Columbia River Valley, Interstate Highway I-90, Semi-trailer truck, Semiporta-potty, North Cascade National ParkSunbeam Bread, Bakery TruckInterstate Highway I-40, Semi-trailer truck, SemiPeterbilt, Interstate Highway I-40, Semi-trailer truck, SemiInterstate Highway I-40, Semi-trailer truck, SemiRyder Truck Depot, Semi-trailer truck, SemiLogging Truck, Trees, Kenworth, SemiLogging Truck, Trees, Kenworth, SemiVolvo Truck, Semi-trailer truck, SemiFreightliner, near Walker Lake, Highway-95, Semi-trailer truck, SemiFreightliner, near Walker Lake, Highway-95, snow, blizzard, Semi-trailer truck, Seminear Walker Lake, Highway-95, blizzard, snowing, Seminear Walker Lake, Highway-95, Seminear Walker Lake, Highway-95Interstate Highway I-80, east of Reno heading east, Semi-trailer truck, Semi

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