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A Ride at a County Fair, boys, smile, steering, 1950s, PFFV05P11_07Piloting a Space Ship Ride, County Fair, 1950s, PFFV05P11_08Mother and Baby Girl, legs, smiles, PMCV04P04_11BState Fair, Rides, Crowds, Cars, automobiles, vehicles, 1950s, PFTV03P15_03BPBAD01_037PBAD01_038Abstract Girl in Armenia, Drawing, Female, dress, PBAD01_039Lone Woman an a Snowy FootBridge, PBAV02P11_14Girls in Pajama Opening presents, PHCV05P08_12Junior Doctor Kit, Girl in Pajama Opening presents, PHCV05P08_13Boy in Pajama, Opening presents, PHCV05P08_14Bartender Santa Claus, Presents, PHCV05P08_15Boy With Bull toys, PHCV05P08_16Boy with Cock, PHCV05P08_17Boy with Toy Race Car, PHCV05P08_18Boy with new Choo Choo train set, PHCV05P08_19Cowboy with Bull Toys, Fireplace, Hat, PHCV05P09_01PBTV02P03_18BPBTD01_052PBTD01_053PBTD01_054PBTD01_055PBTD01_056PBTD01_057Dana Point Jetty, rocks, PBTD01_058Doll Reflecting, PCDD01_032Eeyore the Donkey Character, PCDD01_041
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