Retro Children

Boy, Male, Guy, Tricycle, 1950's, PLGV03P08_18Teeter-totter, 1950's, PLGV03P08_19Swing, 1950's, Backyard, lawn, grass, PLGV03P09_01Swing, 1950's, Backyard, lawn, grass, PLGV03P09_02Tricycle, 1950's, PLGV03P09_03Carriage, Rocking Chair, Doll, Dial Telephone, Cake, 1950's, PLGV03P09_04Carriage, Rocking Chair, Doll, Dial Telephone, Cake, Stroller, 1950's, PLGV03P09_05Slide, 1950's, PLGV03P09_06Swing, 1950's, PLGV03P09_07Jump Rope, Dock, Lake, Pier, Skipping Rope, Girl, 1950's, PLGV03P09_08Rocking Horse, Boy, smiles, fun, 1950's, PLGV03P09_09Building, 1950's, PLGV03P09_10Moose, 1950's, PLGV03P09_11Sand Box, Swing, yard, lawn, backyard, 1950's, PLGV03P09_12Pyramid, stack, Girls, 1950's, PLGV03P09_13Playing Marbles, boys, girls, sidewalk, Bangkok Thailand, October 1962, 1960's, PLGV03P09_14Girl, Boy, Baby, Brother and Sister, Siblings, Sumatra Indonesia, 1950's, PLPV05P03_07Girl, Toddler, Pants, Sweater, Shoes, 1950's, PLPV05P06_13Girl, Easter, formal dress, purse, white gloves, 1950's, PLPV05P07_06Baby Carriage, Bonnet, Backyard, Flowers, 1950's, PLPV05P07_07Boys, Formal Jackets, flowers, autumn, cars, 1950's, PLPV05P07_08Boy, Formal Jacket, flowers, autumn, 1950's, PLPV05P07_091961 Cadillac, Girl, standing, ribbon, tiara, car, formal dress, automobile, 1960's, PLPV05P07_10Girl, Car, Easter Dress, Anklet socks, standing, ribbon, tiara, formal dress, 1960's, PLPV05P07_11Girls, Anklet socks, 1960's, PLPV05P07_12Girl, indoors, formal dress, ribbon, 1950's, PLPV05P07_13Hiram Walker Imperial, Boy, funny, shorts, toy trucks, 1960's, PLPV05P07_14Boy, Dog, Sunflowers, 1960's, PLPV05P07_15Baby Boy, Toddler, 1950's, PLPV05P07_16Baby Girl, Flowers, toddler, 1950's, PLPV05P07_17Girls, Dolls, smiles, smiling, cute, 1950's, PLPV05P07_18Newborn Baby, Girls, Dolls, 1950's, PLPV05P07_19Girls, Sitting, 1950's, PLPV05P08_01Girls, Flowers, dress, hairdo, 1950's, PLPV05P08_02Smiling Girl, hat, beret, skirt, saddle shoes, smiles, cute, shirt, 1950's, PLPV05P08_03Wind, Windy, Girls, 1950's, PLPV05P08_04Girl, 1950's, PLPV05P08_05Beach Ball, Brother, sisters, 1960's, PLPV05P08_06Boy, Balloons, 1950's, PLPV05P08_07Sister, Baby, toddler, smiles, 1960's, PLPV05P08_08Sandals, Girl, Standing, pigtails, long hair, 1960's, PLPV05P08_09Girls, Coats, 1960's, PLPV05P08_10Girls, Coats, smiles, smiling, cute, 1960's, PLPV05P08_11Baby Girl, Face, Toddler, 1960's, PLPV05P08_12Baby, Bonnet, Car Seat, Toddler, 1960's, PLPV05P08_13Baby, Bonnet, Strolee, Stroller, Car Seat, 1960's, Toddler, PLPV05P08_14Baby, Bonnet, Face, 1960's, Toddler, PLPV05P08_15Toddler, Baby, Bonnet, 1960's, PLPV05P08_161960's, big teddy bear, smiles, baby, Toddler, PLPV05P08_171960's, big teddy bear, smiles, baby, Toddler, PLPV05P08_18Girl, Rocking Chair, 1960's, Toddler, PLPV05P08_19The Little Gnomes, Girl in the Backyard, elfs, sprinkling can, mushrooms, fairytale land, 1960's, PLPV05P09_14Toddler, 1950's, PLPV05P10_01Toddler, 1950's, PLPV05P10_02Toddler, 1950's, PLPV05P10_03Toddler, 