1960's housewife

1960's, Housewife, Ironing, PDLV01P04_161960's, Housewife, Ironing, PDLV01P04_17Housewife, Radio, Television, curtain, dress, glasses, June 1962, 1960's, PDFV02P06_081960's housewife, television, knitting, PDFV02P07_18Dial Phone, Dress, Lamp, 1960's housewife, lampshade, PDPV01P10_101960's housewife, mirror, vanity, hairdo, primping, 1960's, PDRV01P15_031960's housewife, Lingerie, Hair Rollers, Shadow, Curlers, Hair, Slip, Nighty, Haircurler, hairrollers, 1960's, PDRV01P15_14housewife, 1960's, PORV28P07_04Smiles, Woman, Housewife, January 1969, 1960's, PORV29P06_14Man and Woman, cateye glasses, 1960's, PORV29P07_04housewife, backyard, sitting, chairs, TV-Trays, 1960's, RVLV09P02_16
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