Water Fountain, aquatics in Downtown Tiburon, AquaticsLady Bird Johnson GroveLady Bird Johnson Grove1950sBirthday presents, girls, sidewalk, dress, smiles, smiling, 1940sfriends, girls, boy, Bhutan, 1950sFriends, Barefeet, girls, boys, smiles, smiling, Bhutan, 1950sGate and Fence, Hut, fields, shed, 1950sBoys, Chair, bus toy, poodle toy, glasses, 1950sBoy, Hat, TV Guide, 1950s
Lady Bird Johnson Grove
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Lady Bird Johnson Grove
Bridge, Crossing, Span, Redwood National Park, Humboldt County, Children, Child, Young, Youngster, Youth, Childhood, Little, Kid, Preteen, People, Human, Person, Human Being, Portrait, Ninos, Enfant, Kinder
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Wernher Krutein

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