Retro Children

Boy, Presents, Service Station, Mom, Pajamas, Robe, 1950's, PHCV04P12_02Boy, Presents, Toy Crane, 1950's, PHCV04P12_03Father and Son, Knock Down Taraget Game, 1950's, PHCV04P12_04Tree, Mom, Son, Television, Presents, 1950's, PHCV04P12_08Mom and Son, Tinkertoy Present, 1950's, PHCV04P12_10Boys, Girls, Father, Grandfather, Grandmother, Santa Claus, 1950's, PHCV04P13_02Boy with Many Presents, toys, fireplace, 1950's, PHCV04P13_04Boy, Playhouse, Barn, Tractor, 1950's, PHCV04P13_05Brothers, Sister, Siblings, new record player, 1950's, PHCV04P13_06Boys, bowtie, vest, glasses, 1950's, PHCV04P13_08Boys with Santa Claus, 1950's, PHCV04P13_091950's, PHCV04P14_01Boy, Pajama, Paper Bag, board game, 1950's, PHCV04P14_04Boys, Presents, 1950's, PHCV04P14_05Santa Claus, 1950's, PHCV04P14_07Santa Claus, 1950's, PHCV04P14_08Santa Claus, 1950's, PHCV04P14_09Santa Claus, Boy, Lamp Shade, 1950's, PHCV04P14_10Boy with all his Presents, gifts, Tinkertoy, Truck, 1950's, PHCV04P14_11Mother, Son, Frosted Tree, 1950's, PHCV04P14_13Boys, Television, 1950's, PHCV04P14_14Family Portrait, happy boys, smiles, Frosted Trees, 1950's, PHCV04P14_15Boys with their Christmas model train set, basement, 1950's, PHCV04P14_16Boys, Tree, smiles, Television, Lamp Shade, 1950's, PHCV04P15_01Boy, Tree, smiles, Frosted Tree, 1950's, PHCV04P15_02Boy, Tree, smiles, 1950's, PHCV04P15_03Mother and Son, Tree, Chair, 1950's, PHCV04P15_04Father and Son, Cards, 1950's, PHCV04P15_05Santa Claus with a bunch of boys, mirror, wreath, 1950's, PHCV04P15_10Mother and Daughter unwrapping presents, 1950's, PHCV04P15_11Father with Daughter, 1950's, PHCV04P15_12Cowboy and His Choo-Choo Train, Stage Coach, Gun, Hat, 1950's, PHCV04P15_17Boy, Toy Train, gun, hat, shirt, cute, 1950's, PHCV04P15_19Girl, formal dress, car, cute, 1950's, PLPV15P06_07Girl, formal dress, 1950's, PLPV15P06_08Smiling Boys and Girls, Easter Egg Hunt, 1950's, PLPV15P06_09Girl sitting on the Lawn, 1950's, PLPV15P06_10Boy and his Bicycle, 1950's, PLPV15P06_11Child Adoring her Navy Father on duty in the Pacific, WW2, 1940's, PLPV15P06_121958 Pontiac Strato Chief, Car, Boy, Girl, Smiles, 1950's, VCRV22P09_08Ford Station Wagon, car, Boys, 1950's, VCRV22P10_01Ford Station Wagon, car, Boys, 1950's, VCRV22P10_021952 Ford Ranch Wagon, boy, garage, driveway, 1950's, VCRV22P11_131961 Plymouth Valiant, car, girl, 1960's, VCRV22P12_031956 Plymouth Belvedere, car, 1950's, VCRV22P12_101956 Plymouth Belvedere, 1950's, VCRV22P12_111959 Ford Galaxie Skyliner, Retractable Hardtop, whitewall tires, 1950's, VCRV22P12_131959 Ford Galaxie Skyliner, Retractable Hardtop, whitewall tires, 1950's, VCRV22P12_141956 Ford Ranch Wagon, 2-door, 3-door, 1950's, VCRV22P13_101949 Chevy Fleetline, Boy, suburbia, car, 1950's, VCRV22P14_11Kids in a Classroom with costumes, Classroom, desk, 1960's, KEDV04P06_09Girl at table, sweater, Akron Ohio, 1950's, KEDV05P09_10Graduation