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Cars, automobile, vehicles, ACFV01P02_19.4098Cows, Cattle, ACFV01P03_16.4098ACFV01P06_07.4098ACFV01P06_08Cow, Road, Mvvountains, ACFV01P09_03.4098Cow, Hills, Fields, Mountains, ACFV01P09_04Dirt Road and Cows, Beef Cows, unpaved, ACFV03P10_07Mountains, cows, fog, road, Nepal, ACFV03P12_01Cows, India, Horns, lake, road, , ACFV03P12_02Golden Retriever, Surfer, Surfboard, Valley Ford, Sonoma County, California, ADSPCD0661_034Dog in a Car, Chocolate Labrador Retriever, ADSV03P05_17dog in a car, ADSV03P06_04Dachshund, Wiener Dog, Toyota Cressida, small dog breed, cars, automobiles, vehicles, ADSV03P06_11Teton Mountain Range, Horse, Snake River Ranch, AHSPCD0651_025Teton Mountain Range, Horse, Snake River Ranch, AHSPCD0651_025BTeton Mountain Range, Horse, Snake River Ranch, AHSPCD0651_026Cowboy on a horse, Teton Mountain Range, Horse, Snake River Ranch, AHSPCD0651_027Horse crossing the road, Taos, cars, automobiles, vehicles, AHSV02P04_10.1711Horse crossing the road, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Taos, AHSV02P04_10B.1711Reindeer, AMAV01P14_18Deer Caught in the Headlights, AMAV02P08_04Deer Caught in the Headlights, AMAV02P08_05Deer Caught in the Headlights, AMAV02P08_05BBaboon, Africa, AMPV01P12_13Baboon, Africa, AMPV01P12_14Baboon, Africa, AMPV01P12_15Baboon, Africa, AMPV01P12_16Baboon, Africa, AMPV01P12_17Marmot, Road, Sierra-Mountains, AMRV01P05_18Bear, Car, automobile, vehicle, 1940s, AMUV01P01_01Road, street, roundabout, Minicar, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1950s, CACV01P01_16.06251950s, CACV01P01_17.06251950s, CACV01P01_17B.0625CACV01P02_01.0625CACV01P02_01.0895Island of Bali, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1980s, CADV01P04_08.3337Traffic Circle, cars, Skyline, Building, Skyscraper, Downtown, smog, highrise, Jakarta Cityscape, automobile, vehicles, CADV01P07_09.0625Cars, Shops, Stores, Downtown, Retro, 1950s, CAGV01P03_02Cityscape, Skyline, Building, Skyscraper, Downtown, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CAGV01P05_03Buildings, Tores, shops, Bangkok, Car, Street, automobile, vehicles, 1960s, CAHV01P03_17.0626Traffic, Taxi Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1960s, CAHV01P06_06.0626Cars, automobile, vehicles, New Delhi, 1950s, CAIV01P06_18.3337Cars, automobile, vehicles, Mumbai, 1980s, CAIV01P13_16.3337Cars, City Street Scene, Intersection, crowded, vespa, automobile, vehicles, Mumbai, CAIV01P13_16BCars, City Street Scene, Intersection, crowded, vespa, Mumbai, CAIV01P13_16CCars, nighttime, street scene, Mumbai, CAIV01P14_07.3337Mumbai, CAIV01P14_07BHighrise Buildings, shops, Ginza District, Tokyo, CAJV01P04_13Tokyo, CAJV01P04_17.3338Tokyo Tower, highrise buildings, cityscape, skyline, Tokyo, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CAJV01P07_10.3338Street, parked cars, Ginza District, automobile, vehicles, Tokyo, CAJV01P10_18.3338Interserction, crosswalk, Ginza District, Tokyo, CAJV01P11_09.0628Torii Gate, CAJV02P09_04.0629Freeway, street, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Osaka, CAJV03P01_05.3339Freeway Overpass, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CAJV03P08_07Freeway Overpass, CAJV03P08_07BThe inundation of color words and message, van, traffic, Ginza District, CAJV03P13_11.0635Bare Trees in the round, circle, CAKV01P05_07BSultan Abdul Samad building, Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur, CAMV01P04_09Old City, Sanaa, Yemen, CAPV01P13_17landmark, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CARV01P08_12.0632Aqueduct, Istanbul, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1950s, CAUV01P02_06.0632Cars, automobile, vehicles, Istanbul, 