F-GUTB, DC-10-30FPH-MCU, Martinair Cargo, McDonnell Douglas MD-11PH-MCU, McDonnell Douglas MD-11F, Martinair Cargo, PW4462, PW4000Narita International Airport, Fed Ex, landingN306GB, Lockheed L-1011-100F, Arrow AirN260FA, Lockheed L-1011-385-1-14, Fine Air, RB211F-GSTB, Airbus A300-605ST, Beluga, CF6-80C2A8, CF6, Airbus Industrie Skylink, Number-2, F-GSTB/2RA-47258, Antonov An-24RV, Motor Sich AirlinesRA-47820, Antonov An-24RVUR-46374, Air UkraineAN-26LY-AAG, Lithuanian Airlines, AN-24RVUR-46302, AN-24B, DonbassUR-26072, AN-26R-100RA-26239, AN-26UN-26026, AN-24B

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