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N403PE, Continental Airlines COA, Boeing 737-130, 737-100 series, Cumulus Clouds, milestone of flightG-BGDT, British Airways BAW, Boeing 737-236, 737-200 series, JT8D-15A, JT8DLV-LIW, Boeing 737-287, 737-200 series, Aerolineas ArgentinasN122NJ, Boeing 737-230, Vanguard Airlines, 737-200 seriesN126NJ, Boeing 737-2B7, Vanguard Airlines, 737-200 seriesN82AF, Boeing 737-2T4, Air Florida, 737-200 seriesN47AF, Boeing 737-112, Air Florida, 737-100 seriesN234US, Boeing 737-201, Piedmont Airlines, 737-200 seriesB-2946, Boeing 737-37K, China Zhongyuan Airlines, CFM56-3C1, CFM56PP-SNS, Boeing 737-317, VASP, 737-300 seriesD-AHXD, Boeing 737-7K5, 737-700 series, TUIFly.comTS-IOM, Boeing 737-6H3, Tunis Air, 737-600 series, NextGen, CarthageZS-SJG, Boeing 737-8BG, Mango Airlines, 737-800 series, CFM56OY-APG, Boeing 737-5L9, Maersk Airlines, 737-500 seriesVT-AXC, Boeing 737-8BK, Air India Express, 737-800 series, CFM56-7B27, CFM56VH-VBA, Boeing 737-7Q8, Virgin Blue Airlines, 737-700 series, CFM56-7B20,  CFM56, CFM56
N82AF, Boeing 737-2T4, Air Florida, 737-200 series
Code Number:
N82AF, Boeing 737-2T4, Air Florida, 737-200 series
CN: 22698
LN: 823
Delivery: 04/12/1981

18/12/1981 Air Florida FLZ N82AF
01/10/1984 Midway Express N82AF
01/09/1986 Midway Airlines MDW N722ML
01/05/1991 Southwest Airlines SWA N722WN At Lima
10/11/2004 To Sky Airlines
10/01/2005 Sky Airline CC-CTX
2000 Scrapped
Boeing 737, Twin Engine, Narrow Body, Jet, Single Aisle, Fanjet, Jetliner, Medium Range, Fixed wing multi engaine, multi-engine, B737, Air Florida FLZ, Plane, Avion, History, Technology, Fleet, Livery, Equipment, hull, Public, Airframe, Transport, Fixed-Wing, Commerce, Travel, Airplane, Archive, Airline, Aerospace, Civil Transportation, Passenger Aircraft, Commercial Aviation, Airliner

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