1950's, PLPV05P10_04Girl in party dress, 1950's, PLPV05P12_13Girl in party dress, 1950's, PLPV05P12_14Girls, Friends, smiles, smiling, cute, Ocean, 1950's, PLPV07P01_15Boys, Girls, Sisters, Brothers, Siblings, 1960's, PLPV07P01_16Baby, Doll, Sitting, Posing, newborn, 1950's, PLPV07P01_17Infant, Toddler, Girl, Cute, Television, 1950's, PLPV07P01_18Infant, Toddler, Girl, Cute, crawling, 1950's, PLPV07P01_19Hoola Hoop, Sister, Brother, Siblings, 1960's, PLPV07P11_15Girls, Sisters, Group, Face, Smiles, Siblings, 1960's, PLPV07P11_16Girl, Smiles, Happy, Face, Braces, Teeth, 1960's, PLPV07P11_17Boy, Beret, PLPV16P05_01Boy, Beret, PLPV16P05_02Girl, Pants, Striped Shirt, Mod Chairs, 1960's, Toddler, PLPV16P05_03Toddler, 1950's, PLPV16P05_04Girl Sitting, Pink Robe, Flowery Cutrains, Holding teacup, 1940's, PLPV16P05_05Standing Girl, dress, 1940's, PLPV16P05_06Girl in Hat, 1940's, PLPV16P05_07Flower Girl, 1940's, PLPV16P05_08Girl, Toddler, Barefeet, Grass, Retro, 1950's, PLPV16P05_09the smiles from the ocean of love, California, 1950's, PLPV16P05_10Old Record Platters, 45's, 45 rpm, formal dress, curtains, books, Decatur Illinois, December 1962, 1960's, PLPV16P05_11Decatur Illinois, Formal, boy, girl, dress, brother, sister, tween, December 1962, 1960's, PLPV16P05_12standing smiling schoolgirl, Decatur Illinois, December 1962, 1960's, PLPV16P05_13Decatur Illinois, December 1962, 1960's, PLPV16P05_14Cowboy, Old, Historic, Historical, Vintage, Old-Time, Old-Fashion, Old-Fashioned, boy, male, guy, smiles, barefeet, barefoot, bare foot, door, doorway, stick, walking stick, cane, Antique, Antiquated, archive, Retro, nostalgic, nostalgia, bare feet, Decat, PLPV16P05_15Girl in costume, 1960's, Decatur Illinois, December 1962, PLPV16P05_16Brother, Sisters, Siblings, Girls, Boy, Television, Decatur Illinois, December 1962, 1960's, PLPV16P05_17Boy, Lederhosen, Vienna, 1963, 1960's, PLPV16P05_18Girl, Jacket, hat, raincoat, flowery bell bottom pants, boots, William Tell Monument, Altdorf, Switzerland, June 1971, 1970's, PLPV16P05_19smiling girl, teeth, collar, bangs, March 1976, 1970's, PLPV16P06_01Backyard Pool, Girls, smiles, smiling, July 1979, 1970's, PLPV16P06_02Smiling Girl, Chicago, October 1962, 1960's, PLPV16P06_03Pensive Girl, Chicago, October 1962, 1960's, PLPV16P06_04Schoolgirl ready for the day, saddle shoes, lunchpail, books, dress, smiles, home, house, Chicago, October 1962, 1960's, PLPV16P06_05Baby, Diapers, Shirtless, Cute, Crawling, Arms, Bed, Sheet, 1960's, Toddler, PLPV16P06_06Baby, Toddler, Car Seat, August 1973, 1970's, PLPV16P06_07Baby Boy, Blue, Crib, Booties, January 1965, 1960's, PLPV16P06_08Baby, Face, onsie, newborn, January 1965, 1960's, PLPV16P06_09Smiling girl, Raggedy Ann, Doll, Andrea and Dolls, 1979, 1970's, PLPV16P06_10girls, friends, sitting, November 1964, 1960's, PLPV16P06_11Girl with a Hat, Face, July 1964, 1960's, PLPV16P06_12Girl Standing, March 1974, 1970's, PLPV16P06_13Girls with Mom, cars, Lima