ELAV02P15_06ELAV02P15_07ELAV02P15_08ELAV02P15_09ELAV02P15_10ELAV02P15_11ELAV02P15_12ELAV02P15_13ELAV02P15_14ELAV02P15_15ELAV02P15_16ELAV02P15_17ELAV02P15_18ELAV02P15_19Accordion, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, band, 1960s, EMAV01P02_11Steel Drums, EMAV01P02_12Kerend, Iran, EMAV02P02_05Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_001Rock and Roll Band, Lady Singer, singing, EMBD01_002Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_003Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_004Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_005Rock and Roll Band, Bass, EMBD01_006Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_007Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_007BRock and Roll Band, Bass, EMBD01_008Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_009Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_010Rock and Roll Band, Bass, EMBD01_011Rock and Roll Band, Bass, EMBD01_012Rock and Roll Band, Woman Singer, microphone, EMBD01_012BRock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_013Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_014Rock and Roll Band, Bass, Woman Singer, EMBD01_015Rock and Roll Band, Bass, Woman, EMBD01_016Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_017Rock and Roll Band, Woman Bass Player, EMBD01_018Rock and Roll Band, Woman Bass Player, EMBD01_018BRock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_019Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_020Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_021Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_022Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_023Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_024Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_025Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_026Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_027Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_028Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_029Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_030Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_031Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_032Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_033Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_034Rock and Roll Band, Guitar, EMBD01_035For Editorial use Only, EMBV01P03_12For Editorial use Only, EMBV01P03_13For Editorial use Only, EMBV01P03_14For Editorial use Only, EMBV01P03_15EMCV01P01_01Shamisen, Woman, Kimono, sangen, string instrument, Koto, May 1951, 1950s, EMNV01P01_17Man, Piano, keys, keyboard, Bangkok, Thailand, October 1974, 1970s, EMNV01P02_13Aquatic Park, San Francisco, bongo drums, EMNV01P02_18Woman flying through the air, Dancing, Mill Valley, California, EMNV01P03_02EMNV01P03_08Piano, keys, keyboard, hands, EMNV01P03_09Piano, keys, keyboard, hands, EMNV01P03_10Piano, keys, keyboard, hands, EMNV01P03_11Piano, keys, keyboard, hands, EMNV01P03_12Piano, keys, keyboard, hands, EMNV01P03_13Piano, keys, keyboard, hands, EMNV01P03_14Piano, keys, keyboard, hands, EMNV01P03_15Piano, keys, keyboard, hands, EMNV01P03_16Piano, keys, keyboard, hands, EMNV01P03_17Be-In, Golden Gate Park, Drums, EMNV01P03_18Be-In, Golden Gate Park, Drums, EMNV01P03_19Trumpet, EMNV01P04_01Guitar, Smiling, Man, Woman, EMNV01P04_03Girl, Keyboard, Piano, keys, EMNV01P04_06Electric Piano, keys, keyboard, hands, arms, EMNV01P04_07Electric Piano, EMNV01P04_08hands on a string instrument, EMNV01P04_09EMNV01P04_10India, EMNV01P04_11Violin, EMNV01P04_12Violin, EMNV01P04_13Violin, EMNV01P04_14Violin, EMNV01P04_15Be-In, Golden Gate Park, Bongo, EMNV01P04_16Be-In, Golden Gate Park, Bongo, EMNV01P04_17Be-In, Golden Gate Park, Bongo, EMNV01P04_18Be-In, Golden Gate Park, Bongo, EMNV01P04_19Bongo Drum, EMPV01P06_19BEMRV01P03_15EMRV01P03_16Reel to Reel Tape Recorder, EMRV01P03_19Wernher Krutein Productions Recording Studio, 1980s, EMRV01P04_06Wernher Krutein Productions Recording Studio, 1980s, EMRV01P04_08EMRV01P05_13EMRV01P05_14EMRV01P05_15EMRV01P05_16Tape Recorder, EMRV01P07_01EMRV01P07_02Ruby Jordan Sings, EMRV01P07_03EMRV01P07_04EMRV01P07_05EMRV01P07_06EMRV01P07_07Electric Piano, Synthesizer, keyboard, keys, EMSV01P06_17picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P04_17EPAV02P04_18picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P04_19EPAV02P05_01picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P05_02EPAV02P05_03picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P05_04EPAV02P05_05EPAV02P05_06picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P05_07picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P05_08EPAV02P05_09EPAV02P05_10picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P05_11picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P05_12EPAV02P05_13EPAV02P05_14EPAV02P05_15EPAV02P05_16picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P05_17picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P05_18picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P05_19picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P06_01EPAV02P06_02picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P06_03picture-frame, frame, EPAV02P06_04Toledo, Peoria & Western R.R., October 1951, 1950s, EPBV01P03_087up, EPBV01P03_09Corona Light Beer, EPBV01P12_16EPBV01P12_17Paris France, EPBV01P12_18St. Petersberg, EPBV01P12_19St. Petersberg, EPBV01P13_01Otard, Royal Chateau in Cognac, EPBV01P13_02The Rosetta Stone, EPHV01P01_17Animal, mammal, Arizona, EPHV01P01_18Human Figures, rock, stone, Arizona, EPHV01P01_19Woman Drawing, Television, Chair, Muncie, Indiana, 1969, 1960s, EPPV01P02_10EPPV01P08_05EPPV01P08_06ESAV01P02_04ESAV01P02_05ESAV01P02_06ESAV01P02_07ESAV01P02_08ESAV01P02_09ESCV01P01_18Singing Woman, Dancing, Piano, ETAV01P05_08Woman laying down on stage, ETAV01P05_09Threesome singing on stage, Microphone, ETAV01P05_10ETAV01P05_14Little girl Dancing, ETAV01P05_15Family working together, mother, daughter, son, brother, sisters, siblings, 1950s, ETAV01P05_17Family working together, mother, father, daughter, son, brother, sisters, siblings, 1950s, ETAV01P05_18Topless Women on stage, 1950s, ETAV01P05_19ETCV01P02_14Clown Costume, lamp, funny man, 1950s, ECPV01P02_03Raggedy Ann, gloves, hat, clown, funny woman, redhead, red hair, ECPV01P02_04XTFV01P14_13XTLD01_001XTLD01_002XTLD01_003XTLD01_004Blinktanic, XTLD01_005XTLD01_006The Source, XTLD01_007XTLD01_008XTLD01_009XTLD01_010XTLV04P01_03XTLV04P01_04XTPV02P06_19XTPV02P07_01XTPV02P07_02XTPV02P07_03XTPV02P07_04ELAV03P01_01Lawrence Stoller Crystalworks, ELAV03P01_02Lawrence Stoller Crystalworks, ELAV03P01_03Lawrence Stoller Crystalworks, ELAV03P01_04Lawrence Stoller Crystalworks, ELAV03P01_05Lawrence Stoller Crystalworks, ELAV03P01_06Lawrence Stoller Crystalworks, ELAV03P01_07Tree in a crystal, Lawrence Stoller Crystalworks, ELAV03P01_08Tree in a crystal, Lawrence Stoller Crystalworks, ELAV03P01_09Tree in a crystal, Lawrence Stoller Crystalworks, ELAV03P01_10Tree in a crystal, Lawrence Stoller Crystalworks, ELAV03P01_11Tree in a crystal, Lawrence Stoller Crystalworks, ELAV03P01_12Tree in a crystal, Lawrence Stoller Crystalworks, ELAV03P01_13Cheerleaders, Uniform, Legs, Leggy, Panorama, Majorette, EDNV01P03_01
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