Vintage Trains Favorites

vintage, retro, car, sedan, automobile, vehicle, Old, Historic, Historical, Old-Time, Antique, Antiquated, Old-Fashion, Old-Fashioned, archive, nostalgic, nostalgia, Classic, Portfolio, Icon, Iconic, 1940s, VCRV13P02_10.0567Caboose Silhouette, logo, shape, VRFV03P01_03MRhine River, (Rhein), 1964, 1960s, VRFV04P05_03Monorail Japan World's Fair, Elevated Tram, Expo70, Osaka, May 1970, 1970s, VRHV01P01_11Crowded Train, subway, Railcar Interior, people, commuters, underground, June 1980, NYCTA, 1980s, VRHV01P02_01Stairs, Steps, Escalator, Bay Area Rapid Transit, Passengers in a BART station, commuters, 1980s, VRHV02P01_18Women Passengers leaving a BART Train, commuters, 1980s, VRHV02P02_09man with suit and tie, Passengers leaving a BART Train, commuters, 1980s, VRHV02P02_10FCS 86, 1950s, VRPV01P01_02.0168Passenger Railcar, Interior, inside, 1950s, VRPV01P01_03horseshoe bend, Darjeeling, West Bengal, 1950s, VRPV01P01_09.0587Darjeeling, West Bengal, 1950s, VRPV01P01_10Train Station, Clock Tower, Terminal, Depot, landmark building, Wengen, Switzerland, 1950s, VRPV01P01_15.0587RhB Krokodil 411, Crocodile, Rhatische Bahn, Rhaetian Railway, Krok, LGB Ge 6/61, near St. Moritz, Switzerland, 1950s, VRPV01P01_16Kegon Express, on the way to Nikko, trainset, 1950s, VRPV01P02_02.0587People, Passengers, Canadian National Railways, Diesel Electric Locomotive, F-Unit, August 1970, VRPV01P02_10RBe 2/4, Electric Express Powered Rail Car "Red Arrow", Rote Pfeil, single body light steel railcar, Swiss Federal Railways, Lucerne, 1950s, VRPV01P02_15.0587T.E.E train, Zurich, trainset, Streamlined, train station, platform, clock, 1950s, VRPV01P03_01.0587Southern Pacific, Diesel Electric, Locomotive, trainset, ALCO PA-1 A-B-A, Sunset Limited ?, hills, track, forest, trees, 1950s, VRPV02P11_08SP 4449, GS-4 class Steam Locomotive, 4-8-4, Southern Pacific Daylight Special, 1950s, VRPV02P11_09Santa-Fe, Diesel Electric Locomotive, ATSF, Red/Silver Warbonnet Chief, 1950s, F-Unit, VRPV02P11_10Woman Writing, Seat, Passenger, 1972, 1970s, VRPV02P12_02MBTA 2746, MBTA 902, Snow Plow, Acton MA, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Caboose, 1950s, VRFV05P09_01Union Station, Travel by Train, 1950s, VRMV01P05_14Chicago, Rail yards, Coca-Cola Sign, Interurban, streetcar, 1950s, VRPV04P14_19Baby Drinking in Kitchen, Highchair, toddler, barefeet, barefoot, 1960s, FDNV02P13_01Boys, Train Cake Train, pond, girl, sister, brothers, siblings, shirts, 1961, 1960s, PHBV02P13_17boy, football, player, helmet, toy train, tree, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, 1950s, PHCV03P05_06daytime, daylight, 1950s, VRAV02P10_081950s, VRFV05P14_03Frisco 706, 4-6-0, 1950s, VRFV06P01_11Chevy Impala, Elevated Train, The-El, CTA, 6000 series trainset, June 1965, 1960s, VRHV02P12_19Electric Train, Boy, 1940s, VRMV01P01_14Lionel Electric Train, Boy, Tree, 1940s, VRMV01P01_16Lionel Electric Train, Boy, Tree, 1940s, VRMV01P01_18mom, daughter, 1960s, PBTV05P03_10Union Pacific Vista dome