Wood burning stove, Building, Bodie Ghost Town, CNCV07P13_08Girl, Mother, Kitchen, Cooking, Stove, FDNV01P01_18Stove, woman cooking, frying pan, knives, pancakes, breakfast, 1980s, FDNV01P04_05Baked Potatoes, stove, hot, frying pan, range, FDNV01P06_13wood stove, FDNV01P12_02.0838wood stove, FDNV01P12_05.0838Woman Baking a Cake, Birthday, Stove, Utensils, Kitchen, Cupcakes, June 1973, 1970s, FDNV02P06_15Woman Cooking in the Kitchen, Meat, Gas Stove, frying pan, egg beater, May 1960, 1960s, FDNV02P07_02Woman Cooking in the Kitchen, Meat, Gas Stove, electric frying pan, May 1960, 1960s, FDNV02P07_02BStove burner burning natural gas, NWFV01P08_03.0145Stove burner burning natural gas, NWFV01P08_05.2882Stove burner, natural gas, NWFV01P08_07Stove burner, NWFV01P08_07.0145wood stove, PDFV01P10_19stove, PDFV02P02_05gas stove, refrigerator, counters, PDKV01P01_03Kitchen sink, gas stove, refrigerator, counters, window, PDKV01P01_04gas stove, PDKV01P02_01gas stove, PDKV01P02_02Kitchen Table, Stove, Counters, Curtains, 1950s, PDKV01P02_15Kitchenaid Gas Stove island, cabinets, drawers, flower, PDKV01P03_11Kitchenaid Gas Stove island, PDKV01P03_12island stove, gas, flower, PDKV01P03_14stove, refrigerator, 1950s, PDKV01P03_18stove, oven, tile, 1974, PDKV01P04_13Gas Stove, Sink, Trash Can, 1940s, PDKV01P05_03Stove, table, plates, rugs, wooden stove, kerosene lamps, PDKV01P05_08Refrigerator, stove, water heater, counter, oven, PDKV01P05_10stove, kitchen sink, counter, oven, PDKV01P05_11teapot on a heater stove, rug, curtains, PDKV01P05_14teapot on a heater stove, rug, curtains, PDKV01P05_15teapot on a heater stove, rug, curtains, PDKV01P05_16teapot on a heater stove, rug, curtains, PDKV01P05_18table, fruit bowl, canning, stove, PDKV01P06_03Cat, sink, stove, counter, PDKV01P06_10stove, counter, spices, cereal box, banana, water container, PDKV01P06_11Broadmoor Homes, Kitchen Store, Microwave Stove Shopping, interior, inside, indoors, shopper, PDSV04P09_03Wood Burning Stove, Copper, Man, Overcoat, Presents, Decorations, Ornaments, Tree, 1940s, PHCV02P11_02French Fries Cooking, Hot Oil, Frying Pan, Stove, deep-fried, FDNV02P14_01Table, chair, stove, October 1960, 1960s, PDKV01P07_09Playing House, Playhouse, cooking, Kitchen, stove, Apron, Dress, PLGV03P05_04Playing House, Playhouse, cooking, Kitchen, stove, girl, baking, PLGV03P05_05Bread, Baguette, Loaf, Bakery, Bakeries, FRBD01_041Heating Stove, RVHV05P09_17Table, Oven, stove, RVHV05P09_191950s housewife, 1950s, Man, Male, Sleeping, Blanket, Woman, Stove, Slippers, Socks, PDBV01P13_09Man, Male, Sleeping, Blanket, Woman, Stove, Slippers, Socks, PDBV01P13_11Man, Male, Sleeping, Blanket, Woman, Stove, Slippers, Socks, PDBV01P13_12Man, Male, Sleeping, Blanket, Stove, Woman, Slippers, Socks, PDBV01P13_13Man, Male, Sleeping, Blanket, Woman, Stove, Socks, PDBV01P13_14stove, cat, men, sitting, cooking, 2006, PDFV02P06_11Electric Stove, PDKD01_038Electric Stove, Oven, December 