Teen Girl, Boy, Brother, Sisters, Siblings, 1950sSmiling GirlBoy, New Corn Chex, Smiles, Birdhouse, 1960, 1960sBoy, New Corn Chex, 1960, 1960sGirl, Cute, Pretty, Native, Face, FemaleGirl, SmilesBoy, Male, Face, Handsome, Smiles, PensiveBoy with a Slight Smile, Male, Face, Handsome, PensiveGirl, Diapers, Chair, Barefeet, Cute, Pensive, 1950sToddler, Baby, Diaper, Barefoot, 1950s1950s1950sBaby Boy in Diapers, Legs, Arms, Smiles, Chubby, Blanket, 1950Two Girls Sitting, Easter, 1950sPretty, Girl, Face. Colonia Flores MagoneSmiles, Girl, Face, Colonia Flores Magone
Girl, Smiles
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Girl, Smiles
Burkina Faso, Africa, African, Fada N'gourma, Noungu, Gourma province, city, Children, Child, Young, Youngster, Youth, Childhood, Little, Kid, Preteen, People, Human, Person, Human Being, Portrait, Ninos, Enfant, Kinder
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Wernher Krutein

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