table, dining room, candles, silverware, napkins, wallpaper, 1950's, PDKV01P02_18Table settings, plates, silverware, chairs, 1950's, PDKV01P04_02Japanese Style Table settings, plates, silverware, chairs, candles, flower, 1950's, PDKV01P04_03Cake Server, Silverware, FRBV08P03_03fork, knife, Silverware, FRBV08P03_04fork, Silverware, FRBV08P03_05fork, Silverware, FRBV08P03_06spoon, Silverware, FRBV08P03_07spoon, fork, Silverware, FRBV08P03_08spoon, fork, Silverware, FRBV08P03_09spoon, Silverware, FRBV08P03_10Spoons, Silverware, FRBV08P03_11Butter platter, serving bowl, silverware, FTCV02P05_04Birthday Cake Cutting, Woman Boy, Son, Suit and tie, table, candles, silverware, 1950's, PHBV02P13_09Formal Dinner, Place Setting, Placemats, Silverware, Table, 1960's, FDNV03P01_06Table, Cloth, Lamp, lampshade, silverware, 1950's, FDNV03P02_17Lunch, informal, plates, water, silverware, woman, mod, boy, 1971, 1970's, FDNV03P03_03Silverware, Teapot, Spoons, Plater, May 1964, 1960's, PDKV01P08_14Silverware, Teapot, Spoons, Plater, May 1964, 1960's, PDKV01P08_15Teapot, Cream Dispenser, Sugar Dispenser, silverware, May 1964, PDKV01P08_16Outdoor Cafe, Table settings, Plates, silverware, Miami Beach, Florida, FRBV07P12_09Women Washing the dishes, cleaning, drying cloth, towel, drawer, sink, silverware, 1950's, FDNV03P03_10Fork, Knife, silverware, FTCV01P11_11Fork, Knife, silverware, FTCV01P11_12Fork, Knife, silverware, FTCV01P11_13Fork, Knife, silverware, FTCV01P11_14Silverware, FTCV01P12_07Silverware, FTCV01P12_08Silverware, FTCV01P12_09Dining Room Table, Plate Settings, silverware, tablecloth, September 1974, 1970's, PDKV01P10_02
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