1950s, CAUV01P02_11.3340north of Tel Aviv, highway-4, road, CAZV01P03_19.3340Highway, cars, buildings, automobile, vehicles, Acre, Akko, CAZV01P09_01.3341Nahariya, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CAZV01P12_17.0633Jericho road, highway, CAZV01P15_07.3341West Bank, Jericho road, highway, CAZV01P15_08.3341Old City Wall, Jerusalem, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CAZV02P03_07Cars, Highway into Jerusalem, Bus, Buildings, street signal light, arrows, CAZV02P12_17Road, Camel, CAZV02P13_01.0895cars, street, automobile, vehicles, Marlboro cigarettes, buildings, shops, stores, Jaffa, CAZV03P02_10Taxi Cabs, Crosswalk, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CBAV01P01_02Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Obelisk, Street, Landmark, Plaza de la Rep?blica, (Republic Square), Buenos Aires, CBAV01P01_14S-Curve, People, Crosswalk, San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia, CBAV01P01_18Road, Cars, Puerto Iguazu, CBAV01P02_11Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Obelisk, Street, Landmark, Plaza de la Republica, (Republic Square), CBAV01P02_16Taxi, Vespa, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Buenos Aires, CBAV01P02_18Crosswalk, Cars, Buenos Aires, automobile, vehicles, CBAV01P02_19Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Obelisk, Street, Landmark, Plaza de la Rep?blica, (Republic Square), Buenos Aires, CBAV01P03_04Mita, Buenos Aires, CBAV01P03_05Buenos Aires, CBAV01P03_06Cars, Crosswalk, Arrows, Buenos Aires, CBAV01P03_19Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Obelisk, Street, Landmark, Plaza de la Rep?blica, (Republic Square), Buenos Aires, CBAV01P04_05National Theatre, building, Cars, automobile, vehicles, San Jose, 1950s, CBCV01P02_02.0635shops, stores, San Jose, CBCV01P04_07Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1950s, CBGV01P03_04.0635Cars, automobile, vehicles, Guatemala City, 1950s, CBGV01P03_09Cars, automobile, Guatemala City, vehicles, 1950s, CBGV01P03_10.1509Overdose of billboards, Guatemala City, cars, automobiles, vehicles, 1970s, CBGV01P05_01Guatemala City, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CBGV01P05_02Homes, buildings, cars, street, hill, Chichicastenago, Guatemala, automobile, vehicles, CBGV01P05_14buildings, street, cars, Santiago, CBHV01P01_05.1510Cars, street, Bell tower, colonial church, buildings, La Serena, CBHV01P01_10.0635Cars, automobile, vehicles, buildings, La Serena, CBHV01P01_13Antofagasta, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1970s, CBHV01P01_18Aldens, Cars, automobile, vehicles, shops, stores, 1950s, CBJV01P03_13.0636Cars, automobile, vehicles, March 1973, 1970s, CBLV01P03_07.1510Cars, automobile, vehicles, CBLV01P08_12.0636Cancun, Dusk, Dawn, Twilight, CBMV01P05_10.1511Cancun, Night Lights, CBMV01P05_14.0636Cancun, Night Lights, CBMV01P05_15.1511Cancun, Volkswagen, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CBMV01P05_18.0636cars, automobiles, vehicles, CBMV01P05_19.0636Cars, Automobiles, Street, Buildings, CBMV02P11_04.0637Dirt Road, CBMV02P12_01.0895CBMV03P05_12.0896CBMV03P05_13.0896Cubiertas, Cuernavaca, CBMV03P05_14.1512South of the city of Oaxaca, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CBMV04P03_16.0638Puerto Escondido, Sign, Costera, CBMV04P05_19.1513Cathedral of Leon, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Leon, 1950s, CBNV01P03_02.0638Casa Claveria, downtown, cars, buildings, city, shops, stores, hat, Studebaker, Cartagena, 1950s, CBOV01P02_07Casa Tovar, Cartagena, downtown, cars, buildings, city, shops, store signs, Ford Pickup Truck, 1950s, CBOV01P02_08Outdoor Lamp, Cobblestone Street, Sidewalk, Building, Colonia, CBUV01P03_01Highway, road, cars, buildings, chimney, sidewalk, Checker