Ceremony, choir, 1950's, KEDV05P10_01Boy and his Father, Decorated Tree, pajamas, lamp, 1950's, PHCV04P14_12Girl Playing with Toy Truck, bonnet, 1954, 1950's, PLGV04P02_16Boys, Girl, Formal Dress, suspenders, dress, suit and tie, 1950's, PLPV09P13_01Sister and Brother, siblings, tinkertoy, television, 1950's, PLPV09P13_04Girls, 1950's, PLPV09P13_05Girl and Huge Crane, smiles, 1950's, PLPV17P09_19Girls in Bathing Suits, suburbia, Chevrolet Impala, House, 1950's, PLPV17P10_18Girl on a tiny rowboat, paddle, beach, sand, Lake Tahoe, 1960's, RVLV10P04_12Girl on a tiny rowboat, paddle, beach, sand, Lake Tahoe, 1960's, RVLV10P04_13Girls, Lake Tahoe, 1960's, RVLV10P04_14Brother and Sister, Boy, Girl, swimsuit, backyard, 1950's, RVLV10P05_12Smiling Girl and Boy, wet, air mattress, Swimsuit, 1960's, RVLV10P06_01Girl on the Beach, Sand, 1960's, RVLV10P06_02Dad with Daughter and Son, beach, sand, starting a fire, 1960's, RVLV10P06_09Maother with Daughter, Beach, sand, parasol, swimsuit, bathing suit, 1950's, RVLV10P06_10Mother with her Baby Girl, smiles, cute, adorable, 1950's, PMCV04P02_12Cute Adorable Baby Girl, laughing, 1950's, PMCV04P02_12BJet Flow Drive, Children's Pedal Car, 1950's, DAFD08_201Girl Playing House with her Barbie Doll, pajama, December 25 1964, PLGV04P02_17Cute Adorable Girl, Shirley Temple look alike, 1950's, PLPV09P04_04BTwo Girls, friends, dishes, 1950's, PLPV11P14_02Two Girls with their doll friend, dishes, 1950's, PLPV11P14_03Little Girl in a Stroller, backyard, 1950's, PLPV11P14_04Two Girls, friends, sofa, curtain, drapes, 1950's, PLPV11P14_05Little Girl with a purse, backyard, coat, cold, 1950's, PLPV11P14_08Girl in the Snow, winter, ice, cold, coat, 1950's, PLPV11P14_161950's, Girl in the Snow, winter, ice, cold, coat, PLPV11P14_18Girl with her Teddy Bear, hug, love, 1950's, PLPV11P14_19Vicky looks over Moms Shoulder, Sewing Machine, Hug, adorable, 1950's, PLPV15P06_13Vicky Learning to Sew, adorable, 1950's, PLPV15P06_14Vicky Smile, Television, 1950's, PLPV15P06_15Vicky being funny, television, Floral Carpet, 1950's, PLPV15P06_16Vicky learns to Iron, chores, 1950's, PLPV15P06_17Vicky and Mom Ironing, 1950's, PLPV15P06_18Vicky on Dads Scooter, 1950's, PLPV15P06_19Vicky on Dads Scooter, Father, Daughter, 1950's, PLPV15P07_01Vicky watching Television, 1950's, PLPV15P07_02Vicky watching Television, 1950's, PLPV15P07_03Vicky watching Television, 1950's, PLPV15P07_04Vicky, Television, 1950's, PLPV15P07_05Vicky Holds Grandpas hand, pajama, Television, 1950's, PLPV15P07_06Vicky, Television, 1950's, PLPV15P07_07Vicky with her Cat, Pillow, Blanket, cute, adorable, 1950's, PLPV15P07_08Vicky with her Cat Watching Television, Pillow, Blanket, cute, adorable, 1950's, PLPV15P07_09Vicky brushes her Cat, cute, adorable, pajama, 1950's, PLPV15P07_10Vicky, Cat Drinks from the Sink, 1950's, PLPV15P07_11Vicky and her Duck George, 1950's, PLPV15P07_12Vicky shows off her new dress, 