Girl Possessed, inner darknessGirl, eyesA Boy Contemplates, AbstractIn Spirals of Distant Future-PastBoy Gazes into the FutureBoy Gazes into the FutureLightly Filled in Line Drawing of a Girls FaceLightly Filled in Line Drawing, Woman's FaceLine drawing of a GirlScream Face. Greem Monster, Mouth AgapeBound by Water and FogThe Many Faces of Insanity, Psycscape, Schizophrenia
In Spirals of Distant Future-Past
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In Spirals of Distant Future-Past
Eyes, Nose Lips, Chin, Abstract, Artwork, Stare, Female, Girl, Hands
Experimental Faces, Face, psyscape, beings, Abstract, Strange, Surreal, People, Portrait, human being, person
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Wernher Krutein

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