Cab, Chevy Impala, Jaspar, 1960s, CCAV01P01_07Banff Avenue, cars, automobiles, vehicles, 1960s, CCAV01P01_15.0639Highway and Cityscape, skyline, buildings in Vancouver, CCBV01P06_03.0639CN-Tower, Canadian National Tower, landmark, CCOV01P09_03.1530Hockey Hall of Fame Building, Toronto, CCOV01P14_14Hockey Hall of Fame Building, Toronto, CCOV01P14_15Hockey Hall of Fame Building, Toronto, CCOV01P14_15BCar, home, house, Street, CCQV01P12_16.0640Cars, automobile, vehicles, Dawson City, 1970s, CCYV01P02_04Landmark Building, cars, street, Wellington, CDNV01P01_12.1515Buildings, shops, cars, street, arrows, CDPV01P01_04Cars, Buildings, automobile, vehicles, CEAV01P06_13Cars, Buildings, CEAV01P06_13BInnsbruck, city street, Vespa Scooter, Homes, shops, Cars, 1970s, CEAV01P08_03.0642CECV01P03_03.0642Village, road, town, buildings, CECV01P03_05.0642Cathedral, Church, night, nightime, cars, CECV01P13_05Cathedral, Church, night, nightime, CECV01P13_05.0643Cathedral, Church, night, nightime, cars, CECV01P13_05B.0643Cathedral, Church, night, nightime, cars, CECV01P13_05BCathedral, Church, night, nightime, cars, CECV01P13_06Cathedral, Church, night, nightime, cars, CECV01P13_07Cathedral, night, nightime, cars, CECV01P13_10.0643CECV01P15_19.1516Cars, automobile, vehicles, cars, boulevard, CECV02P01_06Cars, buildings, street, CECV02P03_07Buildings, Cars, CECV02P04_01.0643Cars, buildings, street, Ornate Lamps Standard, CECV02P07_05.0644CECV02P08_01.0644Shell, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CEDV01P05_09Cars, automobile, vehicles, Statue, Buildings, 1950s, CEEV01P02_01cars, Astey's, Peter Land, Evans, Swansea, England, automobile, vehicles, 1960s, CEEV01P06_16Road, Roadway, Highway, Snowdonia, Talyllyn, Wales, valley, 1950s, CEEV01P07_12.2039Bath, England, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1950s, CEEV01P09_05cars, river, water, automobile, vehicles, Chester, England, 1960s, CEEV01P09_14Chester, England, 1950s, CEEV01P09_15.1517City Street, car, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1950s, CEEV01P09_18buildings, shops, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1950s, CEEV01P11_05Edinburgh, Scotland, 1950s, CEEV01P11_07.1517Shoppers, CEFV01P04_01Champs Elysee, street, avenue, CEFV01P04_09Champs-?lys?es, Crosswalk, Trees, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CEFV01P11_13CEFV01P13_01CEFV01P13_02.2584Cars, automobile, vehicles, CEFV01P14_04Cars, snow, woman, sidewalk, automobile, vehicles, January 1966, 1960s, CEFV02P12_09car, sedan, snow, ice, cold, Frozen, Icy, Winter, buildings, Citreon, January 1966, 1960s, CEFV02P12_11road, cars, mountain, buildings, automobile, vehicles, Cannes, April 1967, 1960s, CEFV02P14_09CEFV03P05_10Street, Alley, Homes, Buildings, Car, alleyway, CEFV04P08_10.2586Cars, automobile, vehicles, CEFV05P12_13night, nighttime, lights, Champs Elysees, Champs-?lys?es , CEFV06P06_10Saint Jakobs?s Cathedral, Cathedral, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria, Middle Franconia, Ansbach, CEGV02P03_15.2588Cars, Crosswalk, Streetlight, Stoplight, automobile, vehicles, Frankfurt, CEGV02P05_03.2588Haus des Lehrers, Berliner Congress Center, Office building, dome roof, street, buses, Otto-Braun Street, Munzstasse, Alexanderplatz, Berlin, CEGV02P06_12.2588Rooftops, Buildings, Houses, Homes, Berlin, CEGV02P06_18.2588Schiesser Cafe, Tea-Room, CEGV04P03_04merkur, CEGV04P03_16Berlin, CEGV04P08_18Car, Tower, Building, Stralsund, CEGV04P10_07Berlin, CEGV04P11_17Church Ruins, Berlin, CEGV04P13_12Street, Road, cars, buildings, urban, Budapest, CEHV01P12_07.2591Fontana della Barcaccia, Piazza di Spagna, Water Fountain, aquatics, Parked