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Suriname Toad, (Pipa pipa), PipidaeWhite's Tree Frog, (Litoria caerulea), HylidaeWhite's Tree Frog, (Litoria caerulea), HylidaeArgentine horned frog, (Ceratophrys ornata), [Lepodactylidae], pacman frog, eyeNorth American Bull Frog, (Rana catesbeiana), RanidaeNorth American Bull Frog, (Rana catesbeiana), RanidaeYellow-Bellied Toad, (Bombina variegata), Archaeobatrachia, Bombinatoridae, [Discoglossidae]Yellow-Bellied Toad, (Bombina variegata), Archaeobatrachia, Bombinatoridae, [Discoglossidae]African Clawed Frog, (Xenopus laevis), PipidaeAfrican Clawed Frog, (Xenopus laevis), Pipidae

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