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Cold, Coats, hats, Doll, 1957, 1950sGirls, Friends, Pants, smiles, smiling, cute, Jackie and Carol, 1950sGirls, Friends, Pants, 1950sGirl, Backyard, Leaves, Autumn, Camping, Tent, Teepee, October 1962, 1960sGirl, Training Wheels, Bicycle, smiles, 1960sRPPC, Girl, Basket, 1910'sRPPC, Girl, Basket, horse, hoof, shoe, 1910'sRPPC, Girl, Hat, flowers, dress, lace, Basket, 1910'sGirl, Knitting, 1920'sGirl, Knitting, 1920'sGirls, Jackets, Coats, Smiles, 1950sGirls, Jackets, Coats, smiles, smiling, cute, 1950sCute Adorable Girl, 1950sBoy, Toy Sailboat, Pants, 1950s1950sGirls, Sisters, Siblings, 1950s
RPPC, Girl, Basket, 1910's
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RPPC, Girl, Basket, 1910's
Horses, Perissodactyle, Animals, Mammals, Beast of Burden, Chordates, Vertebrate, Animilia, Equestrian, Flowers, Plants, Flora, Nature, flowering, Fleurs, blooms, Botany, Floral, flowery, Children, Child, Young, Youngster, Preadolescent, kidz, Human Being, Portrait, Ninos, Enfant, Kinder, Youth, Childhood

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