RhB Krokodil 411, Crocodile, Rhatische Bahn, Rhaetian Railway, Krok, LGB Ge 6/61, near St. Moritz, Switzerland, 1950strain to Machu Picchu, FCCSA, 1950sTrain Station, snow, cold, ice, platform, Alpnachstadt, 1950sBullet Train, Train Station, platform, trainset, Streamlined, Nagoya, 1950sKegon Express, on the way to Nikko, trainset, 1950sSkicar, Wengen, 1950sPassengers, snow, ice, cold, station, Wengen, 1950srailroad tracks, train, 1950sThunder Bay, 1950sObservation Railcar, Train Station, platform, depot, Thunder Bay, 1950sTrain Station, Depot, building, Thunder Bay, Ontario, 1950sCP Rail, People, Passengers, Canadian National Railways, Banff, 1950sPeople, Passengers, Canadian National Railways, Diesel Electric Locomotive, F-Unit, August 1970Upper Spiral Tunnel, loop, 1950sUpper Spiral Tunnel, loop, 1950sCrocodile HGe 4/4 15, Krokodil, Krok, Electric Locomotive, Brig, 1950s
Skicar, Wengen, 1950s
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Skicar, Wengen, 1950s
Skiing, Sports, snow, Switzerland, Europe, European, Schweiz, Swiss, Schweizer, Passenger Train, Rail, Railroad, Railways, Public Transportation, Technology, Archives, Railfan, History
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George H. Ulrich Jr.

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