Smiling Girls and her new Bike

Father, Daughter, smiles, helmet, PBTV03P14_03Father, Daughter, smiles, helmet, PBTV03P14_04Smiling girl, helmet, headgear, SBYV03P06_04.2662Smiling girl, helmet, headgear, SBYV03P06_05.2662Smiling girl, helmet, headgear, SBYV03P06_06Smiling girl, helmet, headgear, SBYV03P06_07Bike Fest, Girl, smiles, Sunny, Summer, 1960s, SBYV04P03_15Smiling Girl, New Bicycle, dress, apron, 1950s, PHCV03P10_13Smiling Girl with her Bicycle, 1950s, SBYV04P04_17Teeter-totter, Rocker, Girl, Smiles, 1950s, PLGV03P10_09Girl, Training Wheels, Bicycle, smiles, 1960s, PLPV08P13_19Neighborhood Kids on their Bicycles, Suburbia, Ford Car, Girls, Boy, Smiles, 1950s, SBYV04P06_16Smiling Girls and her new Bike, 1960s, SBYV01P06_08Smiling Girls and her new Bike, 1960s, SBYV01P06_09
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