NYSE, New York Stock Exchange, Panorama, snow, snowing, winter, building, landmark, Manhattan, CNYV05P08_06BWNYSE, New York Stock Exchange, building, landmark, downtown Manhattan, CNYV05P08_10BWWall Street, downtown Manhattan, CNYV05P08_18BBWWall Street, one way, downtown Manhattan, CNYV05P09_01BWNYSE, New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street sign, cars, CNYV06P10_17BWExchange Rates, Conversion Chart, GCBV01P10_18Bronze Plaque, United Mine Workers of America, Federal Credit Union, GCBV01P10_19United Mine Workers of America, Federal Credit Union, GCBV01P11_01United Mine Workers of America, Federal Credit Union, GCBV01P11_02United Mine Workers of America, Federal Credit Union, GCBV01P11_03United Mine Workers of America, Federal Credit Union, GCBV01P11_04Gold Coins, Stocks and Bonds, GCMV01P03_03Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P08_12Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P08_13Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P08_14Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_01Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_02Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_03Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_04Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_05Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_06Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_07Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_08Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_09Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_10Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_11Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_12Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_13Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P11_14Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_01Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_02Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_03Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_05Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_06Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_07Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_08Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_10Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_11Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_12Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_13Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_14Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_16Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_17Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P12_19Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P13_03Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P13_05Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P13_06Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P13_07Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P13_08Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P13_09Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P13_11Paper Money, Cash, GCMV01P13_12Credit Card, plastic, hands, transaction, payment, GCMV01P13_13Credit Card, plastic, hands, transaction, payment, GCMV01P13_15Credit Card, plastic, hands, transaction, payment, GCMV01P13_19Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P14_05Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P14_07Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P14_08Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P14_09Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P14_10Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P14_16Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P15_01Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P15_05Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P15_06Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P15_07Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P15_08Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P15_09Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P15_10Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P15_13Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P15_15Gold Bars, Bricks, GCMV01P15_16Euro bill, Paper Money, GCMV02P04_01Cash, Paper Money, GCMV02P04_02Cash, Paper Money, GCMV02P04_03Cash, Paper Money, GCMV02P04_04Cash, Paper Money, GCMV02P04_05Cash, Paper Money, GCMV02P04_06Cash, Paper Money, GCMV02P04_07Cash, Paper Money, GCMV02P04_08Quarter, Cash, GCMV02P04_09Quarter, Cash, GCMV02P04_10Quarter, Cash, GCMV02P04_11Quarter, Cash, GCMV02P04_12Quarter, Cash, GCMV02P04_13Dime, Cash, GCMV02P04_14Dime, Cash, GCMV02P04_15Dime, Cash, GCMV02P04_16GCMV02P04_18GCMV02P04_19Cash, Paper Money, GCMV02P06_06Piggy Bank, Child, Girl, GCBD01_003Piggy Bank, Child, Girl, GCBD01_004Piggy Bank, Child, Girl, GCBD01_005Piggy Bank, Child, Girl, GCBD01_006Armored Truck, International-Harvester, GCBV01P02_01EFHutton, GCBV01P02_02EFHutton, GCBV01P02_03BankCal, GCBV01P02_04Bank of America Building, GCBV01P02_05First Interstate Bank, ATM, Building, Mall, GCBV01P02_06California 1st First Bank, GCBV01P02_08Security Pacific Bank, GCBV01P02_09Security Savings, GCBV01P02_10Gateway Savings & Loan Association Building, Volvo Car, GCBV01P02_11Gateway Savings & Loan Association Building, GCBV01P02_12Gateway Savings & Loan Association Building, GCBV01P02_13Gateway Savings & Loan Association Building, GCBV01P02_14Gateway Savings & Loan Association Building, GCBV01P02_15Gateway Savings & Loan Association Signage, GCBV01P02_16Bank of America Signage, GCBV01P02_17Bank of America Building, Crosswalk, Cars, Parked, Parking, Stop Light, GCBV01P02_18Tri-Valley National Bank, Mall, GCBV01P02_19Tri-Valley National Bank, Mall, GCBV01P03_01Tri-Valley National Bank, Mall, GCBV01P03_02Tri-Valley National Bank, Mall, GCBV01P03_03Bakersfield, Bank, GCBV01P03_04Bakersfield, Bank, GCBV01P03_05Bakersfield, Bank, GCBV01P03_06Bakersfield, Bank, GCBV01P03_07Bakersfield, Bank, GCBV01P03_08Bakersfield, Bank, GCBV01P03_09Armored Truck, GCBV01P03_10ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P03_11ATM, Automated Teller Machine, American Savings, GCBV01P03_12ATM, Automated Teller Machine, Express Stop, GCBV01P03_13ATM, Automated Teller Machine, Superbanking, GCBV01P03_14Orient-Express Station, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P03_15Gibralter Savings, GCBV01P03_16Versateller, Bank of America, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P03_17Insta-Bank, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P03_18Great Western Savings, Sand Motor Inn, Vlasta's Restaurant, shops, stores, buildings, parking meter, GCBV01P03_19Crocker Bank ATM, Automated Teller Machine, building, GCBV01P04_01Crocker Bank, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P04_02Crocker Bank, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, woman, shorts, GCBV01P04_03Express STop, Building, parked cars, GCBV01P04_04California 1st First Bank, GCBV01P04_05Car Stop Window, GCBV01P04_07San Francisco Federal Savings, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P04_08San Francisco Federal Savings, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P04_09San Francisco Federal Savings, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P04_10San Francisco Federal Savings, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P04_11Hibernia Insta-Bank, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P04_12stores, shops, people, GCBV01P04_13American Asian Bank, GCBV01P04_14ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P04_15ReadyTeller, Security Pacific National Bank, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P04_16ReadyTeller, Security Pacific National Bank, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P04_17Imperial Savings, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P04_18Imperial Savings, ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P04_19Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_01Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_02Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_03Armored Car head-on, Truck, GCBV01P07_04Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_05Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_06Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_07Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_08Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_09Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_10Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_11Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_12Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_13Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_14Armored Car, Truck head-on, GCBV01P07_15Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_16Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_17Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_18Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P07_19Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_01Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_02Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_03Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_04Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_05Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_06Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_07Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_08Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_09Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_10Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_11MoneyGram, GCBV01P08_12ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P08_13ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P08_14ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P08_15ATM, Automated Teller Machine, GCBV01P08_16Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_17Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_18Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P08_19Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P09_01Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P09_02Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P09_03Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P09_04Exchange Rates, Chart, Airport, GCBV01P09_05Exchange Rates, Chart, Airport, GCBV01P09_06Exchange Rates, Chart, Airport, GCBV01P09_07Exchange Rates, Chart, Airport, GCBV01P09_08The Stockmens Bank, Building, GCBV01P09_09GCBV01P09_10Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P09_11Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P09_12Armored Car, Truck, GCBV01P09_13
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