Dirt Road, unpaved, Skagway, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNAV01P03_08.1730Miner Publishing Co., Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNAV01P03_11Alaskan Hotel, cars, shops, Street, vehicles, automobiles, Juneu, 1960s, CNAV01P03_12Valdez, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNAV01P06_10Anchorage, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNAV01P07_02Anchorage, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNAV01P07_04Anchorage, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNAV01P07_05Anchorage, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNAV01P07_07Anchorage, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNAV01P07_08Anchorage, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNAV01P07_14Anchorage, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNAV01P07_15Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNAV01P07_19Homer, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNAV01P09_08Homer, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNAV01P09_09Homer, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNAV01P09_10Destruction Bay, Mile 1083, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, 1950s, CNAV01P12_10VW-Bug, Parking Ticket, Surveyor, Volkswagen-Bug, Volkswagen, Beetle, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1960s, CNAV01P12_181959 Chevy Impala, Fins, Wings, Cabriolet, Chevrolet, Car, vehicle, automobile, 1950s, CNCV01P10_10B.1731Cypress trees, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNCV01P12_1117 Mile Drive, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNCV01P12_14Texaco Gas station, Pacific Coast Highway 1, PCH, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNCV02P01_05Buildings, Shops, town of Mendocino, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV02P01_11Buildings, Shops, cars, automobiles, vehicles, town of Mendocino, CNCV02P01_12Tomales, Pacific Coast Highway-1, PCH, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Marin County, CNCV02P02_13.1731Tomales, Pacific Coast Highway-1, PCH, Marin County, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNCV02P02_14Calistoga, Highway-29, Hance's, Napa Valley, buildings, cars, shops, stores, automobile, vehicles, downtown Calistoga, CNCV02P04_03cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV02P04_10California Mission System, Building, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV02P05_13Sebastiani Theater, Buildings, Sonoma, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV02P05_19Sonoma, cars, landmark building, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV02P06_07Sonoma, cars, landmark building, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV02P06_10.1731Sebastiani Theater, Buildings, Sonoma, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV02P06_15BDowntown, buildings, cars, street, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV02P07_06Trimble's, downtown, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV02P08_17Cars, Automobiles, Vehicles, Modesto, December 1988, 1980s, CNCV02P11_11Modesto, building, cars, store, automobile, vehicles, automobiles, December 1988, 1980s, CNCV02P11_12FSaintWSaint Woolworth, Modesto, building, cars, store, vehicles, automobiles, December 1988, 1980s, CNCV02P11_13Modesto, cars, automobiles, vehicles, December 1988, 1980s, CNCV02P11_14Modesto Arch, cars, automobiles, vehicles, December 1988, 1980s, CNCV02P12_03Modesto, Arch, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV02P12_04.1731Napa Valley, CNCV03P04_17cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV03P05_09cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV03P09_11Mount Shasta, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV03P10_08Home, House, Single Family Dwelling Unit, autumn, Susanville, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV04P06_03Quincy, cars, automobiles, vehicles, Plumas County, CNCV04P07_11Cars, automobiles, vehicles, Quincy, Plumas County, CNCV04P07_16Cannery Row, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV06P13_06Old Town, shops, buildings, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV07P02_07Carquinez Bridge, cars, automobiles, vehicles, Interstate Highway I-80, CNCV07P10_03Hollister, San Benito County, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV08P01_03Monterey Plaza Hotel, Cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV08P01_11Crows Landing, Central Valley, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNCV08P01_15West