car, Passenger Railcar, 1950s, VRPD01_003SP 4443, California, 1950s, VRPV05P07_03X-45, 2-8-2, Baldwin 58045, California Western Railroad, Mikado type, Willits California, July 1965, 1960s, VRPV05P10_06Rear Passenger Railcar, California-Nevada Historical Society, 1961, 1960s, VRPV05P03_10Feather River Railway Shay #3, 100 Ton Sidewinder, Oroville, 1963, 1960s, VRPV05P03_19Burlington Route, Pioneer Zephyr, trainset, Streamlined, art deco, 1930's, VRPV05P06_15NW 609, Norfolk & Western, J-Class 4-8-4 Streamlined Locomotive, Art-Deco, 1930's, VRPV05P06_18SP 2248, Alco 4-6-0, Palo Alto, car, automobile, 1940s, VRPV05P07_01SP 2248, Alco 4-6-0,  Cars, automobile, Palo Alto California, 1940s, VRPV05P07_02BCPR 2343, 4-6-4, Steam Locomotive, Night, nighttime, Canadian Pacific, 1940s, VRPV05P07_04CCPR 2343, 4-6-4, Steam Locomotive, Night, nighttime, Canadian Pacific, 1940s, VRPV05P07_04DHermann Park Railroad, Rideable Miniature Railway, McGovern Lake, Houston, August 1975, 1970s, VRPV05P08_18BJungfrauhoch Train Station, Ausgst 1959, 1950s, VRPV05P09_01backyard train, Girls, Boys, Smiles, Miniature Train, Riding, smiling, cute, flat car, Akron Ohio, 1950s, PLGV03P11_02The Chicago Downtown Loop, Elevated Train, The-El, Building, CTA, 6000 series trainset, June 1960, 1960s, VRHV02P15_19Southern Pacific Daylight Train, Tracks, Rear Passenger Railcar, May 1982, 1960s, VRPV05P12_08daytime, daylight, 1950s, VRAV02P10_13Diesel Train, cars, automobiles, vehicles, 1960s, PFTV01P15_17Chicago-El, Elevated, Downtown Loop, CTA, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, September 1962, 1960s, CLCV11P05_07Montreal, Canada, 1960s, PFWV02P04_06tiny tree, girl, boy, oiler, toy train, oilcan, village, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, 1950s, PHCV03P08_08Decorated Tree, Girl, toy train, 1950s, PHCV03P08_11Tugboats, River Seine, Constance, Puissance, head-on, towboat, 1955, 1950s, TSWV09P07_15746, 748, 1950s, VRFV06P05_11SP 4123, SP AC5 Cab-Forward 4-8-8-2, Southern Pacific, Front Cab, 1940s, VRFV06P06_052-10-2, Colorado and Southern, Boulder Colorado, July 1959, 1950s, VRFV06P10_03Hanging Bridge, Rio Grande Line, RG 5480, Royal Gorge Route, Canyon, Arkansas River, 1950s, VRFV06P10_05UP 44-89B-844, EB, Cheyenne Wyoming, March 1968, 1960s, VRFV06P10_0655, 1950s, P&PU, Peoria & Pekin Ry, Class J, VRFV06P12_03Monorail Ueno Zoo, Suspended monorail, Honshu, Japan, July 1979, 1970s, VRHV03P04_05GN 400, Hustle Muscle, Portugal Trolley, comparison, 1960s, VRPV05P15_18CO 614, Chessie System, Northern 4-8-4, Chesapeake & Ohio, J-3-A, 1950s, VRPV06P02_05Illinois Central E9A, IC 2037, 1950s, trainset, F-Unit, VRPV06P02_10United Aircraft TurboTrain, aerodynamic, streamlined, articulated, trainset, VRPV06P02_11BN 9937, EMD E8A, Burlington Northern, trainset, F-Unit, 1950s, VRPV06P02_13DRGW 5771, EMD F9A, Rio Grande Zephyr, Denver & Rio Grande Western, 1984, 1980s, F-Unit, VRPV06P02_17empty seats, Passenger Railcar, 1957, 1950s, VRPV06P03_05NW 130, 4-8-4 Norfolk and Western, J-Class 4-8-4 look-alike