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Swan, Reflection, pond, lake, ABWV01P04_17.1709Swan, Reflection, pond, lake, ABWV01P04_18Swan, Reflection, pond, lake, ABWV01P04_19Swan, Reflection, pond, lake, ABWV01P04_19.3344Swan, pond, lake, ABWV01P05_01.3344Swan, Napa Valley, ABWV01P05_02.1709Swan, Napa Valley, ABWV01P05_03.3344Swan, Reflection, pond, lake, ABWV01P05_04Swan, Reflection, pond, lake, ABWV01P05_04.1567Swan, Reflection, pond, lake, ABWV01P05_05.3344Swan, ripples, pond, lake, Wavelets, ABWV01P05_06Swan, Reflection, pond, lake, ABWV01P05_07.3344Swan, Reflection, pond, lake, ABWV01P05_08.1709Swan, Napa Valley, ABWV01P05_09.3344Swan, Napa Valley, ABWV01P05_10.3344Swan, Napa Valley, ABWV01P05_11Swan, Napa Valley, ABWV01P05_11.1567Swan, Napa Valley, ABWV01P05_12Swan, Napa Valley, ABWV01P05_13Swan, Napa Valley, ABWV01P05_14.3344Swan, Napa Valley, ABWV01P05_15.3344Beringer Rhine Mansion, landmark, CNCV01P01_08Beringer Rhine Mansion, landmark, CNCV01P01_09Beringer Rhine Mansion, landmark, CNCV01P01_10Napa Valley, CNCV01P02_17Napa Valley, CNCV01P02_18Napa Valley, CNCV01P02_19.1731Napa Valley, CNCV01P02_19B.1731Saint Clement Vineyards, Saint Helena, CNCV01P08_05Saint Clement Vineyards, Saint Helena, CNCV01P08_06Napa Valley, CNCV01P08_07.1731Sign, Signage, Inglenook Vineyards, Napa Valley, CNCV01P08_08Napa Valley, CNCV01P08_09Napa Valley, CNCV01P08_10Napa Valley, CNCV01P08_11Napa Valley, CNCV01P08_12Napa Valley, CNCV01P08_13Napa Valley, CNCV01P08_14.1731Napa Valley, CNCV01P08_15Napa Valley, CNCV01P08_16Napa Valley, CNCV01P08_16.1731Culinary Institute of America, Greystone Cellers, mansion, landmark, Saint Helena, CNCV01P08_18Culinary Institute of America, Greystone Cellers, mansion, landmark, Saint Helena, CNCV01P08_19Culinary Institute of America, Greystone Cellers, mansion, landmark, Saint Helena, CNCV01P09_01Culinary Institute of America, Greystone Cellers, mansion, landmark, Saint Helena, CNCV01P09_02Napa Valley, CNCV01P09_03Beringer Rhine Mansion, landmark, CNCV01P09_04Napa Valley, CNCV01P09_05Napa Valley, CNCV01P09_06Napa Valley, CNCV01P09_07Napa Valley, CNCV01P09_08Saint Clement Vineyards, Saint Helena, CNCV01P09_09Culinary Institute of America, Greystone Cellers, mansion, landmark, Saint Helena, CNCV01P09_10Culinary Institute of America, Greystone Cellers, mansion, landmark, Saint Helena, CNCV01P09_11Culinary Institute of America, Greystone Cellers, mansion, landmark, Saint Helena, CNCV01P09_12Beringer Rhine Mansion, landmark, CNCV01P09_13Beringer Rhine Mansion, landmark, CNCV01P09_14Beringer Rhine Mansion, landmark, CNCV01P09_15Beringer Rhine Mansion, landmark, CNCV01P09_16Beringer Rhine Mansion, landmark, CNCV01P09_17Napa Valley, CNCV01P09_18Napa Valley, CNCV01P09_19Napa Valley, CNCV01P10_01Napa Valley, Flowers, winter, CNCV01P10_02.1731Saint Michael Villa, 3999, Napa Valley, CNCV01P10_03Saint Michael Villa, 3999, Napa Valley, CNCV01P10_04Saint Clement Vineyards, Saint Helena, CNCV01P10_05Saint Clement Vineyards, Saint Helena, CNCV01P10_06Saint Clement Vineyards, Saint Helena, CNCV01P10_07Inglenook Winery, mansion, landmark, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_02Inglenook Winery, mansion, landmark, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_03People, building, oak tree, Water Fountain, aquatics, Inglenook Winery, mansion, landmark, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_04Inglenook