker, Man, Jacket, VRMV01P10_12Mail Pouch Tobacco, Red Barn, CLOV02P05_14Checkers, Smoking, Lamp, Chair, Sofa Covered in Plastic, 1960s, SCPV01P03_17Cowboy, Cafe, FRBV06P08_09Hooker and Client, Prostitute, 1950s, PEIV02P03_01Kissing Ladies, Booze, Bar, 1950s, PELV01P01_19Roger, WKLV04P13_05Taste Winston Lights billboard, 747 Landing, January 1979, TAFV46P10_01Lady Laying in Bed, Slip, Smoking, 1940s, PDBV02P02_14Smoking Father with Daughter, 1950s, PORV30P13_03Formal Dinner. Women, Men, couples, Cigarette, August 1969, FRBV09P03_01
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