Streamlined Locomotive, Art-Deco, aerodynamic, 1930's, VRPV06P04_05UAC Turbo 53, United Aircraft TurboTrain, aerodynamic, streamlined, articulated, trainset, 1974, 1970s, VRPV06P04_18778 6, 1950s, VRPV06P06_16British Columbia, arch bridge, forest, 1959, 1950s, VRPV06P07_16Vista Dome, Dining Car, 1960s, Passenger Railcar, California Zephyr, VRPV06P07_17Observation Passenger Railcar, Zephyr, Moffat Tunnel, Colorado, East Portal, Rollinsville, 1950s, VRPV06P08_03Tram, Poeple, crowds, United States Pavilion, USA, Geodesic Dome, Expo-67, American, Montreal Biosphere, Buckminster Fuller, PFWV01P12_05Sister, Sibling, Girl, chair, 1950s, PLPV16P13_08746, 748, 1950s, VRFV06P14_09NEW YORK CENTRAL 2573, 1950s, VRFV06P14_10Southern Pacific, SP 4303, 1950s, VRFV06P14_111383, 5077, 1950s, VRFV06P15_05Monorail, Seattle, 1962, 1960s, VRHV03P04_10Monorail, Seattle, 1962, 1960s, VRHV03P04_14Passenger RailCar, Vista Dome, June 1988, 1980s, VRPV06P09_01The Rocket Locomotive, 1825, VRPV06P10_01SP 4449, GS-4 class Steam Locomotive, 4-8-4, Southern Pacific Daylight Special, 1950s, VRPV06P11_13CO 490, Alco (4-6-4), C&O, Art Deco, Hudson Type Locomotive, Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, 1930's, VRPV06P12_15Train, Bridge, town, valley, Viaduct, Luxembourg, 1953, 1950s, CEFV09P08_16Wonder World, Hanging Monorail, New York Worlds Fair, 1964, 1960s, PFWV02P15_14Lionel Electric Train, Village, 1950s, PHCV04P05_07Illinois Central Gulf, ICG 7713, 7702, Diesel Locomotive, Lobell Illinois, 1950s, VRFV07P02_06Southern Pacific, 5505, ALCo RSD5, 5501, 1950s, VRFV07P03_08NKP 182, ALCO PA-1, Blue Bird, Nickel Plate Road, Riverfront, St. Louis, March 1952, 1950s, VRPV02P13_09EMD FL-9, F-Unit Locomotive, January 1977, 1970s, VRPV02P13_18CV 220, 4-6-0, Alco, Central Vermont Railway, Shelburne Train Station, Depot, "Locomotive of the Presidents", 1963, 1960s, VRPV06P14_04Erie Plaza Train Station, Depot, Car, Vehicle, Automobile, 1954, 1950s, VRPV06P14_05B&FY, Miniature Rail, Rideable Miniature Railway, Live Steamer, Akron Ohio, 1950s, VRPV06P14_10SOU 6901, EMD E8A, Southern Line, Southern Crescent, trainset, F-Unit, Southern-Railway, 1960s, VRPV06P15_17CBQ 9976, EMD E8A, Burlington Route, Chicago Burlington & Quincy, CB&Q, 1960s, F-Unit, VRPV06P15_19Mount Tamalpais Railway, 1910, VRPV07P04_10Southern Pacific Daylight, Train, Rail, Rideable Miniature Railway, 1950s, PFFV06P06_14BAMF Monorail, Hanging Tram, aerial train, New York Worlds Fair, 1964, 1960s, PFWV03P10_05MBTA 2746, Snow Plow, Acton MA, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, 1950s, VRFV05P09_01BGirl, Training Wheels, Bicycle, smiles, 1960s, PLPV08P13_19Interurban Train, Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad, 106, Cars, Automobile, Vehicle, 1950s, VRLV01P08_12Perry Link Trainer, Simulator, 1930s, 1950s, TATV01P01_19Helicopter Training, Gyrocopter, Backyard, October 1958, 1950s, PLGV03P15_16Lionel Train, boy, tracks, 1950s, VRMV01P02_15Santa-Fe Train roles into the station, Red/Silver Warbonnet Chief, ATSF, F-Unit, 