Winery, mansion, landmark, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_05Inglenook Winery, mansion, landmark, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_06building, ivy, door, Napa Valley, Inglenook Winery, mansion, landmark, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_07.1731Inglenook Winery, mansion, landmark, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_08Homes, House, Calistoga, Napa Valley, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_09.1731Calistoga, Napa Valley, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_10Shops, Calistoga, buildings, cars, stores, downtown, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_11Shops, Calistoga, buildings, cars, stores, downtown, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_12Shops, Calistoga, buildings, cars, stores, downtown, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_13Calistoga, Napa Valley, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_14Calistoga, Napa Valley, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_15Home, House, Hill, Mountains, Calistoga, Napa Valley, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_16Vineyard, Home, House, Hills, Calistoga, Napa Valley, 11 April 1987, CNCV02P03_17.1731Calistoga Depot, Napa Valley, stores, downtown, Train Station, 12 April 1987, CNCV02P03_19Calistoga, Napa Valley, buildings, cars, shops, stores, downtown Calistoga, 12 April 1987, CNCV02P04_02Calistoga, Highway-29, Hance's, Napa Valley, buildings, cars, shops, stores, automobile, vehicles, downtown Calistoga, 12 April 1987, CNCV02P04_03buildings, cars, shops, stores, downtown Calistoga, Napa Valley, 12 April 1987, CNCV02P04_04buildings, cars, shops, stores, downtown Calistoga, Napa Valley, 12 April 1987, CNCV02P04_05buildings, cars, shops, stores, downtown Calistoga, Napa Valley, 12 April 1987, CNCV02P04_06Calistoga, Napa Valley, 12 April 1987, CNCV02P04_07Beringer Rhine Mansion, landmark, CNCV02P09_05Winery, Mansion, garden, CNCV02P09_06.1731Beringer Rhine Mansion, landmark, CNCV02P09_07Napa Valley, Ivy Wall, Building, CNCV02P09_08Napa Valley, Ivy, Wall, Building, Door, Entrance, CNCV02P09_09Napa Valley, Ivy, Wall, Building, CNCV02P09_10Napa Valley, Ivy, Wall, Building, CNCV02P09_11Napa Valley, Ivy, Wall, Building, CNCV02P09_12Napa Valley, Ivy, Wall, Building, CNCV02P09_13.0897Napa Valley, Ivy, Wall, Building, CNCV02P09_14.0897Napa Valley, Ivy, Wall, Building, CNCV02P09_15.0897Napa Valley, Ivy, Wall, Building, CNCV02P09_16.0897Napa Valley, Ivy, Wall, Building, CNCV02P09_17.0897Napa Valley, Ivy, Wall, Building, CNCV02P09_18Napa Valley, CNCV02P09_19Tra Vigne, Saint Helena, Napa Valley, CNCV03P04_14Saint Helena, Napa Valley, CNCV03P04_15Napa Valley, CNCV03P04_16Napa Valley, CNCV03P04_17Napa Valley, Silverado Trail, CNCV03P04_18Napa Valley, fence, gate, CNCV03P04_19.0754Napa Valley, vine, red star, CNCV03P05_01Lion Statues, steps, CNCV03P08_17.1732Ristorante Travigne, Napa Valley, CNCV03P08_18Ristorante Travigne, Napa Valley, CNCV03P08_19spiral staircase, Napa Valley, CNCV04P09_09Napa Valley, CNCV04P09_10Napa Valley in the morning haze, CNCV04P09_11Napa Valley, CNCV04P09_12Napa Valley, CNCV04P09_13Napa Valley, CNCV04P09_14Napa Valley, CNCV04P09_15Napa Valley, CNCV04P09_16Napa Valley, CNCV04P09_17Napa Valley, CNCV04P09_18Napa Valley, CNCV04P09_19Napa