Cars, Crosswalk, Building, rain, CEIV01P01_08Rome, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1961, CEIV01P02_02.2591Buildings, Rail, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Stresa, 1950s, CEIV01P02_19Stresa, cars, automobiles, vehicles, street, buildings, 1950s, CEIV01P03_01.2591View of the Duomo in, Florence, CEIV03P11_13Cobblestone Road, roadway, Pompei, CEIV05P12_10Cobblestone Road, roadway, Pompei, CEIV05P12_11Cobblestone Road, roadway, Pompei, CEIV05P12_12Cobblestone Road, roadway, Pompei, CEIV05P12_13Cobblestone Road, roadway, Pompei, CEIV05P12_14Rome, CEIV05P14_15Casino, cars, building, landmark, CEMV01P03_061959 Cadillac, Car, automobile, vehicle, Docks, Cranes, Harbor, Rotterdam, September 1959, 1950s, CENV01P08_15intersection, crosswalk, buildings, cityscape, CEOV01P08_02.1720Cars, buildings, cityscape, Lisbon, September 1966, CEPV01P02_16Cars, Building, Rainy, Krakow, Cracow, CEQV01P02_12Shops, Flages, Crosswalk, Buildings, Stroller, Church, Bergen, 1950s, CEVV01P03_02Road, Shops, Buildings, Hill, Mountain, Fagernes, valley of Valdres, 1950s, CEVV01P03_14Parked Cars, Hotel Yerevan, building, automobile, vehicles, CGAV01P04_071950s, CGKV01P08_01the Space Obelisk, Sputnik Monument, Monument to the Conquerors of Space, in the distance, Moscow Space Museum, Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Russian spacecraft, CGMV02P03_13the Space Obelisk, Sputnik Monument, Monument to the Conquerors of Space, Moscow Space Museum, Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Russian spacecraft, CGMV02P03_14Sputnik Monument, the Space Obelisk, Monument to the Conquerors of Space, Moscow Space Museum, Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Russian spacecraft, CGMV02P03_15Ivan the Great Bell Tower, Russian Orthodox Church, buildings, car, CGMV02P11_05Orthodox Cathedral, CGMV03P01_12Moscow River, The Grand Kremlin Palace, buildings, Kremlin Wall, The Water Supplying Tower, CGMV03P01_14The Grand Kremlin Palace, buildings, The Water Supplying Tower, CGMV03P01_16Bolshoi Theatre, building, CGMV03P02_13Bolshoi Theatre, building, CGMV03P02_15the Kremlin, Twilight, Dusk, Dawn, Moscow River, Traffic Jam, cars, CGMV03P03_07the Kremlin, Twilight, Dusk, Dawn, Moscow River, Traffic Jam, cars, tower, CGMV03P03_08the Kremlin, Twilight, Dusk, Dawn, Moscow River, Traffic Jam, cars, CGMV03P03_09Minaret, The Idkah Mosque, Kashgar, building, CGWV01P03_13Kashgar, CGWV01P05_03Rainbow Bridge, Cars, Automobiles, Vehicles, CHBV01P14_14Jean M Wong School of Ballet, Cars, Taxi, Van, 1973, 1970s, CHHV01P02_04Tenement Housing, Sidewalk, Cars, Van, Apartment Building, 1973, 1970s, CHHV01P02_05Street, Roads, Sidewalk, Apartment Buildings, Hills, 1982, 1980s, Road, CHHV01P03_03Bridge, Apartment Buildings, 1982, 1980s, CHHV01P03_10Car, Street, Shops, Stores, Man, Woman, Sidewalk, CHSV01P02_05cars, buildings, downtown, shops, stores, Willemstad, Curacao, 1950s, CIAV01P01_03Pedestrians, Woman, Men, Hat, Cars, Shops, Stores, Curacao, 1950s, CIAV01P01_15Old Havana, Colorful Buildings, Sidewalk, CICV01P01_08.1724Chevy, Chevrolet, Old Havana, Buildings, Curb, Sidewalk, CICV01P01_12skyline, cityscape, waterfront, El Malecon, buildings, road, ocean, cars, CICV01P05_05Chevy, 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, Buildings, Sidewalk, Old Havana, CICV01P08_18BCobblestone Street, Old Havana, Buildings, Curb, Sidewalk, CICV01P08_19BRound Hill, road, street, entrance gate, CIJV01P02_03Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1950s, CIPV01P01_01.1725Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1950s, CIPV01P01_03.1725Buildings, Minaret, 1964, 1960s, CJEV01P03_16busy street, cars, automobile, vehicles, Cairo, landmark, December 1964, 