SBYV04P04_07Surrey, beach, SBYV04P04_08Surrey, beach, SBYV04P04_09SBYV04P04_10SBYV04P04_11Canal, Brick Road, Roadway, Drawbridge, Bicycles, Volendam, CENV01P08_12Volendam, Holland, Fishing Boat, Dock, TSFV03P09_05Shops, Signs, Keelung, June 1970, CAJV04P11_13bikes for sale, wheels, SBYV04P04_12Imperial Palace, Tokyo, stone wall, tree, SBYV04P04_13Rabbits ready for slaugter, boy, buildings, Santa-Fe, Spain, FPMV01P10_07German American Parade, New York City, summer, Manhattan, 1950s, PFPV06P07_02Tokyo, Japan, Panorama, SBYV04P04_14Salzburg, Cars, automobiles, vehicles, 1950s, CEAV01P10_05Haight Ashbury Music Center, Parking Meter, CSFD02_274Hurricane Francis, 2004, DASV06P06_03CEIV08P09_05CLCD01_290Wells Fargo Bank Building, Market Street, landmark, June 2005, CSFD04_096Union Street shops, building, detail, June 2005, CSFD04_126House, Single Family Dwelling Unit, Home, garage, lawn, garden, CTVV01P15_15Crosswalk, cars, automobiles, vehicles, PFSD01_041SBYD01_001SBYD01_001BSBYD01_002SBYD01_003Hong Kong Trolley, Doubledecker, Cars, Automobile, Vehicles, 1950s, VRLV03P11_19Shops, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Building, CAIV02P02_01D-INLF, Piaggio P-166, Deutsche Nahluft, (Air Lloyd), TAFV24P03_09Ford Consul, car, automobile, sedan, Vehicle, Albany Georgia, September 5 1957, 1950s, VCRV20P01_16Street Light, Bangkok Thailand, October 1962, 1960s, VCRV20P07_14Hyde Street incline, Steep, Steps, VRCD01_149Juneau, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, 1960s, CNAV02P11_18alley, heart, road, buildings, Durnstein, alleyway, CEAV02P02_08home, house, window, curtain, CEDV01P14_14building, shops, stores, windows, CEDV01P15_08Cars, person, buildings, crosswalk, automobile, vehicles, 1960s, CEDV01P15_12Church of King Charles the Martyr, 1678, Tunbridge Wells, England, Clock, Red Brick Building, CEEV06P07_08home, house, straw roof, Building, domestic, domicile, residency, housing, CEFV07P12_05Chartes, Homes, houses, Church, buildings, CEFV07P14_01Compiegne Chateau, Palace, CEFV07P14_15Statue, CEFV08P04_17Prisunic, Crosswalk, Crowds, Cars, Automobile, Vehicles, 1950s, CEFV08P08_04Cars, Automobile, Vehicles, van, buildings, palace, 1950s, CEFV08P09_10CEFV08P11_06Hotel Wittelsbach, LŸftlmalerei, Fairytale , Wall Art, Luftlmalerei, wall-painting, Oberammergau, Bavaria, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, CEGV05P11_15Hanging Flowers, Building, Balcony, Mittenwald, CEGV06P11_03CEGV06P11_15Tree, Buildings, cars, Garmisch, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, LŸftlmalerei, Fairytale, Wall Art, Luftlmalerei, wall-painting, CEGV06P13_13Munich, Zigarren, store, shop, CEGV07P07_04Shoppers, Florence, CEIV11P06_04Church, Dome, Cathedral, Street, CEIV11P08_02Amsterdam Smallest Gallery, Brick Building, Amsterdam, CENV01P15_01Trolley, Tracks, Amsterdam, CENV01P15_17Trolley, Tracks, Amsterdam, CENV01P15_19Shops, Buildings, Brick