1950's, PLPV15P07_13Vicky shows off her new dress, 1950's, PLPV15P07_14Vicky and her Duck George, 1950's, PLPV15P07_15Vicky and her Duck George, typing, typewriter, 1950's, PLPV15P07_16Vicky and her Duck George, swimming in the tub, cute, funny, 1950's, PLPV15P07_17Vicky and her Duck George, 1950's, PLPV15P07_18Vicky and her Duck George, 1950's, PLPV15P07_19Cute tiny Baby, newborn, 1950's, PLPV15P08_01Cute tiny Baby, newborn, 1950's, PLPV15P08_02Baby in a Stroller, girl, dress, 1950's, PLPV15P08_03Mother and Daughter Reading, book, 1940's, PMCV04P02_14Bottle feeding, Mother, Daughter, 1950's, PMCV04P02_15Baby Smiles, daughter, 1950's, PMCV04P02_16Mother and Sono, Dog, Backyard, house, 1950's, PMCV04P02_171950's, PMCV04P02_181950's, PMCV04P02_191950's, PMCV04P03_03Miss Buckey powerboat, Woman, Daughter, Girl, 1950's, PMCV04P03_04Mother and her Sons, boys, Terminal Building, boarding, April 1965, 1960's, TAAV16P01_19Boy as Train Engineer, girls, brother, sister, Miniature Train, April 1962, 1960's, VRPV08P12_17Mother and Daughter washing dishes, girl, woman, glasses, 1940's, PDKV01P10_06Easter Girl, Backyard, flower tree, 1950's, PHEV01P08_15Boys, Brothers, siblings, October 1966, 1960's, PLGV04P02_18Toddler, tricycle, PLGV04P02_19Boy Sliding, mother, coat, 1950's, PLGV04P03_01Girls, Boy, Television, funny, 1960's, PLGV04P03_02Girl, Sand Box, Wheelbarrow, June 1959, 1950's, PLGV04P03_04Girl on a Tricycle, 1950's, PLGV04P03_12Girl on a Tricycle, 1950's, PLGV04P03_13Girl on a Tricycle, 1950's, PLGV04P03_14Dancing Kids, Sister, Brother, siblings, girl, boy, 1950's, PLPV09P13_14Toddler Boys sitting, table, chairs, cute, funny, 1950's, PLPV09P13_15Boy Shows off School Work, car, 1970's, PLPV15P10_02Boy, toddler, cage, 1950's, PLPV15P10_04Boy, toddler, cage, 1950's, PLPV15P10_05Smiling Toddler learning to walk, 1950's, PLPV15P10_06Girl and a record player television, cute, feet, 1960's, PLPV15P10_10Boys, Brothers, trees, 1950's, PLPV15P10_13Baby Girl, Jack-in-the-box, cute, funny, smiles, toddler, 1950's, PLPV15P10_14Baby Boy, cute, funny, smiles, toddler, 1950's, PLPV15P10_15Girl Drinking Water from a Hose, cute, funny, 1940's, PLPV15P10_17Sitting Boy, 1970's, PLPV15P10_18Baby laying down, toys, cute, blanket, Baby in a Onesie, 1960's, PLPV15P10_19Baby in a Onesie, infant, toddler, 1950's, PLPV15P11_01Baby in a Onesie, toys, playthings, infant, 1950's, PLPV15P11_02Baby in a Onesie, Toddler, cute, funny, infant, 1950's, PLPV15P11_03Toddler in a Crib, playpen, 1950's, PLPV15P11_17Baby Girl, Pink Onesie, infant, 1960's, PLPV15P12_03Little Girl in the Garden, thongs, dress, 1950's, PLPV15P12_10Two Girls, home, house, smiles, 1960's, PLPV15P12_11Baby Boy in a Crib Bed, smiles, cute, 1960's, PLPV15P12_12Mother with Daughter and Son, 1959 Ford Galaxy, 1950's, VCRV23P02_11Girl with her Birthday Cake, 2-Door, 1960's, VCRV23P03_15Family, Convertible Car, Woman, Man, Children, 2-door, 