HH-65 Dolphin, USCGHH-65 Dolphin, USCGHH-65 Dolphin, USCG6587, HH-65 Dolphin, North Bend Municipal Airport, Oregon, USCGUSCGC Orcas, WPB1327, Marine Protector class, dock, harbor, Coos Bay, USCGSikorsky HH-3 Pelican, USCGUSCGC Northwind (WAGB-282), 282, Coast Guard Cutter, Wind-class icebreaker, USCG47245, 47-Foot Motor Life Boat (MLB), USCG47245, 47-Foot Motor Life Boat (MLB), USCG214659, USCG214659, USCG214659, USCG214659, USCG214659, USCG47245, Coast Guard Cutter, 47-Foot Motor Life Boat (MLB), USCGCoast Guard Cutter, 1971, USCG, 1970s

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