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Heavy Equipment, Vehicle, Machinery, Machine, Power, Mechanism, Mechanized, Mechanization, System, Tool, Apparatus, Contraption, Device, Engine, Gadget, San Francisco, California, USA, City, Industry, Industrial, Commercial Construction
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Wernher Krutein

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Caterpillar Dump Truck, giant, dieselcraneThe Sydney Tower, (AMP Tower), Centrepoint, Observation and communications towerFront Loader, Earthmoving, Earthmover, Construction Worker, Man, HardhatGraderTriangle Insulation for a Geodesic DomeHard Hat Man, Construction Worker, Man, HardhatConstruction Worker, Man, HardhatConstruction Worker, Man, HardhatConstruction of City Hall, Nome Alaska, September 1980Trump Tower Construction, highrise, skyscraperTower CraneTower Crane
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