Peru, 1977, 1970's, PLPV16P06_14Pensive girl, Laura, 1950's, PLPV16P06_161950's, PLPV16P06_17boys on a beach, stick, Tuasivi, Savai'i island, Samoa, 1950's, PLPV16P06_18Backyard, Girls, Barefoot, 1930's, 1940's, PLPV16P06_19Backyard Retro Girls, 1940's, PLPV16P07_01Stroller, Girl, Backyard, 1950's, PLPV16P07_02Girl, Octopus, Lale, Gokyigit, July 1971, 1970's, PLPV16P08_03blowing bubbles, Boy, Backyard, 1950's, PMCV03P04_01blowing bubbles, Boy, Backyard, 1950's, PMCV03P04_02blowing bubbles, Boy, Backyard, 1950's, PMCV03P04_05blowing bubbles, Boy, Backyard, 1950's, PMCV03P04_06Toddler Blowing bubbles, Boy, Backyard, 1950's, PMCV03P04_07Blowing Bubbles, Boy with Mother, Backyard, 1950's, PMCV03P04_081970's, PMCV03P08_171970's, PMCV03P08_181970's, PMCV03P08_191970's, PMCV03P09_01Leo Carillo State Beach, Malibu, California, 1970's, PMCV03P09_02Leo Carillo State Beach, Malibu, California, 1970's, PMCV03P09_03Leo Carillo State Beach, Malibu, California, 1970's, PMCV03P09_04Leo Carillo State Beach, Malibu, California, 1970's, PMCV03P09_05Leo Carillo State Beach, Malibu, California, 1970's, PMCV03P09_061970's, PMCV03P09_071970's, PMCV03P09_07B1970's, PMCV03P09_081970's, PMCV03P09_091970's, PMCV03P09_101970's, PMCV03P09_111970's, PMCV03P09_121970's, PMCV03P09_131970's, PMCV03P09_141970's, PMCV03P09_151970's, PMCV03P09_161970's, PMCV03P09_171970's, PMCV03P09_19Yagua Village, August 1980, 1980's, PMCV03P14_03daughters, cateye glasses, formal dress, May 1968, 1960's, PMCV03P14_04Apartments, pool, baby, May 1963, 1960's, PMCV03P14_09Girl and mother, Temple University, purse, ribbon, July 6 1952, 1950's, PMCV03P14_10Mother with Daughter, backyard, 1940's, PMCV03P14_11Mother Bottle Feeding, baby, newborn, bassinet, 1950's, PMCV03P14_12smiling mother and baby November 1960, 1960's, PMCV03P14_13Matching Dress, Cute, Funny, Doting, Proud, Pigtails, Smiles, November 1961, 1960's, PMCV03P14_14Matching Dress, Cute, daughter, costumes, August 1963, 1960's, PMCV03P14_15Infant, Baby, Proud, Swaddled, Pacifier, August 1963, 1960's, PMCV03P14_16Woman, Daughter, Purse, Legs, Cold, Formal, Dress, September 1963, 1960's, PMCV03P14_17Daughter, Sisters, Kitchen, Cute, 1970's, PMCV03P14_18Baby, Bottle, Smiles, Happy, Robe, Chair, Doting, Love, Sitting, Toddler, May 1962, 1960's, PMCV03P14_19Newborn, Infant, Coats, Cold, Smiles, Doting, Loving, Love, Retro, 1940's, PMCV03P15_01Breastfeeding, Baby, Infant, Newborn, Rocking Chair, June 1966, 1960's, PMCV03P15_02Spoon Feeding, Infant, Toddler, June 1966, 1960's, PMCV03P15_03Mom, Grandmother, Newborn, Infant, Swaddeled, Arms, Smiles, Pride, Couch, Doting, June 1966, 1960's, PMCV03P15_04Newborn, Baby, Infant, Smiles, Boy, Bed, Hospital, Swaddled, June 1966, 1960's, PMCV03P15_05Baby, Newborn, Infant, Bed, Tender, Proud, Love, Loving, August 1966, 1960's, PMCV03P15_06Sleeping Child, Tired, Park Bench, Sitting, July 1989, 1980's, PMCV03P15_07Baby, Infant, Toddler, Diaper, Legs, Smiles, Couch, Lamp, Knees, Books, October 