1940's, VCRV23P03_181954 Plymouth Savoy, girls, sisters, Winter Cold, boots, coats, December 1959, 1950's, VCRV23P03_19Woman, Man, Baby, cute, 1960's, RVLV10P09_06Girl Pops her Head through the Sun Roof, Highway, road, September 1979, 1970's, VCRV23P05_07Boy Eating an Apple with a Collie, 1950's, ADSV04P07_18Little girl with Puppy, smiles, laughing, cute, wagging tail, 1950's, ADSV04P08_01Two girls with a Puppy, 1950's, ADSV04P08_07Mother with a Crying Baby, toddler, backyard, 1960's, PMCV04P03_05Mother with Baby, sofa, 1940's, PMCV04P03_06Mother Daughter Love, pensive, 1970's, PMCV04P03_08Mother soothing daughter, 1960's, PMCV04P03_12Father with Daughter, Oldsmobile Car, Suburbia, Homes, 1950's, PORV30P01_03Indian Chief, girl, boy, Trading Post, Warbonnet, 1960's, PORV30P04_17Father with Daughters and son, dog, 1950's, PORV30P04_18African American Family Portrait in front of a car, smiles, purse, girls, 1950's, PORV30P06_05Campground, summer camp, children, boys, girls, cars, 1960's, PORV30P07_11Group Family Portrait, formal dress, hats, smiles, 1950's, PORV30P08_07Group Family Portrait, formal dress, hats, smiles, 1950's, PORV30P08_08Family on the start of a trip, smiles, cars, 1950's, PORV30P08_09Man with the neighborhood kids, boys, telephone truck, serviceman, t-shirt, 1950's, PORV30P08_10Women sitting on a Evinrude Snowmobile, 1950's, PORV30P08_11Mother with Daughter, doll, hat, formal dress, 1950's, PORV30P08_13Family Group, tricycle, collie dog, men, women, 1960's, PORV30P09_11Father and Son shaking hands, 1960's, PORV30P09_15Girls, boys, Mother, group, formal, dress, suit and tie, hat, 1960's, PORV30P10_06Girls, boys, Mother, group, formal, dress, suit and tie, hat, 1960's, PORV30P10_07Father with Daughter, girl, man, lampshade, artdeco, 1950's, PORV30P10_08Smoking Father with Daughter, 1950's, PORV30P13_03Boy, 1951 Cadillac Series 62, Dagmar Bumps, 1950's, VCRV23P05_10Girls, matching outfit, pants, shirt, legs, Plymouth Station Wagon, 1950's, VCRV23P07_02Girls doing their Hair, cut, funny, mirror, 1950's, PFBV02P03_11Motorcycles, Trucks, Cars, kiddie ride, 1950's, PFFV06P08_01Little Girl Driving a Car, Cadillac, 1950's, PFTV04P05_05Giant Easter Bunny Egg House, girl, boy, 1950's, PFTV04P05_06Girl Celebrating being Nine Years Old, blowing out candles, cake, tiara, 1950's, PHBV03P13_19Happy Birthday Skip, Ten Years Old, Donald Duck Cap, smiles, boy, Cake, 1950's, PHBV03P14_02Mother, Baby, Presents, 1950's, PHCV05P02_17Girl, smiles, 1950's, PHCV05P02_18Cute Girl, dress, shoes, stockings, 1950's, PHCV05P03_02Girl talking with Santa Claus, pajama, suit, 1950's, PHCV05P03_041980's, PHCV05P03_181980's, PHCV05P03_19Boys, Pajama, 1980's, PHCV05P04_011950's, PHCV05P04_02Family Group Portrait, decorated tree, 1950's, PHCV05P04_04Boys, new sweater, decorated tree, brothers, 1950's, PHCV05P04_051950's, PHCV05P04_18
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