1950s, Cars, Automobiles, Vehicles, VRPV05P05_12BSanta-Fe Train roles into the station, Red/Silver Warbonnet Chief, ATSF, Santa Fe, F-Unit, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, 1950s, Paintography, VRPV05P05_12CSP 4449, GS-4 class Steam Locomotive, 4-8-4, Southern Pacific Daylight Special, Minnow Creek, 1950s, VRPV07P03_06B805-D, California Zephyr Train, Western Pacific, F-Unit, Car, Vehicle, Automobile, Oakland, California, March 1970, 1970s, VRPV07P05_10Peabody Coal Company, CAGY Columbus & Greenville GP7 702, Columbus Mississippi, February 2009, 1950s, VRFV01P15_01Jupiter Steam Engine, 4-4-0, Central Pacific Railroad #60, Promontory, National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, Joining of the Rails, Transcontinental Railroad, May 10, 1869, Paintography, VRFV06P15_03CPeabody Coal Company, loading coal, conveyer belts, Macon County Beer Vee Mine, Illinois, 1950s, VRFV07P04_14ALCo 2401, Southern-Pacific, Southern Pacific RR Center Cab #2401, 1966, 1960s, VRFV07P04_15Steam engine with coal tender, Bluefield West Virginia, 1955, 1950s, VRPV07P05_13PRR Pennsylvania 7002 Steam, PRR 7002, 1223, Royalton Pennsylvania, August 23 1985, 1980s, Railroad Tracks, VRPV07P05_14BChessie System, Chessie Steam Special T-1 Steam #2101, Cumberland, MD, 1978, 1970s, Railroad Tracks, VRPV07P06_03Steam Locomotive ALCo 2-8-0 #18, Arcade & Attica Railroad, New York, 1970, 1970s, VRPV07P06_11Santa-Fe Chief, 51, ALCO PA-1, Red/Silver Warbonnet Chief, ATSF, 1940s, VRPV07P06_13BEmpire Train Express #999, 4-4-0 steam locomotive, Long Island New York, New York Central and Hudson River Railroad, September 25 1948, 1940s, LIRR, VRPV07P07_01BLouisville & Nashville E6A diesel locomotive #770, Kentucky, F-Unit, 1950s, VRPV07P07_06Dining Car, couple eating, smiles, interior, inside, 1950s, VRPV07P07_17Australia, Steam loco #1072, 'The City of Lithgow', 4-6-2 ('Pacific'), express passenger engine, NSW Blue Mountains, Sydney, Pacific 231, Railroad Tracks, 1950s, VRPV07P08_13BNA class 2-6-2T, steamer on a trestle, locomotive 7A, Puffing Billy steam railway, Melbourne, Australia, Victorian Railways, 1950s, VRPV07P08_18Miniature Rail, Birch State Park, Fort Lauderdale, 1950s, VRPV07P09_05Train Yard, Benjamin Kosberg Co. Paint, signage, buildings, Elizabeth New Jersey, January 1960, 1960s, VRFV07P06_17Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railway, wooden coach combine on a fan excursion train, April 6, 1941, 1940s, VRPV07P11_13Reading Lines 903, Reading FP7, West Trenton, New Jersey, 1976, 1970s, VRPV07P11_19Barmouth bridge, Gwynedd County, Cardigan Bay, north-western Wales, 1940s, VRPV07P12_05Rio Grande, ALCO PA-1, Diesel Locomotive 0003, PA1, Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, 1950s, VRPV07P12_06SharkNose, Baldwin RF-16, Diesel Locomotive 5772, Pennsylvania Railroad, BLW DR6-4-2000, BP20, Shark-nosed diesel, Baldwin Locomotive Work, July 1957, 1950s, VRPV07P12_08BART prototype testing train, 1970s, IHRV01P02_09Norfolk & Western Railway, 602, 