Bed, Lamps, Rug, Pillows, lampshade, PDBV01P01_10Bed, Lamps, Rug, Pillows, lampshade, PDBV01P01_13Bed, Lamps, Rug, Pillows, lampshade, PDBV01P01_14Bed, Curtains, Wallpaper, Wndow, Lamps, Pillows, Mirror, 1940's, PDBV01P01_16Bed, Blankets, Lamp, PDBV01P02_18Bed, Blankets, Lamp, PDBV01P02_19.0146Bed, Blankets, Lamp, PDBV01P03_01Bed, Blankets, Lamp, PDBV01P03_03Bed, Blankets, Lamp, PDBV01P03_04Bed, Blankets, Lamp, PDBV01P03_05Bed, Blankets, Lamp, PDBV01P03_06Bed, Blankets, Lamp, lampshade, PDBV01P03_07Royal Crescent Hotel, England, landmark, PDBV01P06_06Chair, Night Table, Bed, Lamp, PDBV01P07_11Bed, Sheet, Curtains, Lamp, Palm Tree, Night Table, PDBV01P09_07Lamps, curtains, sofa, couch, 1950's, PDFV01P01_02Grand Piano, lamps, carpet, window, curtains, lampshade, 1960's, PDFV01P03_09Lamp, Fireplace, Porcelain, flower pots, 1950's , 1950's, PDFV01P03_16grand piano, musical Instrument, lamp, pillows, artwork, candle, pillows, PDFV01P03_17Dining Room, Mirror, Chairs, Flowers, Curtain, Lamp, lampshade, drapes, PDFV01P03_19sofa, oriental motif, Furniture, lamps, artwork, coffee table, pillows, lampshade, 1960's, PDFV01P04_04Lamp, Table, 1940's, lampshade, PDFV01P09_13Sofa, Chair, Coffe-Table, Table, Lamp, lampshade, PDFV01P10_17Lamp, lampshade, PDIV01P07_08Lamp, lampshade, PDIV01P07_09Table, Lamp, Desk, lampshade, PDOV01P01_04Woman, Desk, Lamp, Paper, female, telephone, lampshade, PDOV01P01_12.1565Window, Lamp, Desk, lampshade, windows, PDOV01P01_19Store, Shopping Mall, interior, inside, indoors, shoppers, lampshade, PDSV04P09_04Store, Shopping Mall, interior, inside, indoors, lampshade, PDSV04P09_04BLamps, lampshade, Tiffany shade, PDSV05P05_09Vonda Roberts with her Children, Eugene Oregon, 1940's, PMCV02P15_18waiting room, lobby, reception, woman, lamp, chairs, 1980's, PWWV02P01_09Lamp, desk, evening, pens, 1980's, PWWV02P03_01Staying late at the Office, desk, lamp, evening, 1980's, PWWV02P03_02Staying late at the Office, desk, lamp, evening, businessman, 1980's, PWWV02P03_03Staying late at the Office, desk, lamp, lampshade, evening, businessman, 1980's, PWWV02P03_04Staying late at the Office, desk, lamp, evening, businessman, 1980's, PWWV02P03_05Staying late at the Office, desk, lamp, evening, businessman, 1980's, PWWV02P03_06Staying late at the Office, desk, lamp, evening, businessman, 1980's, PWWV02P03_07Staying late at the Office, desk, lamp, evening, businessman, 1980's, PWWV02P03_08Staying late at the Office, desk, lamp, evening, businessman, 1980's, PWWV02P03_09Staying late at the Office, desk, lamp, evening, businessman, 1980's, PWWV02P03_10Staying late at the Office, desk, lamp, evening, businessman, 1980's, PWWV02P03_11Staying late at the Office, desk, lamp, evening, businessman, 1980's, PWWV02P03_18Staying late at the Office, desk, lamp, evening, businessman, 1980's, PWWV02P03_19Women, Friends, Table, Sleeper Cabin, Passenger Railcar, 1973, 1970's, VRPV02P11_06Carpet, Mirror, Lamp, Door, Window, lampshade, PDFV02P04_07Lamp, Plug, table, wall, chord, lampshade, PDIV01P08_10Empty Table Setting, lamp, wall, tablecloth, flower, painting, lampshade, picture-frame, FRBV04P14_04Boy, lamps, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Tree, 1940's, PHCV02P10_13Television, Lamp, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Tree, curtains, drapes, table, PHCV02P13_01Lamp, lampshade, Flowers, Vase, 1940's, PDBV01P12_10Bed, lampshade, Lamp, Sheet, Frame, Picture-Frame, 1940's, PDBV01P12_11Bed, Pillows, Blanket, Lamp, Clock, Picture-Frame, Framed Print, 1970's, PDBV01P12_13Woman sits on a Sofa, couch, lamp, coffee table, mod, Dog, lampshade, Trailer Home, curtains, 1960's, PDFV02P05_01Lamp Store, man, seller, Nogales Mexico, February 1972, 1970's, PDSV06P11_15Female, Feminine, woman, lady, Adult, Person, hat, lamp, lampshade, 1960's, PFLV10P04_18Hotel Room Party, Booze, Man, Desk, Mirror, Lamp, Furniture, lampshade, 1950's, PARV01P06_04Hotel Room Party, Woman, Bed, Drapes, Lamp, dress, formal, lampshade, PARV01P06_05Woman, Man, Smoking, Beer, Lamp, Cigarette, lampshade, PARV01P06_11Cake, Women, Teen, Lamp, Knife, Cutting, lampshade, 1960's, PARV01P06_18Lamp, Couch, Woman, Man, Hoyts, puppies, 1953, 