Motor, Engine Block, March 1974Pneumatic Lift, van, carFlat Tire, Guam, Car, Vehicle, Automobile, 1956, 1950sValparaiso, Chile, flat tire, girl, man, woman, December 1977, 1970sChanging a flat tire, Car, Vehicle, Automobile, Verracruz, Mexico, 1953, 1950sStreet scene, buildings, car, Assisi Italy, minicar, Fiat mini-car, October 1969, 1960sStreet scene, buildings, car, Assisi Italy, Fiat minicar, mini-car, AGIP Gas Station, October 1969, 1960sCar, Motor Repair, Beijing China, June 1973, 1970sOutboard Two Stroke Engine1955 V-8 Engine, Belair, 1950sEngine Block, Repair, MRO, 1964, 1960s

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