N741SJ, Polar Air Cargo, Boeing 747-246F SCD, JT9D-7Q, JT9D, 747-200FLX-ECV, Boeing 747, CargoluxN813FT, Flying Tiger Line, Boeing 747-245F SCD, JT9D-70A, JT9D, 747-200FJA8132, JAL Cargo, Boeing 747-246F, 747-200 series, 747-200FN400UA, Everts Air Cargo, Douglas DC-6A, R-2800, R-2800F-BTGV, Aero Maritime, Aero Spacelines 337SGT-201F GuppyB-377-SG/SGT, NASA Transport, Super Guppy, SGT, Super Guppy Turbine, NASAN401LC, Lockheed 382G-44K-30, LyndenUR-09307, Antonov An-22, Strategic airlifter, International Cargo Transporter, Hamburg GermanyN301JD, Boeing 747-3B5F, Cargo 360, 747-300 series,  747-300F, milestone of flightA4O-SP, 747SP, Boeing 747SP-27, Oman Government, JT9D-7A, JT9DN752SA, Boeing 747-228F, Southern Air Transport SAT, CF6, CF6-50, 747-200FN644NW, Northwest Cargo, 747-212F, JT9D, JT9D-7R4G2, 747-200FB-18721, China Airlines Cargo, Boeing 47-409F, Landing, Flight, Flying, CF6, CF6-80C2B1FN632NW, Northwest Cargo, Boeing 747-251BF, 747-200FN572CA, Challenge, Boeing 757-23APF, 757-200 series

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