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Sikorsky CH-53 Stallion, tarmac, El Toro Marine Corps Air StationAV-8B Harrier, Alameda NAS, Alameda Naval Air Station, NAS, USNPersonal Carriers46 AV-8B HarrierBoeing CH-46 Sea KnightBoeing CH-46 Sea KnightF4U CorsairGrumman F7F TigercatGrumman F7F TigercatGrumman F7F TigercatA-4 SkyhawkAV-8B HarrierAV-8B Harrier
46 AV-8B Harrier
Code Number:
46 AV-8B Harrier
Flight, Flying, Airborne
AV-8, Harrier, Jet attack and fighter, STOVL, AV8, Aircraft, Airplane, plane, VSTOL, United States Marine Corps, USMC, Military, Leathernecks
Image by:
Wernher Krutein

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