Road Sign

Times Square, Panorama, Buildings, cityscape, cars, winter, wintertime, CNYV05P08_01BWWall Street, downtown Manhattan, CNYV05P08_18BBWWall Street, one way, downtown Manhattan, CNYV05P09_01BWStaefa Control System, Bishop Ranch Business Park, ICCV03P06_11Office Space for Lease, Bishop Ranch Business Park, ICCV03P06_12Spiral Tunnel, Yoho National Park, NCBV01P05_19Parking Lot, parked cars, stalls, automobile, sedan, VARV03P12_10Bus Stop, Tizab, Algeria, VBSV04P08_14CAGV01P06_13Welcome to South Pattaya, Arch, Flags, Bangkok, Cars, automobile, vehicles, CAHV01P15_17Danzig road sign, Gdansk, CEQV01P03_17Map Billboard, CJEV03P11_03Indiana Border Sign, CLNV01P11_05Columbus, CLNV01P11_06Columbus, Indiana City Sign, CLNV01P11_07Welcome to Columbus, Breeden, Columbus, CLNV01P11_08Columbus, CLNV01P11_09The People of Indiana Welcome You Signage, Stateline, CLNV01P11_11Welcome to Vincennes, Home of the Alices, Boys State Basketball Champions, Vincennes, CLNV01P11_12State Bank of Indiana, Vincennes, CLNV01P11_13Ellis Mansion, Vincennes, CLNV01P11_15Crawfordsville Town Signage, CLNV01P12_18Elvis Presley Birthplace, Tupelo, famous landmark, CMSV01P10_15Monarch Pass, signage, trees, continental divide, 1963, 1960s, CSOV03P12_07Reno Arch, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Sign, Downtown, street, road, 1950s, CSNV06P07_09Golden Spike, Casino, Motel, Cars, vehicles, Automobile, 1985, 1980s, CSNV06P10_13Las Vegas Welcome Sign, Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada, Welcome Las Vegas, Sign, Signage, July 1964, 1960s, CSNV06P10_17Lago Refinery, Aruba, IPOV04P06_11Fishermen's Fiesta, San Pedro, 1964, 1960s, PFPV07P12_11San Pedro High School Pirates, Fishermen's Fiesta, San Pedro, 1967, 1960s, PFPV07P12_13Ingonish Camp Ground, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia, Canada, July 1966, RVCV02P06_14Kleins Camp, Africa, RVHD01_006Villa Del Sol, Hotel Condominiums, Corpus Cristi, Texas, RVHV05P14_10Villa Del Sol, Hotel Condominiums, Corpus Cristi, Texas, RVHV05P14_11Porsche-Audi, VCDV01P03_11Mercury Lincoln, Ford, VCDV01P03_12Turner Buick Opel, VCDV01P03_13Val Stough's Honda Mazda, Building, VCDV01P03_14Bridges Pontiac Car Dealership, VCDV01P03_15Toyota, VCDV01P03_16Alfa-Romeo, Milano, Snake, VCDV01P03_17Toyota Parts, VCDV01P03_18Val Strough Chevrolet, VCDV01P04_01Chrysler Plymouth, VCDV01P04_02Dodge, VCDV01P04_03Motorcycle Tire Dealership, VCDV01P06_11Freeway, Highway, Interstate, Tupelo, Mississippi, VCRV20P12_17Freeway, Highway, Interstate, Tupelo, Mississippi, VCRV20P12_18Alcan, Dawson Creek, Mile 0, Alaska Highway, Van, Highway, July 1971, 1970s, VCRV20P13_19AB Jenkins, Bonneville Salt Flats, 1940s, VFRV03P03_03AB Jenkins, Bonneville Salt Flats, 1940s, VFRV03P03_03BCamino Mexico-Morelia, Guadalajara, Airstream Trailers, Aluminum, Rally, Club, April 1965, 1960s, VLRV01P13_19Train Station, Depot, building, crossing gate, tracks, River Edge, New Jersey, Caution, warning, VRPV06P10_05Southern Pacific Daylight, Cascade, Railroad Crossing Gate, Railcar, Caution, warning, VRPV06P11_08IDF, Gate, Fence, Guard House, Hebrew, CAZV03P13_01Lido, Dead Sea, Sign, Lowest spot in the world, Hebrew, CAZV03P13_09Signage to the Dead Sea, Jericho, Arrows, Hebrew, CAZV03P13_11Top of MacKenzie Mountain, Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, CCEV01P03_07Autobahn, Mannheim, CEGV07P15_09Altdorf, Lugano, Gotthard, Erstfeld, Switzerland, CESV03P13_17The Art Institute of Chicago, building, Route 66 sign, May 7 1961, 1960s, CLCV11P10_16Custer Monument, statue, Custers Last Stand, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, CLOV02P07_16car, automobile, vehicle, Cars, vehicles, Des Moines, 1955, 1950s, CMIV01P06_04Fort Saint Frederic, CNZV02P03_15Saint Bonaventure University, private Franciscan University, Allegany, CNZV02P05_07Site of Mission Santa Cruz, January 1957, 1950s, CNCV09P09_13Alaska Highway Mile Marker, Mile 