1960, 1960's, PMCV03P15_08Baby, Toddler, Swaddled, Jeans, Doting, Love, Pride, Infant, 1960's, PMCV03P15_09Mother, Father, Daughter, Retro, 1960's, PORV11P12_06Mother, Father, Daughter, Retro, 1960's, PORV11P12_07Mother, Father, Daughter, Retro, 1960's, PORV11P12_08Duaghter, Mother, 1950's, PORV17P12_19Family, Mother, Father, Dad, Mom, July 1958, 1950's, PORV25P06_07Mother with daughter and son, boy, girl, garden, bench, flowers, 1950's, PORV25P12_02Family, Mother, Father, Dad, Mom, 1950's, PORV25P14_16Group Portrait, grandma, smiles, girl, 1950's, PORV26P09_09cars, automobiles, vehicles, Oldsmobile, 1986, 1980's, PORV26P10_10Mother, Daughters, shorts, home, house, 1950's, PORV26P10_11Mother, Children, sons, daughter, 1950's, PORV26P11_09Group Portrait, formal dress, smiles, 1950's, PORV26P11_13Little League Baseball, February 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P07_18Boys, Retro, Little League Baseball, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_01Boys, Retro, Little League Baseball, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_02Boys, Retro, Umpire, Little League Baseball, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_03Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_04Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_05Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_06Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_07Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_08Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_09Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_10Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_11Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_12Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_13Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_14Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_15Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_16Bleachers, Little League Baseball, Boys, Retro, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_17Little League Baseball, Boys and Girls Christian League, Boys, Retro, 5150 Farna, Arcadia California, March 1958, 1950's, SBBV03P08_18Girl With Giant Snowball, Cute, Dress, Forest, 1950's, SKFV01P05_04Boys Sledding at Home, Car, Houses, Winter, 1950's, SKFV01P05_06Boys Sledding at Home, Car, Houses, Winter, 1950's, SKFV01P05_07Children on a sled, girl, boy, dad, 1970's, SKFV01P05_08Girl on a Sled, Slope, Coat, shadow, 1950's, SKFV01P05_11Kayak, Kayaking, Suntan, Sunburn, Floating, 1960's, SRKV02P03_05Girls, Pail, Beach, 1969, 1960's, SWFV01P12_19Woman, Girl, Beach, Water, Pail, 1969, 1960's, SWFV01P13_01Beach, Wading, Woman, Girl, Water, Pail, 1969, 1960's, SWFV01P13_02Backyard Swimming Pool, Airmattress, Floating, 1965, 1960's, SWFV01P13_04Backyard, Water Slide, 1977, 1970's, SWFV01P13_07Backyard, Water Slide, 1977, 1970's, SWFV01P13_08Backyard, Water Slide, 1977, 1970's, SWFV01P13_09
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