Always is

shadow on the beach, waves, slick, cliffs, always is, PAFV07P07_03.2677Somethings will Always Change, XCEV01P09_17.0365Always Never, XTLV04P06_16In Control always not, WKLV05P11_11yup, always, I will remember you, for You helped me rekindle the sense of magic in art.  With compassionant love to you my dear Sally., WKLV09P07_01My Dear Don, What an amazing Friend You are, and always, always will be, even beyond this reality, Thank-You, with love, Dawg, selfie, WKLV09P12_09BMay the Acceptance of Beauty, Magic and Humanity always be in Your Heart, XGIV01P05_12Balloons always attract Children, PFFV01P05_05
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