Road, Amsterdam, CENV02P01_09Michigan Boulevard, June 1980, 1980s, CLCV11P06_18Tourists Bicycling, Woman, buildings, July 1974, 1970s, COVV02P09_11The Embarcadero, CSFD05_293Bicyclist ready for the downhill, Transamerica Pyramid, Steep Street, CSFD05_297clock tower, Palenque, Chiapas, CBMV04P12_07Street Scene, Shops, Barber, Curb, buildings, Sidewalk, 1962, 1960s, CHHV01P13_13Street Scene, Steps, Stairs, Buildings, People, 1962, 1960s, CHHV01P15_08Squlid Living Conditions, Boats, squalor, Guangdong, CHRV01P02_07British West Indian Airways, ticket office building, shops, woman on a bike, CIKV01P01_07outdoor clock, outside, exterior, building, tower, tunnel, narrow street, CEIV12P11_14Glaces Oria, FPRV02P09_16Toys & Hobbies, S & H Green Stamps, October 29 1959, 1950s, PDSV07P03_01Barberia la Elegancia, barbershop, barber shop, store, building, sidewalk, PFBV02P02_16Little Girl in Frilly Dress, 1950s, PFLV10P09_12Love Fest 2008, Parade, Market Street, PFPD01_158Smiley Face, Ohio, 1950s, PFPV06P15_15Street People, The Embarcadero, PFSD01_258The Tenderloin District, San Francisco, PFSD01_278Horses, Costume, Buildings, Palm Tree, 1950s, PFSV08P05_14Smiling Girl, New Bicycle, dress, apron, 1950s, PHCV03P10_13Smiling Girl, New Bicycle, dress, apron, 1950s, PHCV03P10_14Smiling Man, face, PORV19P15_08Smiling Man, face, PORV19P15_09Smiling Man, face, PORV19P15_11Smiling Man, face, PORV19P15_12Two women, friends, buick car, 1950s, PORV25P12_01POUV01P08_13SBYD01_004SBYD01_005SBYD01_006SBYD01_007SBYD01_008SBYD01_009SBYD01_010SBYD01_011SBYD01_012SBYD01_013SBYD01_014SBYD01_015SBYD01_016SBYD01_017SBYD01_018SBYV04P04_15SBYV04P04_16Caltex, Car, Vehicle, Automobile, 1950s, VCPV01P01_03Horses and Carriage, Mackinac Island,  Michigan, 1960s, VHCV01P08_05Rear View window, Cars, street, buses, Store Opening, automobile, vehicles, Taxi Cab, September 1966, 1960s, CAJV04P13_06Samarkand, Uzbekistan, FGAV02P06_08Lettuce, Greens, FPPV01P15_02Cloth, material, sellers, sewing machine, men, hats, shadow, ITAV01P07_04Patriotic Stingray Bicycles, Sulfer Springs Sesquicentennial Parade, Tiro-Auburn, Ohio, July 1983, 1980s, PFPV07P05_09Patriotic Stingray Bicycles, Bicycle built for two, Sulfer Springs Sesquicentennial Parade, Tiro-Auburn, Ohio, July 1983, 1980s, PFPV07P05_10Cars, Bicycles, Airplanes, Transportation, Vancouver Worlds Fair, PFWV01P06_01BAndapa, Madagascar, PORV27P15_09Smiling Girl with her Bicycle, 1950s, SBYV04P04_17Boy and his Bicycle, SBYV04P04_18SBYV04P04_19Stationary Bikes, SBYV04P05_01Girl and her Bicycle in Korea, SBYV04P05_02Korean Girl with her Bicycle, SBYV04P05_02BSBYV04P05_03SBYV04P05_04SBYV04P05_05SBYV04P05_06SBYV04P05_07SBYV04P05_08SBYV04P05_09SBYV04P05_10SBYV04P05_11SBYV04P05_12Car, Vehicle, Automobile, June 1979, CEGV07P08_17Palm Tree, CJAV01P06_13Pacific Ocean Waves, beach, sand, PAFV05P10_12BDoubledecker