Gettysberg, car, Father and Son, 1960s, COPV02P09_17Skyline Drive over Silicon Valley, hills, CSBV09P10_04CSFD09_223CSFV1P07_15Fort Baker Marina, 1950s, Marin Headlands, CSFV27P02_10Man at Red & White Fleet building, 1960s, CSFV27P02_11Potrero Hill, Natural Gas Tank, East Bay Hills, CSFV27P02_12Golden Gate Bridge Overlook, 1950s, CSFV27P02_15California Street, 1960s, CSFV27P02_16Volvo Car, Uinion 76 Sign, Overpass, Bridge Entrance, 1960s, CSFV27P02_17CSND02_223CSND02_224Paris Skyline from the top of the Eiffel Tower, CEFV06P06_13Chateau d'Azay-le-Rideau, CEFV09P11_14Gargoyle at Notre Dam, CEFV09P11_15Standing Goldern Buddha Statue, Wat Intharawihan, CAHV01P08_02Trailer Park in Laguna Beach, 1950s, CLAV09P02_18Indiana State Capitol Building, Woman, Cars, 1959, 1950s, CLNV01P15_05LaFayette TV Building, Snow, CLNV01P15_06CMNV01P01_16Harold Warp Pioneer Village, CMNV01P01_18Stores, Skyline, Anchorage, CNAV03P03_13Castaway Hotel, building, 1950s, COFV01P04_02CAHV01P07_17CAHV01P07_18CAHV01P08_01Adminstration Building Mural, by David Alfaro Siqueiros, UNAM, CBMV01P01_19The Christmas Flight of the Snip, Hato Airport, Curacao, CIAV01P06_15The Homeplate Liquor Bar, Eat and Drink, cars, 1950s, CLMV01P14_04Bushes, Lawn, Trees, Orton Plantation, Gardens, Brunswick County, CORV02P01_01House, Orton Plantation, Gardens, Brunswick County, CORV02P01_02Pond, Trees, Orton Plantation, Gardens, Brunswick County, CORV02P01_03CSMV01P13_11CPHV02P01_17Downtown Waikiki, CPHV02P01_18Grass Thatched House, Hut, Jungle, CPHV03P02_12Lahaina Gold Boutique, Store in Hilo, Maui, CPHV03P02_13Honolulu Cityscape, skyline, mountains, highrise, warehouse, clouds, CPHV03P02_16Honolulu Cityscape, skyline,, CPHV03P02_17Waikiki Cityscape, skyline, highrise, Ala Moana Harbor, CPHV03P02_18Ali Wai Canal, artificial waterway, CPHV03P02_19Hong Kong Harbor, Ferry Boat, cityscape, CHHV01P07_01Hong Kong Skyline, cityscape, CHHV01P07_02Hong Kong Skyline, cityscape, CHHV01P07_03Hong Kong Skyline, cityscape, CHHV01P07_04Hong Kong Skyline, cityscape, CHHV01P07_05Hong Kong Skyline, cityscape, CHHV01P07_06Television Tower on a Hill, buildings, CHHV01P07_07Big Bear Statue, A Symbol of Maine Spirit, Class of 1962, CODV01P01_07Beach, Sand, Atlantic Ocean, Houses, CODV01P01_08Docks, Bridge, CODV01P01_09Docks, Bridge, CODV01P01_10Bay, Boats, CODV01P01_11Water Whell, Grist Mill, CPHV03P02_14CPHV03P02_15Bankers Trust Building, Albany, April 1979, CNZV02P05_18Rickety One Lane Wooden Bridge, Rio Grand River, Dixon, CSMV01P14_14CSMV02P02_15CSMV02P05_17Aztec Ruins National Monument, CSMV02P05_19Migration of a People, Mural in Chicago, CLCV02P07_19Curtis Hotel, Leaminoton, Minneapolis Cityscape, Skyline, CLEV01P04_12Fishermans Wharf, Aliotos, Gas Station, CSFV01P03_08The Embarcadero, Piers, Ferry Building, Waterfront, CSFV27P02_18CNYV05P15_04MCNYV05P15_04MBCNYV05P15_04OCar Entering a Covered Bridge, 1960s, COPV02P09_18South of the Border Mexican Restaurant and Motel, Cars, 1960s, COSV01P01_08Contra Costa County Superior Court, Building, Cars, Richmond, 1950s, CSBV09P10_06Elk Antlers Arch, Woman, 1940s, CNWV01P01_12CANV01P02_01CANV01P02_13CANV01P02_16CANV01P02_18CANV01P05_14CANV01P13_04CANV01P13_05CANV01P13_07Toronto City Hall, CCOV01P01_10Pier, docks, Building, parking lot, Lake Ontario, waterfront, CCOV01P03_18Parliament, Ottawa, CCOV01P05_13CCOV01P05_17CCOV01P05_18CCOV01P14_19Brontosaurus, Tail, Dinosaur Park, Rapid City, CMDV01P08_04Dinosaur Park, Rapid City, CMDV01P08_05Woamn at a Tourist Attraction, Dinosaur Park, Rapid City, CMDV01P08_06Duck Bill Trachodon, Dinosaur Park, Rapid City, 1950s, CMDV01P08_07Virginia City, March 1959, 1950s, CSNV06P10_07Boot Hill, Cemetary, Hangmens Noose, Dodge City, CMKV01P12_09Boot Hill, Cemetary, Hangmens Noose, Dodge City, CMKV01P12_10Dodge City Buildings, Shops, Stores, Dodge City, CMKV01P12_11Beatty & Kelley, Buildings, Shops, Stores, Dodge City, CMKV01P12_12CCOV01P05_16Toronto Skyline Panorama, CCOV02P10_15BAlbergo Del