Sphinx, landmark, 1950sSphinx, landmark, 1950sSphinx, landmark, 1950sSphinx, 1950sSphinx, 1950sSphinx Head, Face, landmark, Giza, 1950sPyramids of Giza, Cairo, 1971, 1970sModern Monument, This is a tribute to the joint effort in building the Aswan dam by the Egyptians and RussiansMosques of Rif'ai and Sultan Hasan, Crowded Street Scene, Buildings, Cars, Minarets, CairoVespa Scooter, Sidewalk, Sand Hill, Crowded Cars, Traffic Jam, Shops, Stores, Curb, Buildings, CairoMinaret, Buildings, Traffic Jam, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Crowded Street, CairoMinaret, Buildings, Crowded Street, Cars, Automobiles, Vehicles, CairoShop, Carpets, CairoArt, bar-ReliefArt, bar-ReliefArt, bar-Relief
Sphinx Head, Face, landmark, Giza, 1950s
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Sphinx Head, Face, landmark, Giza, 1950s
Egypt, Africa, African, Egyptian, Egyptology, Architecture, Scenics, Historic, History, Archives, Travel, Structure, Country
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George H. Ulrich Jr.

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