Farmlands in Belgium, Fields, Wetlands, CELV01P04_06Cathedral Building, Steeple Cross, CELV01P04_07CELV01P04_08Wells Fargo Gallery, Exterior Building, Outdoors, CSOV01P13_16Grand Imperial Hotel, Parked Cars, 1950s, CSOV03P14_07Central City Street, Buildings, CSOV03P14_08Chandelier House of Gifts, Central City, CSOV03P14_09South of the Border Mexican Stores, Shops. Motel, Cars, 1960s, COSV01P01_08Alabama State Capitol, cars, building, 1950s, CMAV01P01_07Ceasers Palace, Cars, Hotel Building, water fountain, CSNV07P06_17Ceasers Palace, Cars, Hotel Building, water fountain, CSNV07P06_18Grand Imperial Hotel and Cars, 1950s, CSOV03P14_06Beachcomber Restaurant, Building, Landmark, CTXV03P02_03
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