Santuario, Tower, CEIV12P07_16Salon De Barbier, Shope, Stores, Alleyway, CCQV02P04_12Quebec City Boardwalk, Saint Lawrence River, CCQV02P04_13Perce Rock, Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Gaspe Peninsula, CCQV02P04_14Perce Rock, Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Gaspe Peninsula, CCQV02P04_15Quebec Citadel. Marching Band, Soldiers, CCQV02P04_16Benneweis World Circus, Clown, Cirkus Schumann, Cirkusbygningen, Copenhagen, CEDV01P01_04Cars, Buildings, 1940s, CEEV07P10_03Piccadilly Circus, Roundabout, Cars, Wrigleys, 1950s, CEEV07P10_04Piccadilly Circus, Roundabout, Clock, CEEV07P10_05Cars, Street Buildings, 1950s, CEEV07P10_06Women Walking, Formal Dress, Hats, CEEV07P10_07CEEV07P10_08Grass Thatched Roof Cottages, Homes, Houses, Buildings, CEEV07P10_09CEEV07P10_10CEEV07P10_11CEEV07P10_12CEEV07P10_13CEEV07P10_15WEston Subedge, CEEV07P10_16Ye Olde Cottage, Flowers, CEEV07P10_17CEEV07P10_18CEEV07P10_19Car, Building, Princesshay, CEEV07P11_01CEEV07P11_02Thatched Roof Buildings, CEEV07P11_03CEEV07P11_04Thatched Roof Cottages, Homes, Houses, Buildings, CEEV07P11_05Thatched Roof Cottages, Homes, Houses, Buildings, CEEV07P11_06Big Ben Tower, CEEV07P11_07CEEV07P11_12CEEV07P11_13Oxford University, Large Castle Complex, CEEV07P11_14Oxford, CEEV07P11_15Oxford University, Large Castle Complex, cars, 1950s, CEEV07P11_16Oxford University, Large Castle Complex, CEEV07P11_17Oxford University, Large Castle Complex, CEEV07P11_18Oxford University, Large Castle Complex, CEEV07P11_19Woman with her Poodle Dog, Trailer, CEEV07P12_01Castle Gardens, Wall, Bush, Flowers, CEEV07P12_02Water Fountain Ring, circle, CEEV07P12_03Gargoyles at a Castle Church Building, CEEV07P12_05Gargoyles at a Castle Church Building, CEEV07P12_06Gargoyles at a Castle Church Building, CEEV07P12_07Castle Church Building, CEEV07P12_08Castle Building, CEEV07P12_09Estate Gardens, CEEV07P12_10Estate Gardens, CEEV07P12_11Floral Clock, Garden, Flowers, dials, CEEV07P12_12Leisure Park, boats, trees, CEEV07P12_13Leisure Park, boats, trees, bridge, CEEV07P12_14Farm Fields, CEEV07P12_15Wrought Iron Window, CEEV07P12_16Stratfor Upon Avon sign, CEEV07P12_17Gardens, Mansion Building, Path, Stream, CEEV07P12_18Gardens, Mansion Building, Path, Bench, CEEV07P12_19Kings and Queens Baths Building, CEEV07P13_01Shinners Bridge House, Darlington, CEEV07P13_02CEEV07P13_03CEEV07P13_04CEEV07P13_05Goldfish Pond, CEEV07P13_06Blue Clock Tower Church Building, CEEV07P13_07County of Devon sign, CEEV07P13_08CEEV07P13_09Garden, CEEV07P13_10Driveway Gate, Wall, Buildings, CEEV07P13_11CEEV07P13_12CEEV07P13_13CEEV07P13_14Low Tide, Shore, Coastline Rishing Village, CEEV07P13_15Beach, Water, Coast, Coastline, CEEV07P13_16CEEV07P13_17CEEV07P13_18New Inn, PRHA, CEEV07P13_19CEEV07P14_01Stream, Water, Pole Boat, CEEV07P14_02Footbridge over a Stream, Lace, Bucolic, CEEV07P14_03Magpie Lane, Window, Building, Oxford, CEEV07P14_04Blue Boar Street City Library, Oxford, CEEV07P14_05Rowell and Son Ltd, CEEV07P14_06Old Building, CEEV07P14_07Swan Hotel, Door, Windows, Ivy, CEEV07P14_08Blenheim Palace sign, CEEV07P14_09Greenwich Meridian Line, Longitude, CEEV07P14_10Waters at Bath, Buildings, CEEV07P14_11Statues at Bath, CEEV07P14_12American Clock Tower, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CEEV07P14_13CEEV07P14_14Farm Buildings, Bar, House, CEEV07P14_15CEEV07P14_16Church, Homes, Ctreon Car, CEEV07P14_17Widecombe in the Moor sign, CEEV07P14_18CEEV07P14_19Pueblo Indian Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Colorado Springs, CSOV02P13_07Downtown Manhattan 1955, 1950s, CNYV08P07_17Downtown Manhattan 1955, 1950s, CNYV08P07_18Statue of Liberty 1955, 1950s, CNYV08P07_19Birkholms Bakery, cars, Solvang, 1960s, CSCV01P03_051957 Ford Fairlane, Stowers, Stores, Downtown, Cars, 1950s, CTXV03P02_02Lucy the Margate Elephant, June 1958, 1950s, COJV01P04_13Skyline of San Francisco in July 1975, Buildings, 1970s, CSFV27P02_19
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