1523, CNAV03P02_08Jackson New Hampshire, covered bridge, COEV03P05_11Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site, September 1958, 1950s, COEV03P07_07Car, stop sign, Riverbend, Lee County, COFV05P06_14Castillo de San Marcos, April 1971, COFV05P06_17Main Street, Street Sign, Clayton Georgia, May 1965, 1960s, COGV02P11_10Four Corners road sign, signage, Historic Marker, CSMV03P04_01Hap's Steaks & Seafood, Martini Glass, Maraschino Cherry, Horse Head, FRBV07P10_14Al the Wops, Acme Beer, Locke, California, FRBV07P11_02Martini Glass, Pat's, Where Friends Meet, Maraschino Cherry, FRBV07P11_03Restaurant Sign, FRBV07P11_14Flint's Bar-B-Q, FRBV07P11_18Neon Sign, night, light, FRBV07P11_19Neon Sign, night, light, FRBV07P12_01Neon Sign, night, light, Baker, FRBV07P12_02Neon Sign, night, Budweiser Cable Car, Bud Light, FRBV07P12_03Neon Sign, night, light, Maraschino Cherry, Martini Glass, Philosphers Club, FRBV07P12_04Mission Bay Project, Road Closed Ahead, Detour, 2008, ICSD01_083Mission Bay Project, Road Closed Ahead, Detour, 2008, ICSD01_084Takakkaw Falls, Yoho National Park, 1950s, NCAV01P01_09Paradise Valley, 1950s, NCAV01P01_13Portage Glacier, lake, water, NNAV05P03_02The Superstition Mountains, NSAV04P10_07Power House, Hoover Dam, Colorado River, TPHV02P11_14Canadian National Railway, Mainland Ferry, Ferry, Ferryboat, TSPV05P15_16dead STOP sign, VCAV01P13_05Cdim o gwbl, At any time, VCRV07P06_05Fruit Quarantine by California, VCRV10P07_03BTunnel Ahead, VCRV20P14_12Mannheim, Autobahn, VCRV20P14_16Autobahn, VCRV20P14_17Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Heidelberg, Autobahn, VCRV20P14_18Schaffhausen, Germany, VCRV20P15_03Ausfahrt, Exit, Arrow, Caution, warning, VCRV20P15_04Offenburg, Baden-WĊ¸rttemberg, Germany, Autobahn, Caution, warning, VCRV20P15_05Mount Mansfield Auto Road, Mount Mansfield Auto Toll Road, Stowe, Vermont, USA, Fall Colors, Autumn, Deciduous Trees, Woodland, Lawn, STOP sign, October 1978, 1970s, VCRV20P15_07Avenue Champs-Elysees, Signage, Street, Pole, May 1978, 1970s, CEFV09P09_12May 1978, CEFV09P09_16Hollywood Guinness World of Records Museum, neon sign, art deco, Hollywood Movie Theater building, marquee, neon light, cars, marquee, CLAD01_174Fisherman's Wharf Crab, CSFD07_046FAVD01_184Deep Fried Twinkies & Banana, deep-fried, 1950s, FPRV02P08_03Northwest Territories, 60th Parallel, Polar Bear, Sign, NCNV01P01_01NMTV01P06_01Sanford Dam, Canadian River Project, CRMWA, Rolled earthfill dam, TPHV02P10_05Dead Directional Sign, Ford, Car, Sedan, Intersection of Bloomfield Road, Sonoma County, VCAD01_052dead STOP sign, VCAV01P13_06Texaco Signage, VCPV01P06_01Gericke Road, Sign, Marin County, VCRD02_182US Highway 101, San Rafael, Marin County, VCRD02_251US Highway 101, San Rafael, Marin County, VCRD02_252US Highway 101, San Rafael, Marin County, VCRD02_253STOP Sign, Nighttime, VCRD02_279Interstate Highway I-5, freeway, VCRD02_290Interstate Highway I-5, freeway, VCRD02_291Interstate Highway I-5, freeway, VCRD02_292Interstate Highway I-5, Highway-99, Split, VCRD03_017Interstate Highway I-5, Highway-99, Split, Car, 2010's, VCRD03_018Interstate Highway I-5, Highway-99, Split, VCRD03_019Split of Highway I-5, Highway-99, Interstate Highway I-5, Split, VCRD03_020Scott Creek, Santa Cruz County, California, No Fishing From Bridge, VCRD03_034road, Pacific Ocean, VCRD03_044Curve, Road Markers, VCRD03_046Curve, Road Markers, VCRD03_047Pacific Coast Highway-1, PCH, Sonoma County and Marin County, California, VCRD03_054Pacific Coast Highway-1, PCH, Sonoma County and Marin County, California, VCRD03_055Girl, Sign, Road, Highway, Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel, Springdale, Utah, 1960s, VCRV21P01_13Girl, Sign, Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel, Springdale, Utah, 1960s, VCRV21P01_13BAeroport Charles De Gaulle, road, roadway, January 