Valley, CNCV04P10_01Napa Valley, CNCV04P10_02Napa Valley, CNCV04P10_03Napa Valley, CNCV04P10_04Napa Valley, CNCV04P10_05Napa Valley, CNCV04P10_06door, arch, stone, wood, window, Napa Valley, CNCV04P10_07.1732Napa Valley, CNCV04P10_08.1732Napa Valley, CNCV04P10_09Ivy, window, CNCV04P10_10.1732Ivy, window, CNCV04P10_11Napa Valley, CNCV04P10_12Napa Valley, CNCV04P10_13CNCV04P12_07CNCV04P12_08The Chiles House, Rutherford, home, porch, building, Rutherford, Napa Valley, CNCV04P13_19.1732door, doorway, entrance, CNCV04P14_01.1732Napa Valley, CNCV06P10_07Napa Valley, CNCV06P10_08Napa Valley, CNCV06P10_09Napa Valley, CNCV06P10_10Water Fountain, aquatics, statue, Napa Valley, CNCV06P10_11path, walkway, footpath, vanishing point, CNCV06P10_12path, walkway, footpath, CNCV06P10_13Bare Tree, Napa Valley, CNCV06P10_14Napa Valley, CNCV06P10_15Napa Valley, CNCV06P10_16Napa Valley, CNCV06P13_02Napa Valley, CNCV06P13_03Napa Valley, CNCV06P13_04Saint Helena, Napa Valley, ivy, CNCV07P01_08Saint Helena, Napa Valley, CNCV07P01_09empty room, Calistoga, Napa Valley, CNCV07P01_10Calistoga, Napa Valley, CNCV07P01_11Sterling Vineyard, Calistoga, Napa Valley, CNCV07P01_12Napa Valley, CNCV07P01_13Napa Valley, CNCV07P01_14Napa Valley, CNCV07P01_15Napa Valley, CNCV07P01_16clouds, CNCV07P01_17Napa Valley, CNCV07P01_18Water Fountain, pond, trees, moss, cone, Calistoga, Napa Valley, CNCV07P05_16Water Fountain, pond, trees, moss, cone, Calistoga, Napa Valley, CNCV07P05_17Water Fountain, pond, trees, cone, Calistoga, Napa Valley, CNCV07P05_18Calistoga, Napa Valley, CNCV07P05_19Bell Tower, Calistoga, Napa Valley, CNCV07P06_01Calistoga, Napa Valley, CNCV07P06_02White Wine, Leaves, Grape Cluster, FAVV01P01_09.0943Mustard Flowers, Saint Helena, FAVV01P02_01.0943Calistoga, FAVV01P02_04.0943Calistoga, FAVV01P02_05.0943Calistoga, FAVV01P02_06.0943Calistoga, FAVV01P02_10Springtime, grape leaves, FAVV01P03_05.0943Springtime, grape leaves, FAVV01P03_06Springtime, FAVV01P03_06.0943Springtime, FAVV01P03_08.0943Springtime, FAVV01P03_10.0943Springtime, FAVV01P03_17.0943Pine trees, Sterling Vineyards, FAVV01P04_03.0943Rows, winter, wintertime, FAVV01P04_13.0943mustard plants, oak trees, FAVV01P04_16.0943vineyard in the winter, hills, FAVV01P04_19.0943vineyard in the winter, hills, FAVV01P05_01.0838FAVV01P05_11.0943Silverado Trail, highway, road, FAVV01P05_15.0943Rows, Mustard Flowers, FAVV01P05_18.0838Rows, Mustard Flowers, FAVV01P05_19twiggy vine, bare vine, FAVV01P06_04.0943vines, FAVV01P07_02.0943Rows, mustard flowers, FAVV01P07_06.0943mustard flowers, FAVV01P07_07winter vine, mustard flowers, FAVV01P07_09.0943springtime, FAVV01P07_10.0943springtime, hills, FAVV01P07_11.0943Vanishing Point, Rows, FAVV01P07_12.0943Rows, FAVV01P07_13.0943California Hills, FAVV01P07_18.0943Wheeled Tractor, field, hills, FAVV01P08_10Saint Clement Vineyards, Saint Helena, FAVV01P08_15Saint Clement Vineyards, Saint Helena, FAVV01P08_15BRows, FAVV01P08_19.0943Tractor, Rows, fields, FAVV01P09_14Tractor, Rows, fields, FAVV01P09_14BNew Growth, Baby Leaves, FAVV01P10_10.0943New Growth, Baby Leaves, FAVV01P10_10B.0943Wind Machine, Propeller, Vineyard Fan, FAVV01P10_19Wind Machine, Propeller, Vineyard Fan, FAVV01P10_19.0943Wind Machine, Propeller, Vineyard Fan, FAVV01P10_19B.0943Vineyard Fan, Wind Machine, Propeller, FAVV01P10_19BPropeller, Wind Machine, Vineyard Fan, FAVV01P11_03Propeller, Wind