Yellowstone, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNMV01P02_12BWest Yellowstone, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNMV01P02_13West Yellowstone, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNMV01P02_13BWest Yellowstone, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNMV01P02_14West Yellowstone, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNMV01P02_14BWest Yellowstone, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNMV01P02_15West Yellowstone, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNMV01P02_16West Yellowstone, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNMV01P02_16BWest Yellowstone, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNMV01P02_17West Yellowstone, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNMV01P02_18West Yellowstone, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNMV01P02_18BWest Yellowstone, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNMV01P02_19Tioga Hotel, Coos Bay, Oregon, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, Highway 101, CNOV01P03_02Union Station, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, Downtown, CNOV01P05_11Downtown, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNOV01P05_14Downtown, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNOV01P06_03Downtown parking, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNOV01P07_08Downtown, cars, automobiles, vehicles, CNOV01P07_14Cars, vehicles, automobiles, 1970s, CNOV01P11_04Conde Balcom McCullough Memorial Bridge, US Highway 101, North Bend, Coos County, Oregon, Truss Bridge, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, CNOV01P11_13.1733Seattle, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNTV01P13_12Geodesic Dome, Ford Building, Pavilion, South Gate, 1959 Chevy Impala, Seattle World's Fair, May 1962, 1960s, CNTV02P03_10Suit and Tie man walking, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, Manhattan, 1950s, CNYPCD1187_091BHighrise, Buildings, Skyscraper, Tall, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1960s, CNYV01P02_03Highrise, Buildings, Skyscraper, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Tall, 1960s, CNYV01P02_03.2010Taxi cab, automobile, vehicles, cars, Manhattan, CNYV01P09_18Sixth Avenue, Greenwich Village, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Manhattan, CNYV01P10_02.2010Taxi cab, cars, street, traffic light, buildings, Manhattan, Automobile, Vehicle, signal light, CNYV01P10_13Greenwich Village, Sixth Avenue, Downtown, Autumn, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Manhattan, CNYV01P11_04Taxi Cab, cars, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, Downtown, automobile, vehicles, CNYV01P11_07building, cars, automobile, vehicles, Manhattan, CNYV01P11_14Cars, buildings, automobile, vehicles, Manhattan, CNYV01P12_03skyscraper, building, Cityscape, Skyline, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNYV02P10_08cars, street, buildings, U-Haul Truck, automobile, vehicles, Manhattan, CNYV02P10_19Taxi Cab, automobile, vehicles, cars, buildings, Manhattan, CNYV02P13_01buildings, winter, wintertime, snow, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNYV02P15_03.1734cars buildings, winter, wintertime, snow, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNYV02P15_04.2010buildings, winter, wintertime, snow, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNYV02P15_05Yellow Taxi, Cab, skyscraper, building, Manhattan, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNYV03P03_09.1735Manhattan-Bridge, East-River, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNYV03P03_13Manhattan-Bridge, East-River, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNYV03P03_14Taxi Cabs, cars, Midtown, buildings, canyons of Manhattan, automobile, vehicles, CNYV03P05_11Radio City Music Hall, taxi cab, cars, traffic, automobile, vehicles, CNYV03P06_09Radio City Music Hall, Taxi Cab, Car, Vehicle, cars, traffic, automobile, vehicles, CNYV03P06_10Manhattan, Cars, automobile, vehicles, concrete valley, CNYV03P07_08Taxi Cab, cars, skyscraper, building, Manhattan, automobile, vehicles, CNYV03P07_09Bleeker Street Subway, stairs, cars, Automobiles, Vehicles, CNYV03P08_16.2010Yellow Cab Taxi, Manhattan, cars, buildings, automobile, vehicles, CNYV04P01_08.1735Cars, traffic, Buildings, Canyons of Manhattan, automobile, vehicles, CNYV04P01_11Buildings, cityscape, cars, winter, wintertime, taxi cabs, automobile, vehicles, 1994, CNYV05P07_17Times