1950's, PBTV05P02_14Dresser, drawer, shadow, Lamp, Mirror, Bed, Blanket, Woman, frames, Picture-Frame, 1940's, PDBV01P13_01Couple Drinking, Lamps, Sofa, Curtains, Chairs, lampshade, drapes, 1950's, PSAV01P01_13Lamp, light, lampshade, 1960's, PDFV02P05_18the "perfect" bedroom, bed, lamps, lampshade, PDSD01_101Lamp, Yawn, Yawning Baby, Infant, Tired, Sleepy, May 1959, 1950's, PMCV03P14_02Table, Cloth, Lamp, lampshade, silverware, 1950's, FDNV03P02_17Sofa, Mirror, Lamps, lampshade, frame, wreath, CTXV04P05_11Woman Reading, Lamp, Chair, Lampshade, 1950's, EBCV01P03_12Bed, Lamps, Pillows, Mirror, lamp, PDBD01_021Bed, Lamps, Pillows, Mirror, lamp, lampshade, PDBD01_022Bed, Lamps, Pillows, Mirror, lampshade, PDBD01_023Bed, Lamps, Pillows, Window, lampshade, PDBD01_025Bed, Lamps, Pillows, Window, lampshade, PDBD01_026Bed, Lamps, Pillows, Window, lampshade, PDBD01_027Bed, Rooster, Lamp, Pillow, Chair, dark wallpaper, 1950's, PDBV01P14_02chair, lamp, rug, carpet, lampshade, drapes, curtains, July 1973, PDFV02P06_10Poinsettia, sofa, lamp, table, snowman, pillows, picture frame, lampshade, PDFV02P07_04breakfast nook, chairs, table, lamp, lampshade, PDFV02P08_14Television Screen, lamp, color chart, lampshade, desk, clock, drawers, books, 1960's, PDOV01P06_08Dial Phone, Dress, Lamp, 1960's housewife, lampshade, PDPV01P10_10tree, girl, dad, father, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, lamp, chair, table, dining room, 1950's, PHCV03P08_10tree, presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Lamp, 1940's, PHCV03P10_18Man, Men, drapes, curtains, lamp, Tree, Decorations, Ornaments, 1940's, PHCV03P10_19Tree, Decorations, Ornaments, Presents, flocked, lamps, curtains, 1950's, PHCV03P11_04Tree, lamp, Decorations, Ornaments, 1940's, PHCV03P14_05ladies, girl, smiles, couch, sofa, living room, lights, lamps, lampshade, 1940's, PORV14P09_07Grand Piano, girl, keys, keyboard, sheet music, 1950's, EMNV01P06_08Boy, Male, Guy, Tree, lamp, 1940's, PORV27P06_15Bed, Pillow, Dresser, Window, Lamp, August 1962, 1960's, PDBV01P15_05lamps, table, interior, sofa, lampshade, moderne, 1960's, PDFV02P09_12lamp, chair, lampshade, USA Map, 1960's, PDFV02P09_14Couch, Coffee Table, lamp, lampshade, sofa, door, 1960's, PDFV02P09_15Television, Living room, presents, globe, lamp, mess, abundance, lampshade, 1960's, PHCV04P04_051950's, PORV28P12_19Boys, Girls, Dress, July 1962, 1960's, PHBV03P15_01selfie, Queen Victoria Hotel, Zimbabwe, 1984, 1980's, WKLV06P05_09Woman sits on her Bed, smiles, April 1952, 1950's, PDBV01P11_09Girl, Chair, Television Console, Dress, Carpet, 1950's, PLPV01P06_10Girl, Television Console, Dress, Carpet, 1950's, PLPV01P06_10BWoman, Female, Sofa, Lamp, lampshade, table, wallpaper, 1940's, PORV29P12_19Women, Hats, Fireplace, Formal, Dress, Mantle, Candles, Lamp, Sofa, August 1960, 1960's, PORV29P14_13Women, Hats, Piano, Lamp, Sofa, August 1960, 1960's, PORV29P14_14Man, Sofa, woman, apron, rug, lamp, 1960's, PARV11P12_04Chair, mirror, fireplace, lamp, recliner, 1950's, lampshade, den, PDFV01P16_02Woman, Lounging, Sofa, Lamp, 1940's, PDFV02P10_06Man, Woman, Sipping Tea, Lamps, fancy lampshade, curtains, 1950's, 1940's, PDFV02P10_08Girl, Lamp, Smiles, Pajama, Sofa, nightwear, PLPV17P08_18Father, Son, Grandfather, Grandson, Great Grandfather, Great Grandson, 1950's, PORV29P12_17Heidi Praying to go Home, Girl Praying before bed, Lamp, Bedroom, diorama, 1950's, PCDV02P03_15goldilocks, Girl Praying before bed, Lamp, Bedroom, diorama, 1950's, PCDV02P03_15BSmiling Girl, Hat, Smiles, Lamp, curtains, formal dress, lampshade, April 1958, 1950's, PHEV01P01_09Dictionary, lamp, lampshade, PDOD01_003Woman sits, formal dress, lamp, lampshade, radio, drapes, curtains, smiles, corsage, 1940's, PDFV02P11_05Television, lamp, lampshade, flowery Wallpaper, floral wall, flower, drapes, mirror, 1950's, PDFV02P11_08Woman, lampshade, 1960's, PDFV02P11_11Little girl at moms vanity, mirror, playing with make-up, Pink Lampshades, 1950's, PFBV02P03_10Lampshade, Fairy, Chihuahua, funny, Angel, PHCV05P02_02Father with Daughter, girl, man, lampshade, artdeco, 1950's, PORV30P10_08Women, Man, playing with Chips, Motel Room, bed, night gowns, T-shirt, 1950's, PORV30P13_11
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