1960, PDKV01P08_06Electric Stove, cupboard, Sink, Hamilton Bermuda, PDKV01P08_10Gas Stove, Wood Burning Stove, PDKV01P08_13Electric Stove, frying pan, Kitchen Mittens, Wood Burning Stove, 1960s, PDKV01P08_18Stove, Turkey, making dinner, woman, clock, December 1962, 1960s, PDKV01P08_19Home, House, Ironing board, sewing machine, stove, domestic, washboard, South Park City, Fairplay in Park County, buildings, ghost town, CSOV03P09_12General Store, Cafe, Stove, Winfield, Chaffee County, ghost town, CSOV03P10_03Counters, table, General Store, Cafe, Stove, Winfield, Chaffee County, ghost town, CSOV03P10_04Soda Fountain, drinks, Cafe, Stove, Winfield, Chaffee County, ghost town, CSOV03P10_05Stove, Coffee Maker, Kitchen, December 1964, FRBV09P01_10Wood Burning Stove, PDKV01P09_12Wood Burning Stove, PDKV01P09_13Refrigerator, Door, Cabinets, Stove, May 1969, 1960s, PDKV01P09_14Woman in a Rocking Chair, drinking coffee, Wood Burning Stove, Sink, 1940s, PDKV01P09_16Wood Burning Stove, PDKD01_040Dolls, Cribs, jeep, buildings, homes, houses, bear, stove, Tree, Presents, Gifts, Decorations, Ornaments, 1950s, PHCV04P06_17Vault Door, stove, rock wall, CNCD02_115Woman, Cupboards, Stove, Shirt, Alice Bush, 1953, 1950s, Parkforest Illinois, PORV29P11_15Goldilocks looks at Porridge, Table, Stove, String Puppets, Diorama, 1950s, PCDV02P03_02Woman, cooking, frying pan, steak, meat, table, cottage, stove, bed, motel room, 1950s, FDNV02P15_08Woman, cooking, frying, steak, meat, table, cottage, stove, bed, 1950s, FDNV02P15_09Woman cooking, stove, pot, shorts, range, trash can, 1950s, FDNV03P03_11Stove, handle, Paintography, PDFD01_044Pancakes, stove, FRBD02_071Woman puts meat into the oven, Stove, boy, 1950s, FDNV03P03_14Girl playing being a cook, play oven, stove, cute, cash register, 1950s, PLGV04P02_07Girl with her toy oven and stove, frying pan, 1960s, PLGV04P02_09Hunter, coleman stove, Cowboy Hat, Chevy Car, 1950s, PRGV01P12_15Woman Baking Muffins, Electric Stove, Housewife, Apron, 1950s, PDKV01P10_05Women Preparing Food in the Kitchen, Apron, glasses, 1950s, PDKV01P10_07Woman in The Kitchen, Apron, Electric Stove, oven, refrigerator, Sink, Cabinets, counter, 1950s, PDKV01P10_08Electric Oven, Stove, counters, sink, December 1959, 1950s, PDKV01P10_09Woman in a Kitchen, Stove, Pot, accoutrements, radio, PDKV01P10_14Woman Cooking Lobster Tails, apron, 1950s, FDNV01P04_14Woman and Boy with Baby Girl, Kitchen, Stove, 1950s, PHBV04P02_17Stove, Woman talking on the phone cooking, frying pan, knives, 1980s, FDNV01P04_04Stove, woman cooking, frying pan, knives, pancakes, breakfast, 1980s, FDNV01P04_06Stove, woman cooking, Baked Potatoes, hot, range, 1980s, FDNV01P06_14Cooking a Turkey for Thanksgiving, Stove, FDNV01P12_01Wood Burning Stove, Cozy Nook, FDNV01P12_03Wood Burning Stove, Cozy Nook, FDNV01P12_04Natural Gas Blue Flame, Stove, NWFV01P08_03Natural Gas Blue Flame, Stove, NWFV01P08_04
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