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Galena, MMSV01P02_05Galena with Calcite, MMSV01P02_06Galena with Calcite, MMSV01P02_07Galena on Shert, MMSV01P02_08Galena on Shert, MMSV01P02_09Pyrite FeS2, MMSV01P02_10Pyrite FeS2, MMSV01P02_11Pyrite FeS2, MMSV01P02_12Stibnite Sb2S3, MMSV01P02_14Stibnite Sb2S3, MMSV01P02_15Wulfenite PbMoO4, Sonora Mexico, MMTV01P02_01Sand Roses, MMYV01P01_12Gypsum CaSO4 - 2H20, MMYV01P01_13Gypsum CaSO4 - 2H20, MMYV01P01_13BGypsum CaSO4 - 2H20, MMYV01P01_14Gypsum CaSO4 - 2H20, MMYV01P01_15Gypsum CaSO4 - 2H20, MMYV01P01_16Gypsum CaSO4 - 2H20, MMYV01P01_17Gypsum CaSO4 - 2H20, MMYV01P02_01Gypsum CaSO4 - 2H20, MMYV01P02_02Gypsum CaSO4 - 2H20, MMYV01P02_03Gypsum CaSO4 - 2H20 Parallel Growth, MMYV01P02_05Gypsum Rosettes, CaSO4 - 2H20, MMYV01P02_07Gypsum Rosettes CaSO4 - 2H20, MMYV01P02_08Gypsum Rosettes CaSO4 - 2H20, MMYV01P02_09Gypsum CaSO4 - 2H20, Perfect Unidirectional Cleavage, Salt Lake City, MMYV01P02_11Row of S-2's, death upon us as they await their final demise, TAZV01P04_14.1701Dutifully awaiting non-existence, wings folded, death and burial into non-existance, not extant, TAZV01P04_14BHalf a plane is better than none I guess, Dutifully awaiting non-existence, TAZV01P04_16.1701Dutifully awaiting non-existence, TAZV01P04_16BGhost flight as in a Take-off, TAZV01P04_17.1701Ghost flight as in a Take-off, TAZV01P04_17BGhost flight as in a Take-off, Davis Monthan, TAZV01P04_18.1701Ghost flight as in a Take-off, TAZV01P04_18BGhost flight as in a Take-off, TAZV01P04_19.1701Ghost flight as in a Take-off, TAZV01P04_19BGhost flight as in a Take-off, TAZV01P05_01BFuel Tanks, TAZV01P05_03.1701auxiliary fuel tank, TAZV01P05_03BTAZV01P05_07.1701TAZV01P05_07BShrink Wrapped C-131, TAZV01P05_08.1701Shrink Wrapped C-131, TAZV01P05_08BShrink Wrapped Harriers, TAZV01P05_11.1701Shrink Wrapped Harriers, TAZV01P05_11BRunway, Van Nuys Airport, (VNY), San Fernando Valley, Smog, 1975, 1970s, TAAPCD2927_010Van Nuys Airport, (VNY), 1975, San Fernando Valley, Psychedelic, 1970s, psyscape, TAAPCD2927_010BTerminal, Control Tower, 1962, 1960s, TAAV01P01_01.1694Lanjut, 1962, 1960s, Landing Strip, Road, Ocean, Trees, flight, TAAV01P01_02Kingston Jamaica, 1964, Control Tower, 1960s, TAAV01P01_03.1694Kingston Jamaica, Control Tower, Cars, vehicles, 1964, 1960s, TAAV01P01_03BRome, Cars, vehicles, 1962, 1960s, TAAV01P01_04.16941964, 1960s, TAAV01P01_05.1694San Diego International Airport, (SAN), Cars, vehicles, 1969, 1960s, TAAV01P01_06Inside, Terminal, Passengers, TAAV01P01_07.1694Control Tower, Armenia, TAAV01P01_08.1694Control Tower, TAAV01P01_09.1694Control Tower, TAAV01P01_09BTAAV01P01_10Anchorage International Airport, Mountains, Buildings, runway, TAAV01P01_11.1694Mountains, TAAV01P01_12Hangars, buildings, terminals, TAAV01P01_13.1694Hangars, buildings, terminals, TAAV01P01_14Hangars, buildings, terminals, TAAV01P01_14BRunway, 1982, 1980s, TAAV01P01_15.1694San Francisco International Airport (SFO), 1983, 1980s, TAAV01P01_16.1694carts, baggage tractors, ground personal, TAAV01P01_17Runways, TAAV01P01_18Runways, buildings, urban, Van Nuys Airport, (VNY), TAAV01P01_19.1694Runways, buildings, urban, Van Nuys Airport, (VNY), TAAV01P01_19BOakland International Airport, TAAV01P02_01Oakland International Airport, TAAV01P02_01BSan Francisco International Airport (SFO), Runway, 1983, 1980s, TAAV01P02_02San Bruno Mountain, San Francisco Skyline, runways, (SFO), 1983, 1980s, TAAV01P02_031984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_04LAX, 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_05LAX, 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_06LAX, 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_06BLAX, 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_07LAX, 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_08.1694LAX, 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_09Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, TAAV01P02_10.1694Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, TAAV01P02_11Cumulus Cloud, 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_12Control Tower, Sunset, Sky, 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_13(SFO), San Bruno Mountain, Hangars, Firetrucks, Genav, buildings, 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_14Buildings, Terminals, 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_15.1694Boeing 747, San Francisco International Airport (SFO), 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_15BSan Francisco International Airport (SFO), Runway, 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_16.1694San Francisco International Airport (SFO), 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P02_17San Francisco International Airport (SFO), TAAV01P02_18San Francisco International Airport (SFO), TAAV01P02_19Arrivals Deck, LAX, 1984, 1980s, TAAV01P03_01TAAV01P03_02.1694Tongontin, Tegucigalpa, Control Tower, 1950s, TAAV01P03_03.1694Tongontin, Tegucigalpa, Control Tower, 1960s, TAAV01P03_03BLAX Shuttle, TAAV01P03_04.1694TAAV01P03_05San Francisco International Airport (SFO), TAAV01P03_06.1694San Francisco International Airport (SFO), TAAV01P03_07World Airways, TAAV01P03_08World Airways, TAAV01P03_09Host Restaurant, Theme Building, LAX, Restaurant, Sunset, Iconic, landmark, TAAV01P03_10Control Tower, Terminals, TAAV01P03_11.1694Control Tower, Washington Dulles International Airport, (IAD), TAAV01P03_11BControl Tower, Washington Dulles International