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G-AVJB, Vickers Viscount 815, British MidlandCF-THI, Vickers 757 ViscountG-APZV, AVRO 748G-APZV, AVRO 748, Hawker Siddeley 748G-ARMV, Skyways International, Hawker Siddeley 748-101 Sr1VQ-FAL, Hawker Siddeley 748-232 Sr2PI-C1014, Philippine Airlines PALG-11, Crotaxis aerosafari, ASSASX-DAL, Olympic Airways, Queen OlgaSX-DAL, Olympic Airways, Queen OloaOK-NDD, Tupolev Tu-104A, PlzenCCCP-45072, TU-124VCCCP-45072, TU-124VCCCP-42460, Tupolev Tu-104A, milestone of flightOK-NDD, Tupolev Tu-104A, CSA Ceskoslovenske AerolinieCSA, Czech Airlines, OK Jet, Ceskoslovenske Aerolinie, OK-NDD Tupolev Tu-104A
VQ-FAL, Hawker Siddeley 748-232 Sr2
Code Number:
VQ-FAL, Hawker Siddeley 748-232 Sr2
Built: 1967
CN: 1613
Engines: 2x ROLLS-ROYCE DART 534-2
Also Registered As: G-BEBA, RP-C1032 De-registered, C-FKTL Destroyed
Written-off 14/08/1991 CYTL burned during loading
BAe, 748, ATP, Jetstream 61, (Avro), Twin Turbo-prop, Turboprop, Hawker Siddeley, Commuter, propjet, prop-jet, Fixed wing multi engine, Fiji Air Pacific FJI, Air Pacific Limited, Plane, Avion, History, Technology, Fleet, Livery, Equipment, hull, Public, Airframe, Transport, Fixed-Wing, Commerce, Travel, Airplane, Archive, Airline, Aerospace, Civil Transportation, Passenger Aircraft, Commercial Aviation, Airliner
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Les Clark

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