Square, Panorama, Buildings, cityscape, cars, winter, wintertime, automobile, vehicles, CNYV05P08_01Coney Island Boardwalk, Seagram's Seven Crown, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, Brooklyn, 1956, 1950s, CNYV05P12_01Cars, Bus, street, vehicles, automobiles, 1956, 1950s, CNYV05P12_03Cadillac, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1956, 1950s, CNYV05P12_04Cars, Taxi Cab, street, buildings, concrete canyon, automobile, vehicles, 1956, 1950s, CNYV05P12_05.1735Manhattan Bridge, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNYV06P06_18Manhattan Bridge, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CNYV06P07_01Crosswalk, rain, rainy, autumn, shop, store, cityscape, buildings, cars, umbrella, automobile, vehicles, CNYV06P07_13Woolworth Building, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, CNYV06P08_01Taxi Cab, Street, Rain, McDonalds Junk Food, Times Square, CNYV06P08_08Crosswalk, cars, van, rainy evening, autumn, buildings, shops, stores, automobile, vehicles, CNYV06P08_14.1736Tarrytown, cars, automobiles, vehicles, 1980s, CNZV01P01_18.1736Lake Placid, cars, automobiles, vehicles, 1960s, CNZV01P02_18Main Street, South Chantham, car, automobiles, vehicles, Massachusetts, August 1962, 1960s, COEV01P01_011960 Buick Electra 225, Parked Car, Cape Cod, August 1962, 1960s, COEV01P01_04.17361959 Buick Electra 225, car, automobile, vehicle, Cape Cod, August 1962, 1960s, COEV01P01_05Buick, car, automobile, vehicle, Cape Cod, August 1962, 1960s, COEV01P01_05BT-Bird, Cars, Car, automobile, August 1963, 1960s, COEV01P01_06Courthouse, Car, automobile, vehicle, August 1963, 1960s, COEV01P01_07Buick car, automobile, sedan, Main Street, Martha's Vineyard, August 22 1963, 1960s, COEV01P01_11cars, automobile, sedan, Shell Gas Station, Main Street, North Woodstock, New Hampshire, November 1966, 1960s, COEV01P01_12The Jelly Mill, Cars, automobile, vehicle , Manchester, Vermont, April 1 1979, 1970s, COEV01P01_16.1736Cars, automobile, vehicles, Newbury Port, Massachusetts, COEV01P13_15downtown Miami, Cars, Taxi cab, automobile, vehicles, May 1952, 1950s, COFV01P02_02.1736downtown Miami, Cars, Buildings, shops, taxi Cabs, vehicles, May 1952, 1950s, COFV01P02_03Crosby Shoes, downtown Miami, Cars, automobile, vehicles, May 1952, 1950s, COFV01P02_04Old Time Miami, Cars, automobile, vehicles, May 1952, 1950s, COFV01P02_04Btraffic signal, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1957, 1950s, COFV01P02_19traffic signal light, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1957, 1950s, Stop Light, COFV01P02_19BCadillac Hotel, art deco, cars, Automobiles, Vehicles, Miami Beach, 1957, 1950s, COFV01P03_02The Miami Beach Castaways, Wreck Bar, Shinnto Temple Dining Room, Cars, Automobiles, Vehicle, Fairyland Island, June 1959, 1950s, COFV03P03_17BLittle Havana, buildings, street, cars, Automobile, Vehicle, COFV01P09_17Faux Painting, Art-deco building, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, COFV01P15_04Art-deco building, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, COFV01P15_06Boca Raton, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, buildings, street, COFV02P09_17Boca Raton, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, COFV02P09_18Boca Raton, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, COFV02P09_19Boca Raton, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, COFV02P09_19BAvalon, art-deco building, oldsmobile convertible, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, 1950s, COFV02P15_09Avalon, art-deco building, oldsmobile convertible, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, 1950s, COFV02P15_10Cars, Palm trees, buildings, Automobile, Vehicle, COFV02P15_13Cars, Palm trees, buildings, Automobile, Vehicle, COFV02P15_14Drexel Hill, Car, automobile, vehicle, 1940s, COPV01P01_01Smithfield Street Bridge, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Pittsburgh, COPV01P04_01Cobblestone Street, Station Wagon, Parking Meters, automobile, vehicles, cars, Charleston, May 1969, 1960s, COSV01P02_03Stop Lights, Street, Steeple, Charleston, Cars, automobile, vehicles, May 1969, 1960s, COSV01P02_04The Greenbrier, White Sulfur Springs, Cars, automobile, vehicles, COWV01P02_01Cars, automobile, vehicles, Honolulu, 1940s, CPHV01P09_03.1739Stony Creek Lodge, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, building, 1960s, CSCV01P01_03Cars, Street, Buildings, trees, automobile, vehicles, CSCV01P06_03Visalia, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, CSCV01P13_05Mearle's