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parakeets, ABCV01P03_11parakeets, ABCV01P03_12parakeets, ABCV01P03_13parakeets, ABCV01P03_14.2565parakeets, ABCV01P03_14B.2565parakeets, ABCV01P03_15parakeets, ABCV01P03_16parakeets, ABCV01P03_17parakeets, ABCV01P03_18Lady having fun with her Parakeets, ABCV01P03_19parakeet, ABCV01P03_19BCages, Caged, Parrot, parakeet, birdcage, ABCV01P12_11Man Kisses a Parakeet, Parrot, ABCV01P13_11Parakeet in a cage, birdcage, ABCV01P13_12Girl, Fireplace, Mantle, Card, Bird Cages, birdcage, Parakeet, Canary, 1950s, PLPV16P12_05Parakeet in a cage, ABCV01P14_05Woman with Birthday Cake, Presents, 1940s, PHBV04P02_14Smiling Girl with a Parakeet on her Head, PHCV05P07_09Christmas Dinner, Women, Men, 1940s, PHCV05P07_11
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