Water Fountain, aquatics, AlbuquerquePost Office, Building, Stairs, Steps, Sidewalk, AlbuquerqueBuilding, Steps, Stairs, AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueAsobe House, Home, buildingFour Corners Monument, 1970sChevrolet Pick-up truck, 1960sApache Canyon Trading Post, White's City, 1960sConestoga Wagon, Apache Canyon Trading Post, White's CitySign, signage, billboard, hitch hiking, hitchiking, Man, funny, Welcome to New MexicoSign, signage, billboard, Woman, shorts, Welcome to New MexicoWet Road, Street, Trees, CottonwoodsWet Road, Street, Trees, Cottonwoods, CurveEvergreen Valley, Log Cabin, HouseWelcome to the Santa-Fe Ski Basin, Santa-Fe National ForestLa Fonda Hotel

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