Wing tip

90009, Military Airlift Command, MAC, MATS, Moffett Field, wing tip, MYFV01P09_01wing tip, Douglas C-118A Liftmaster, 131602, Travis Air Force Base, California, MYFV08P06_04Wing Tip, 88-0331, Spirit of South Carolina, B-2 Stealth Bomber, Nellis Air Force Base, MYFV17P10_07North American P-51D Mustang wing tip, MYFD01_073North American P-51D Mustang wing tip, MYFD01_075Piaggio P.166 MM61925/36-25 36 ST/AMI, Pusher Prop, MYFV26P06_17Wing Tip, Airfoil, MYFD04_064
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