Cow, Occidental, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P01_15Cow, Occidental, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P01_16Cow, Occidental, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P01_17.1710Cow, Occidental, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P01_18Cow, Occidental, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P01_19Cow, Occidental, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_01Cow, Occidental, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_02Cow, Occidental, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_03Cow, Occidental, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_04.1710Cow, Occidental, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_05Cow, Occidental, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_06Cow, Occidental, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_07Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_08Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_09Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_10Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_11Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_12Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_13Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_14Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_15ACFV03P02_16Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_17Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_18Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P02_19.1710Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P03_01Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P03_02Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P03_03Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P03_04Cow, The Grass is Greener on the Other Side, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P03_05Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P03_06Cow, The Grass is Greener on the Other Side, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P03_07Cow, The Grass is Greener on the Other Side, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P03_08Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P03_09.1710Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P03_10Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P03_11Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P03_12.1710Sheep, near Tbilisi, ACFV03P03_13Cow, Kathmandu, Nepal, ACFV03P03_14goat, Iran, ACFV03P03_15Cow, Guam, ACFV03P03_16.1710Goat, ACFV03P03_17.1710sheep, Cotati, Sonoma County, ACFV03P03_18.1710sheep, Cotati, Sonoma County, ACFV03P03_19.1710Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P04_01Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P04_02Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P04_03Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P04_04.1710Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P04_05Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P04_06Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P04_07Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P04_08Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P04_09Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P04_10Cow, Sonoma County, California, ACFV03P04_11goat, ACFV03P04_12.1710goat, ACFV03P04_12B.1710Lamb, Sheep Herding, New Zealand, ACFV03P04_13Lamb, Sheep Herding, New Zealand, ACFV03P04_14Cow, Germany, ACFV03P04_16.1710Cow, India, ACFV03P04_17.1710Cow, Bangkok, Thailand, ACFV03P04_18Cow, Bali, ACFV03P04_19Cow, ACFV03P05_01Cow, ACFV03P05_02Cow, ACFV03P05_03Cow, ACFV03P05_04Cow, ACFV03P05_05Cow, ACFV03P05_06Cow, ACFV03P05_07Cow, ACFV03P05_08goats, ACFV03P05_09sheep, ACFV03P05_10sheep, ACFV03P05_11sheep, International Harvester Truck, 1950's, ACFV03P05_12sheep, Livestock Market, Al Khobar, Saudia Arabia, ACFV03P05_13sheep, Addis Ababa, Ehtiopia, ACFV03P05_14sheep, Addis Ababa, Ehtiopia, ACFV03P05_15Cow skull, horns, Lafibela, Ehtiopia, ACFV03P05_16.1710Cow, Soof Omar, Ehtiopia, ACFV03P05_17Building, unique, home, house, grass roof, goat, Sheikh Hussein, Ehtiopia, ACFV03P05_18Tilling the Soil, Al Hajjara, Yemen, ACFV03P05_19cow, PPQ, ACFV03P06_01Cow, Bavaria, Germany, ACFV03P06_02.1710Cow, Bavaria, Germany, ACFV03P06_03Cow, Bavaria, Germany, ACFV03P06_04.1710Cow, Bavaria, Germany, ACFV03P06_05Cow, Bavaria, Germany, Neuwanschtein, Castle, ACFV03P06_06Cow, Bavaria, Germany, Neuwanschtein, Castle, ACFV03P06_07.1710Cow, Cattle, Beach, Ocean, Waves, Nicaragua, ACFV03P06_08Cow, Cattle, Nicaragua, ACFV03P06_09Baby Goat, bottle feeding, 1970's, ACFV03P06_10Baby Goat, bottle feeding, Girl, Windy, 1970's, ACFV03P06_11sleeping, tired, laying, pen, Pig, ACFV03P06_12pig, ACFV03P06_13pig, piglets, ACFV03P06_14Goat, Sudan, ACFV03P06_16?Goat, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, ACFV03P06_17Goat, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, ACFV03P06_18Steer