4-8-4, Class J, Streamlined, Art Deco, 1940s, VRPV07P12_07Television, stereo speaker, Electric Train Set, toys, 1950s, PHCV02P14_05Alco PA4u, Delaware & Hudson DH 18, Rigby Yard, Portland Terminal Maine, March 1978, 1970s, VRFV08P02_01FPA4, Western Maryland WMSR 305, Frostburg Maryland, 1970s, VRFV08P02_03Bangor and Aroostook BAR 49, EMD F3A locomotive, Bangor Maine, June 1978, 1970s, VRFV08P02_07Kennecott Copper Electric Locomotive KCC 725, GE 85Tonner, Copperton Utah, September 1978, 1970s, VRFV08P02_16Southern Pacific Locomotive No. 9, Baldwin 4-6-0, Train Rambles through the Owens Valley, California, 1940s, VRPV07P13_19Dome Railcar, observation, Girl and Father, smiles, seats, pipe, California Zephyr, 1940s, VRPV08P05_04Railroad Train Station, Depot, Building, snow ice, Women Disembarking, Coats, cold, ice car, 1940s, VRPV08P06_03Woman, Man, Passengers, Railcar, Formal suits, dress, suitcase, 1940s, VRPV08P06_12P&SR Caboose #3, Graton California, Sonoma County, Petaluma & Santa Rosa Rail Road, August 1953, 1950s, VRFV08P05_09PL&W 1102, Saturday Commuter approaching Kingsland, Seacaucus New Jersey, October 7 1939, 1930's, VRPV08P07_18BWoman, Dress, Canadian Pacific Railcar, 1950s, VRPV08P08_04Cowboy and His Choo-Choo Train, Stage Coach, Gun, Hat, 1950s, PHCV04P15_17Trestle Bridge, wooden, river, October 1963, 1960s, VRFV08P08_14S-Curve, 1960s, VRFV08P09_03Lumber Camp, buildings, housing, 1960s, VRFV08P09_07Tuolumne Train Depot, Sierra Railroad #28, 2-8-0, Tuolumne, October 1963, 1960s, VRPV08P09_158040, FP7, California Zephyr, Train Station Platform, cars, Western Pacific, June 1967, 1960s, VRPV08P12_12Man Reading Newspaper, Daily Commuter, 1940s, VRPV08P12_16Boy as Train Engineer, girls, brother, sister, Miniature Train, April 1962, 1960s, VRPV08P12_17Northern Pacific 6504C, F3A, F-unit, 1950s, VRPV08P12_18Railroad Transportation Fair, Railfair, Thrall, September 1963, 1960s, PFFV06P08_13JPBX 3187 Caltrain locomotive, EMD GP9, 4th Street Station, September 1982, 1980s, VRPV08P13_05Santa-Fe Chief 65, ALCO PA-1, Red/Silver Warbonnet Chief, ATSF, Bekins Storage Building, San Diego, May 1963, VRPV08P14_04Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Billboard, 1950s, CONV05P12_12Girl with her new Bike, Training Wheels, 1950s, SBYV04P06_17F7A Diesel Train, Coast, Coastal, Del Mar California, 1959, 1950s, VRPV08P14_13FA1 Diesel, ATSF 67, Fullerton California, 1950s, VRPV08P14_14Little Girl watching the scenery pass, Train Window, June 1962, 1960s, VRPV08P14_18Girls and Boys Celebrating a Birthday around a Toy Train Set, 1950s, VRMV01P13_14Southern Pacific Locomotive No. 9, Baldwin 4-6-0, Train Rambles through the Owens Valley, California, 1940s, VRFV09P05_08PRR 4877, Altoona GG-1, (2-C-C-2), June 1951, 1950s, VRPV09P01_04Southern Pacific Locomotive No. 9 Train, Baldwin 4-6-0, Baldwin, California, 1940s, VRFV09P05_14Southern Pacific Locomotive No. 9, Baldwin 4-6-0 Rambles through Owens Valley, California, 1940s, VRFV09P05_15
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