Airport, (IAD), Wing, TAAV01P03_12Terminal Interior, TAAV01P03_13Terminal Interior, TAAV01P03_14Washington Dulles International Airport, (IAD), TAAV01P03_15Washington Dulles International Airport, (IAD), TAAV01P03_16Washington Dulles International Airport, (IAD), TAAV01P03_16.1694Washington Dulles International Airport, (IAD), TAAV01P03_16BControl Tower, Terminals, TAAV01P03_17.1694Control Tower, TAAV01P03_17BControl Tower, TAAV01P03_17CControl Tower, Washington Dulles International Airport, (IAD), TAAV01P03_18Lake Okeechobee, Light Beacon, TAAV01P03_19TAAV01P04_03.1694Aris Helicopters, hangar, TAAV01P04_03BTerminal, Ground Control Tower, TAAV01P04_04Ground Control Tower, Avgas, gasoline truck, TAAV01P04_04Brunway 36, TAAV01P04_05Hayward Executive Airport, HWD, Hayward Air Terminal, Hayward (HWD), TAAV01P04_06.1694Hayward Executive Airport, HWD, Hayward Air Terminal, Hayward (HWD), TAAV01P04_07Toronto City Centre Airport, Harbor, TAAV01P04_08.1694Terminal, Control Tower, TAAV01P04_09.1694Control Tower, TAAV01P04_09BDenver Stapleton, Terminal, TAAV01P04_10carts, baggage tractors, ground personal, TAAV01P04_11carts, baggage tractors, ground personal, TAAV01P04_11Bcarts, baggage tractors, ground personal, TAAV01P04_12.1694carts, baggage tractors, ground personal, TAAV01P04_13TAAV01P04_14TAAV01P04_15.1694Hangar, TAAV01P04_16Control Tower, sunset, TAAV01P04_17Runway, TAAV01P04_18.1694Runway, TAAV01P04_18BRunway, TAAV01P04_18CTerminal Interior, TAAV01P04_19Terminal Interior, TAAV01P05_01Terminal Interior, TAAV01P05_02Terminal Interior, TAAV01P05_03.1694Terminal Interior, TAAV01P05_03BTicketing, Terminal Interior, TAAV01P05_04Terminal Interior, TAAV01P05_05TAAV01P05_06.1694Terminal Interior, TAAV01P05_07TAAV01P05_08Purdue University Airport, Terminal, Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, 1950s, TAAV01P05_09Fuel Tanks, TAAV01P05_10San Francisco International Airport (SFO), TAAV01P05_11San Francisco International Airport (SFO), 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P05_12Runway, Hayward Executive Airport, HWD, Hayward Air Terminal, Hayward (HWD), 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P05_13Runway, HWD, Hayward Air Terminal, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P05_13BJet A Fuel, fuel tanks, San Francisco International Airport (SFO), 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P05_14.1694Jet A Fuel, fuel tanks, San Francisco International Airport (SFO), 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P05_151986, 1980s, TAAV01P05_161986, 1980s, TAAV01P05_17Baltimore Washington International Airport, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P05_18.16941986, 1980s, TAAV01P05_19Control Tower, Jetway, Tarmac, 1986, Airbridge, 1980s, TAAV01P06_01Control Tower, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_02Control Tower, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_03Control Tower, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_04Control Tower, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_05Terminal Building, Mountains, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_06.1694Terminal Building, Mountains, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_07Control Tower, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_08Jetway, Airbridge, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_09.1694Ground Equipment, Trucks, 1986, Jetway, Airbridge, 1980s, TAAV01P06_10SFO Pier and Gates, Propeller Airplanes, 1952, 1950s, TAAV01P06_11San Francisco International Airport, Building, 1952, 1950s, TAAV01P06_12Jacksonhole, Terminal, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_13.1694Denver Stapleton, Control Tower, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_14.1694Denver Stapleton, carts, baggage tractors, ground personal, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_15Denver Stapleton, baggage tractors, ground personal, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_15BTerminal, Waiting Passengers, Denver Stapleton, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_16Airline Schedule Monitor, Denver Stapleton, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_17Airline Schedule Monitor, Denver Stapleton, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_17.16941986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_181986, 1980s, TAAV01P06_18.16941986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_01Cancun, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_02.1694Cancun, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_03Cancun, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_04Cancun, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_05Cancun, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_06Cancun, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_07International Arrivals, Cancun, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_08Baggage Handler man, Cancun, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_09Cancun, ground personal, carts, baggage tractors, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_10.1694Passengers, Cancun, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_11Cancun, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_12passengers, Passangers, Cancun, 1986, 1980s, TAAV01P07_13TAAV01P07_14Control Tower, TAAV01P07_15Control Tower, TAAV01P07_15BControl Tower, TAAV01P07_16Control Tower, TAAV01P07_17
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