Skull, ACFV03P06_19sheep, horn, wool, ACFV03P07_01cows, Mendocino County, California, Beef Cows, ACFV03P07_02cows, Livermore, California, Hills, Hillside, Beef Cows, ACFV03P07_03cows, Livermore, California, Hills, Hillside, Beef Cows, ACFV03P07_04cows, Livermore, California, Hills, Hillside, Beef Cows, ACFV03P07_05cows, Livermore, California, Hills, Hillside, Beef Cows, ACFV03P07_06goat, Arusha, Tanzania, Africa, ACFV03P07_07calf, cow, Arusha, Tanzania, Africa, ACFV03P07_08goat, Arusha, Tanzania, Africa, ACFV03P07_09goat, Great Rift Valley, Tanzania, Africa, ACFV03P07_10cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P07_11cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P07_12cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P07_13cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P07_14cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P07_15cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P07_16cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P07_17cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P07_18cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P07_19cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_01cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_02cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_03cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_04cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_05cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_06cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_07cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_08cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_09cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_10cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_11cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_12cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_13cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_14cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_15cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_16cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_17cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_18cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P08_19cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P09_01cow, near Petaluma, California, ACFV03P09_02Cow, Sonoma County, ACFV03P09_03Cows, Sonoma County, Beef Cows, ACFV03P09_04Cow, Sonoma County, Hills, Hillside, ACFV03P09_05Cow, Sonoma County, Hills, Hillside, ACFV03P09_06Cow, Sonoma County, Hills, Hillside, ACFV03P09_07Cow, Sonoma County, Hills, Hillside, ACFV03P09_08Cow, Sonoma County, Hills, Hillside, ACFV03P09_09Cow, Sonoma County, Hills, Hillside, ACFV03P09_10Cow, Sonoma County, ACFV03P09_11Forli Italy, ACFV03P09_12Goats, Kenya, ACFV03P09_13Kaduna, Nigeria, ACFV03P09_14Cow, Skulls, ACFV03P09_15Cow, Skulls, ACFV03P09_16Cow, Skulls, ACFV03P09_17Cow, Skulls, ACFV03P09_18Cow, Skulls, ACFV03P09_19Cow, Skulls, ACFV03P10_01Cow, Skulls, ACFV03P10_02Cow, Skulls, ACFV03P10_03Cow, Skulls, ACFV03P10_04Cow, Skulls, ACFV03P10_05Cow, Skulls, ACFV03P10_06Dirt Road and Cows, Beef Cows, unpaved, ACFV03P10_07Cow Drinking Water, ACFV03P10_08Cow on a Dirt Road, unpaved, ACFV03P10_09Goat, ACFV03P10_10Cows, Marin County, California, USA, ACFV03P10_11Cow, Cows, Marin County, California, USA, ACFV03P10_12Cow, Cows, Marin County, California, USA, ACFV03P10_13Cow, Cows, Marin County, California, USA, ACFV03P10_14Cow, Cows, Marin County, California, USA, ACFV03P10_15Goat, Cows, Marin County, California, USA, ACFV03P10_16Goat, Cows, Marin County, California, USA, ACFV03P10_17Goat, Cows, Marin County, California, USA, ACFV03P10_18Abbots Lagoon, Goat, Cows, Marin County, California, USA, ACFV03P10_19Marin County, California, USA, ACFV03P11_01Marin County, California, USA, ACFV03P11_02Sheep, Cairo, ACFV03P11_03Sheep, Cairo, ACFV03P11_04Sheep, Cairo, ACFV03P11_05Sheep, Cairo, ACFV03P11_06Cows on a Hill, Livermore, California, ACFV03P11_07Skulls embedded in mud wall, Dogon, Mali, ACFV03P11_08Sheep, Marin County, ACFV03P11_09calf, Marin County, ACFV03P11_10calf, Marin County, ACFV03P11_11pig eating mush, Marin County, ACFV03P11_17pigs eating, Marin County, ACFV03P11_18Cow, Marin County, ACFV03P11_19Mountains, cows, fog, road, Nepal, ACFV03P12_01Cows, India, Horns, lake, road, , ACFV03P12_02Cows, Beef Cows, Breganz, Austria, ACFV03P12_03Cows, Nicasio, Marin County, California, ACFV03P12_04Cows, Menorca, Spain, ACFV03P12_05Cows, Barn, Klamath Falls, Oregon, ACFV03P12_06Cows, Barn, Klamath Falls, Oregon, Beef Cows, ACFV03P12_07Sheep, Grass, Carmel, California, ACFV03P12_08Piglets suckling mother Sow, makin bacon, Pig, ACFV03P12_09Longhorn, ACFV03P12_10Sheep, mountains, eastern Sierra-Nevada Mountains, 1960's, ACFV03P12_11
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