Bus, VBSV02P03_01Three-wheeler, Camel, Bus, Jaipur, 1950s, VBSV02P06_04CAT, Grumman Bus, VBSV02P13_09CAT, Grumman Bus, VBSV02P13_10CAT, Grumman Bus, VBSV02P13_11Kathmandu, CANV01P12_12Couple, Bucolic, Tiburon, Marin County, California, Sunset, McKegney Field, PAFV03P01_08PFPV07P14_10Teeter-totter, Rocker, Girl, Smiles, 1950s, PLGV03P10_09Slides, PLGV03P10_11Family eating at Picnic Table, 1970s, RVCV02P06_09Camel, Cart, Bayad Taluka, VCVV01P04_12Men, Manual Labor, Bayad Taluka, VCVV01P04_15CEFV09P04_06Alley, narrow street, buildings, Water Fountain, aquatics, alleyway, Switzerland, CESV03P12_11Riding a bicycle underwater, PCMV01P03_03Bicycle, Scooter, Woody Woodpecker, opening presents, 1950s, PHCV04P06_09Car, Girls, Bicycles, lipstick, 1950s, PORV28P12_06Legs, Man, Wheels, Shoes, Socks, SBYV04P05_13Legs, Man, Wheels, Shoes, Socks, SBYV04P05_14SBYV04P05_15Legs, Man, Wheels, Shoes, Socks, SBYV04P05_16SBYV04P05_17SBYV04P05_18SBYV04P05_19SBYV04P06_01SBYV04P06_02SBYV04P06_03SBYV04P06_041920's, SBYV04P06_051920's, SBYV04P06_05BGirl on the Street, FPRV02P09_04BFord Mustang Car, Balloons, PFPD01_198Police Pedal Car, Girl, 1960s, PLGV03P13_04Oak-Street Beach, Lake-Michigan, Chicago, Woman, 1970s, RVLV09P10_06Oak-Street Beach, Lake-Michigan, Chicago, Woman, 1970s, RVLV09P10_12Wheel, Tire, Peddeling, Shoes, Motion Blur, SBYD01_019SBYD01_020SBYD01_021SBYD01_022SBYD01_023SBYD01_024SBYD01_025Stingray Bicycle, Boy, girl, Lawn, 1960s, SBYV04P06_13Douglas, DC-8, Crane, engine, TAFV42P09_17Girls, Boys, FGAV02P03_15Wall Art, Luftlmalerei, wall-painting, Oberammergau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, August 1959, CEGV05P06_11Drawbridge, Canal, Brick Road, Roadway, Bicycles, Volendam, CENV01P08_12BGirl, Training Wheels, Bicycle, smiles, 1960s, PLPV08P13_19PMCV03P03_16Shadow, Potrero Hill, 17th and Mississippi Streets, SBYV03P04_15Sisters, Children, Springtime, Easter, 1950s, SBYV03P07_19Girl, Child, Springtime, Easter, 1950s, SBYV03P07_19BGirl, Child, Springtime, Easter, 1950s, SBYV03P07_19CHelmets, head gear, ten speed, man, male, messenger delivery, SBYV03P11_05streaking bike, SBYV03P11_06ten speed, woman, female, messenger delivery, SBYV03P11_07Woman Riding a Bike, ten speed, woman, female, messenger delivery, SBYV03P11_08Woman Riding a Bike, ten speed, woman, female, messenger delivery, SBYV03P11_09Boy Riding a Bike, SBYV03P11_10Bicycles with trailers, SBYV03P11_11Bike Tour, SBYV03P11_12Bar-B-Que, BBQ, SBYV03P11_13Bike on a Car Rack, SBYV03P11_14Divided Bike Road, Bicyclist, riding, SBYV03P11_15Divided Bike Road, Bicyclist, riding, SBYV03P11_16Volkswagen Car, Bicycles on a Car Rack, Marin County, Highway 101, SBYV03P11_17Volkswagen Car, Bicycles on a Car Rack, Marin County, Highway 101, SBYV03P11_18Bicyclist, riding, SBYV03P11_19Bicyclist, riding, SBYV03P12_01Bicyclist, riding, SBYV03P12_02
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