Machine, Vineyard Fan, FAVV01P11_03BSpring Time, FAVV01P11_07.0943Spring Time, FAVV01P11_08Spring Time, FAVV01P11_08BRows, FAVV01P12_05.0943FAVV01P12_07.0943FAVV01P12_13.0943FAVV01P12_14.0943Rows, FAVV01P13_09.0943Sterling Vineyards, FAVV01P14_11Rows, texture, FAVV01P14_12.0943Rows, FAVV01P15_09.0943Rows, FAVV01P15_10Rows, FAVV01P15_10BVanishing Point, Rows, FAVV01P15_17.0943Rows, FAVV02P01_01.0943Rows, FAVV02P01_06Curved Rows, Rows, FAVV02P01_06BRows, FAVV02P01_12.0943Rows, FAVV02P01_15.0943Rows, road, cottagecore, FAVV02P01_16.0943Rows, FAVV02P02_10Rows, FAVV02P02_11.0943Rows, FAVV02P02_13.0943Rows, road, oak trees, springtime, roadway, highway, FAVV02P02_14.0943Rows, FAVV02P02_15.0943Rows, FAVV02P02_16Rows, FAVV02P02_16.0943Rows, FAVV02P02_17.0943Rows, FAVV02P02_18.0943Rows, FAVV02P02_19.0943Rows, FAVV02P03_03.0943Rows, Vanishing Point, FAVV02P03_11.0943Vanishing Point, Rows, FAVV02P03_12.0943Rows, Vanishing Point, FAVV02P03_13Home, House, rows, springtime, hills, FAVV02P04_13Home, House, rows, springtime, hills, FAVV02P04_19FAVV02P05_02.0943Domaine Chandon, Rows, FAVV02P05_10.0943Domaine Chandon, FAVV02P05_10BWelcome to this world famous wine growing region, . . . and the wine is bottled poetry, Napa Valley, FAVV02P06_11Rows, Vanishing Point, FAVV02P06_17.0943FAVV02P06_18.0943Napa Valley, California, FAVV02P08_19Napa Valley, California, and the wine is bottled poetry, FAVV02P08_19BFAVV02P14_05FAVV02P14_05BRows, Vanishing Point, FAVV02P14_09Rows, Vanishing Point, FAVV02P14_09Bautumn, FAVV02P14_14.0943autumn, FAVV02P14_17.0943autumn, FAVV02P14_18autumn, FAVV02P14_18.0802autumn, FAVV02P14_18Bautumn, FAVV02P14_19.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, close-up, FAVV02P15_03Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, close-up, FAVV02P15_03BFAVV02P15_04.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, close-up, FAVV02P15_08.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV02P15_09.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV02P15_10Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV02P15_10.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV02P15_11.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, close-up, FAVV02P15_12.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, close-up, FAVV02P15_13.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, close-up, FAVV02P15_14Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, close-up, FAVV02P15_14BRed Grapes, Grape Cluster, close-up, FAVV02P15_15Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, close-up, FAVV02P15_15BWhite Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV02P15_16.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV02P15_17Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV02P15_18.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, close-up, FAVV02P15_19.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV03P01_03.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV03P01_04Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV03P01_04BRed Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV03P01_06.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV03P01_09.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV03P01_18.0943Red Grapes, Grape Cluster, FAVV03P01_19.0943Rows, vanishing point, FAVV03P03_04
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