1986, VCRV21P02_06Corcoran, City, Town, CNCD02_187Corcoran, City, Town, CNCD02_188Corcoran, City, Town, CNCD02_189Town of, Mendota, CNCD02_198Town of, Mendota, CNCD02_199Stanislaus County, CNCD02_235Signage, Patterson, Stanislaus County, CNCD02_241Sign, Patterson, Stanislaus County, CNCD02_242Sign, Patterson, Stanislaus County, CNCD02_243Crows Landing, Stanislaus County, CNCD02_262Merced County Line Marker, CNCD03_017Welcome Sign, Gustine, Merced County, CNCD03_018Welcome Sign, Gustine, Merced County, CNCD03_019Gustine, Merced County, CNCD03_022Welcome Sign, Gustine, Merced County, CNCD03_023Welcome Sign, Gustine, Merced County, CNCD03_024Santa Nella, Merced County, CNCD03_033Salinas, Downtown, CNCD03_068Shafter, Kern County, CSCD01_098Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park, Tulare County, CSCD01_148Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park, Tulare County, CSCD01_149Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park, Tulare County, CSCD01_150Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park, Tulare County, CSCD01_164City of Corcoran, Kern County, signage, CSCD01_165City of Corcoran, Kern County, signage, CSCD01_166City of Corcoran, Kern County, signage, CSCD01_167Hanford, Kings County, CSCD01_235Lemoore, CSCD01_263Painted Desert Inn, Texaco, Cafe, Building, Signs, CSZV01P07_07Owens Lake signage, sign, valley, water, NPSV08P02_15Leadfield, Mountains, Rocks, Valley, NPSV08P03_18Railroad Crossing, Transmission Lines, Caution, warning, TPDD01_076Railroad Crossing, Transmission Lines, Caution, warning, TPDD01_077Highway 101, PCH, Pacific Coast Highway, San Luis Obispo, Car, Automobile, 2010's, VCRD03_090VCRD03_105James Dean Memorial Junction, Highway-46, Highway, Roadway, 466, VCRD03_114Got Sleep Truck, Lakeville Road Petaluma, VCTD01_278Crossing Gate, Highway-43, north of Bakersfield, Caution, warning, Sunset Clouds, VRFD01_072CNCD03_072CNCD03_073CNCD03_074Geyserville Sign, Geyserville, CNCD03_117Highway 395, Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Lone Pine, 1955, 1950s, CSCV02P05_19The Mint, Downtown Las Vegas, Hotel, Casino, building, March 1965, 1960s, CSNV07P03_12Homes, houses, mountains, Junction-66, March 1965, 1960s, CSNV07P03_13Thunderbird, Hotel, casino, building, parking lot, cars, retro, vehicles, March 1965, 1960s, CSNV07P03_14Nighttime, Downtown Las Vegas, Hotel, Casino, building, Neon Signage, night lights, March 1965, 1960s, CSNV07P03_15Nighttime, night lights, Hotel, Casino, building, Neon Signage, March 1965, 1960s, CSNV07P03_16Nighttime, night lights, Hotel, Casino, building, Neon Signage, March 1965, 1960s, CSNV07P03_17Nighttime, night lights, Hotel, Casino, building, Neon Signage, March 1965, 1960s, CSNV07P03_18Las Vegas Welcome Sign, Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada, Welcome Las Vegas, March 1965, 1960s, CSNV07P03_19Flamingo Hotel, Neon Signage, March 1965, 1960s, CSNV07P04_01Sands Hotel, Alan King, Buddy Greco, Nighttime, night lights, Hotel, Casino, building, Neon Signage, March 1965, 1960s, CSNV07P04_02Nighttime, Hotel, Casino, buildings, Neon Signage, night lights, March 1965, 1960s, CSNV07P04_03Sands Hotel, Calloways, Las Vegas Blvd, Wayne Newton at the Sands Sign, September 1976, 1970s, CSNV07P04_05Wayne Newton at the Sands Sign, Hotel, Casino, building, Cars, automobile, vehicles, September 1976, 1970s, CSNV07P04_06Las Vegas Boulevard, signs, street, Flamingo, Hotel, Casinoretro, September 1976, 1970s, CSNV07P04_07Speed Limit 40 MPH, ICSD01_097Road Work Ahead, ICSD01_098Horse Crossing Sign, Caution, warning, SHRV02P03_01Cloverdale Municipal Airport, Sonoma County, California, USA, TAAD02_219Island Airlines, Lake Erie Islands, Ohio, August 1966, 1960s, TAAV15P11_07Solano County Line, Sign, VCRD03_117Welcome to California sign, Cadillac, cabriolet, convertible, August 1968, 1960s, car, VCRV21P03_03United States Post office, Caulfield, VRFV07P03_16
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