Government Building, stairs, steps, arch, columnsOpera House, Aram Khachaturian sculpture, Yerevan Opera Theater, Kentron districtThe Cascade Complex, Cafesjian Center for the Arts, YerevanArchitect Tamanyan in front of The Cascade ComplexArmenia National MuseumArmenia National MuseumChurch, building, archSaint Gregory the IlluminatorSaint Gregory the IlluminatorBuildings, street, cars, YerevanParked Cars, Hotel Yerevan, building, automobile, vehiclesAmerican Writers Union, YerevanElementary School, statue, bust, building, YerevanAnton Chekhov, bust, signature, face, monument, sculpture, YerevanMother Armenia, Mayr Hayastan, Victory Park, Yerevan, Sculpture, Statue

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