1960s, CJEV01P03_18.1725Minaret, Buildings, Traffic Jam, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Crowded Street, Cairo, CJEV01P05_10Minaret, Buildings, Crowded Street, Cars, Automobiles, Vehicles, Cairo, CJEV01P05_11Pyramid, Road, Giza, CJEV02P01_17Pyramid, Road, Giza, CJEV02P01_17.0380The Great Pyramid of Cheops, Road, Giza, camel, CJEV02P01_18.0380CJOV01P02_02Land Rover, buildings, CKKV01P02_18Buildings, Tete, Zambezi River, CKMV01P02_07Tete, Zambezi River, CKMV01P02_08Tete, Zambezi River, CKMV01P02_09Suspension Bridge, Tete, Zambezi River, CKMV01P02_10Tete, Zambezi River, CKMV01P02_11cityscape, buildings, homes, trees, Harare, CKZV01P02_06Cadillac, car, Building, CLAPCD0651_101Cadillac, car, CLAPCD0651_102rain, wet, slippery, inclement weather, Mobil Gas Station, buildings, cars, street, CLAV01P02_01Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Hollywood Boulevard, TCL Chinese Theatre, Cinema Palace , CLAV01P04_18Wilshire blvd., 1970s, CLAV01P08_07Palm Trees, CLAV01P08_09Corner Mini-Mall, CLAV01P08_16Angelyne, CLAV02P03_03Twilight, Dusk, Dawn, cars, street, Tovau, CLAV02P04_14Twilight, Dusk, Dawn, cars, street, Automobiles, Vehicles, CLAV02P04_15Twilight, Dusk, Dawn, cars, street, CLAV02P04_16National Stereo, car, store, storefront, CLAV02P04_17Twilight, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Dusk, Dawn, Hollywood Blvd, CLAV02P05_08Twilight, Dusk, Dawn, cars, Hollywood Boulevard, CLAV02P05_09Twilight, Dusk, Dawn, cars, Hollywood Boulevard, CLAV02P05_10buildings, cars, Hollywood Boulevard, CLAV02P05_19buildings, cars, Hollywood Boulevard, CLAV02P06_01101 Wilshire, built 1968, 115 meters high, 1960s, CLAV02P12_14cars, downtown shops, stores, seedy, skid row, CLAV02P13_08downtown shops, stores, seedy, skid row, CLAV02P13_09Melrose Avenue, cars, street, CLAV03P04_12Street Scene, cars, intersection, trees, CLAV03P05_14CLAV03P05_14BMonroe Avenue, traffic signal, light, cars, arrow, traffic light, CLAV03P10_08Air Pollution, smog, cars, haze, Doheney Street, New Capri 120's cigarette billboard, CLAV03P10_09La Cienega Boulevard, Cars, hill, CLAV03P11_15Upside down Cadillac, Looking-up, car, upside-down, CLAV03P15_07Palm Trees, Tree Lined Road, CLAV04P01_10Palm Trees, Tree Lined Road, CLAV04P01_14Palm Trees, Tree Lined Road, CLAV04P01_16Beverly Hills Hotel, CLAV04P01_17Beverly Hills Hotel, CLAV04P01_18Beverly Hills Hotel, CLAV04P01_19Beverly Hills Hotel, CLAV04P02_01Beverly Hills Hotel, CLAV04P02_02Beverly Hills Hotel, CLAV04P02_03Beverly Hills Hotel, CLAV04P02_04Beverly Hills Hotel, CLAV04P02_05Beverly Hills Hotel, CLAV04P02_06Beverly Hills Hotel, CLAV04P02_07Water Fountain, aquatics, Palm Trees, pond, CLAV04P02_08.1727Hollywood Blvd, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Roosevelt Hotel, street, road, CLAV04P02_13Hollywood Equitable Building, Capitol Records, buildings, Pantages, CLAV04P07_01Capitol Records Building, landmark, Cars, Automobile, Vehicles, Taxi Cab, CLAV04P07_07Long Beach Harbor, road, street, taco bell, cars, CLAV04P13_14Hollywood Wax Museum Marquee, cars, landmark, Hollywood, CLAV05P02_03Beverly Hills, Tall Palm Trees, Cars, Street, CLAV05P02_19Street Sign, Signage, Doheny, Loma Vista, CLAV05P08_13Rodeo Drive Street Sign, Signage, CLAV05P08_14Rodeo Drive Street Sign, Signage, CLAV05P08_15Rodeo Drive, Via Rodeo, CLAV05P08_16Rodeo Drive, street signal, light, Street Sign, Signage, CLAV05P08_18Rodeo Drive, street signal, light, Street Sign, Signage, CLAV05P08_19Rodeo Drive, BMW car, crosswalk, women, building, Automobile, Vehicle, CLAV05P09_04Rodeo Drive, shops, stores, buildings, CLAV05P09_05The Peterson Automotive Museum, CLAV05P12_08The Peterson Automotive Museum, CLAV05P12_09
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