Drive-In, Art-deco building, Visalia, Tulare County, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1980s, CSCV01P13_06Lincoln Continental, Mearle's Drive-In, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Art-deco building, Visalia, Tulare County, 1980s, CSCV01P13_07Oceana, Oceano, Nippomo, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, CSCV02P07_03cars, buildings, street, Ventura, Downtown, automobile, vehicles, CSCV02P07_16Lompoc, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, CSCV02P09_01Cayucos, Central California Coast, Town, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, CSCV02P13_03Buildings, barn, cars, hills, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Cayucos, CSCV02P13_09Waterfront, Morro Rock, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Volcanic Plug, CSCV02P13_10Waterfront, Morro Rock, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Volcanic Plug, CSCV02P13_11Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Wasco, Central Valley, Kern County, CSCV03P02_01U-Haul Van, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, CSCV03P02_08The Mountain Center, building, shops, Shopping Center, Cars, Automobiles, Vehicles, mall, suburbia, suburban, buildings, CSDV01P11_02Mission district, Cars, automobile, vehicles, 1980s, CSFV01P15_17.1741Cars, automobile, vehicles, CSFV05P05_12.1742Fairmont Hotel, Nob Hill, building, detail, Cars, automobiles, vehicles, CSFV10P11_09Fairmont Hotel, Nob Hill, CSFV10P11_09.2010Cars, Automobiles, Vehicles, King Street, CSFV13P06_04Sutro Tower, homes, buildings, hill, Cars, Automobiles, Vehicles, CSFV13P06_16Cars, automobile, vehicles, CSFV14P06_15old Cliff House, rain, storm, night, Nightime, Exterior, Outdoors, Outside, wet, slippery, inclement weather, bad, Rainy, Bad Driving Conditions, Dangerous, Precipitation, Nighttime, Cliff-House, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CSFV17P05_13Cars, automobile, vehicles, CSFV18P02_15Castro-District, Market Street and Castro Street, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CSFV18P09_06Golden Gate Bridge, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CSFV18P12_13Reno Arch, Virginia Street, Downtown, snow, blizzard, sleet, storm, Cold, Ice, Winter, Wintry, railroad crossing, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, CSNV01P11_13Reno Arch, Virginia Street, Downtown, snow, blizzard, sleet, storm, Cold, Ice, Winter, Wintry, railroad crossing, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, CSNV01P11_13.1744MGM Grand Hotel Entrance, Lion Face, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, CSNV02P02_16Casino, Night, Nighttime, Neon Lights, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, CSNV02P06_04.1744The Silver Slipper Saloon, Rooming House, Ford Model T, Gambling Hall, Last Frontier Village, Gay 90's, 1890's, Ford Model-T, CSNV02P13_04.1744Las Vegas Welcome Sign, Welcome Las Vegas, Sign, Signage, Daytime, The Strip, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, CSNV04P01_09Cars, vehicles, Automobile, CSNV04P03_01Monte Carlo, Hotel, Casino, building, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, CSNV04P04_13Mercedes Benz, Garage Door, Driveway, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, CSNV05P01_01Pyramid, Hotel, Casino, building, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CSNV05P01_15Cars, vehicles, Automobile, CSNV05P04_05Hotel, Casino, building, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, CSNV05P05_18Excaliber, Hotel, Casino, building, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, CSNV05P06_18town, cars, vehicles, Automobile, Beulah, October 6 1968, 1960s, CSOV01P01_01Cars, vehicles, Automobile, October 1968, 1960s, CSOV01P04_07Hilton Hotel, building, cars, automobile, vehicles, October 1968, 1960s, CSOV01P04_08Daniels & Fisher Tower, Cars, automobile, vehicles, October 1968, 1960s, CSOV01P04_09Silverton, buildings, cars, hill, Jeep, highway, October 1968, 1960s, CSOV01P04_18.1744Town, street, buildings, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, Del Norte, CSOV01P07_05Town, street, buildings, automobile, vehicle, Cars, vehicles, Del Norte, CSOV01P07_06Cars, vehicles, Automobile, buildings, shops, Pagosa Springs, November 1993, CSOV01P09_09Jackisch Drug Store, Liberty Theater, Pagosa Hotel Mall, buildings, shops, Cars, Pagosa Springs, CSOV01P09_10Wolfgang Puck Cafe, Denver Pavilion, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, CSOV02P01_11
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