Sunset, Clouds, SFO Control TowerInterior, Inside, Indoors, Terminal, ParisHugging Couple, Bags, Cars, (BUR)Hugging Couple, Cars, (BUR)Control TowerEntrance to Midway Terminal, buildingFuel Truck, Refueling, Ground Equipment, M29Control TowerControl Tower, hangar, runwaysArrows, RunwayRunway, fog, Landing Stripfog, Landing Strip, RunwayRunway, fog, Landing StripPassenger TerminalWaiting Passengers, Terminal, Kansas CityWaiting Passengers, Terminal, Kansas City
Entrance to Midway Terminal, building
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Entrance to Midway Terminal, building
Chicago Midway Airport, Illinois, (MDW), Chicago, USA, Airport, Public Transportation, Civil Aviation, Infrastructure, Civilian, Travel, Terminus, Industry, Aerodrome, Airfield, Flughafen, Aeropuerto, History, Archives, Nostalgia
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Wernher Krutein

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