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Happy Girl, 1920's, PLPV17P09_12Girl Loving her Dog, Pillow, Smiles, Dog, Ears, RPPC (real picture post card), 1910's, ADSV04P01_10swing, swinging, Girl, RPPC, 1920's, PLGV01P01_04Flower Girl, Vintage, Postcard, RPPC, PLPV16P12_01Flower Girl, Vintage, Postcard, RPPC, PLPV16P12_02Flower Girl, Vintage, Postcard, RPPC, PLPV16P12_02BWoman with Flowers, Smiles, RPPC, 1920's, PORV28P11_13Woman with Flowers, Smiles, RPPC, 1920's, PORV28P11_13BGirl and her Dog, smiles, hair, hands, arms, RPPC, 1910's, ADSV04P01_10B1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_09Girl Holding Flowers, bouquet, smiles, 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_09B1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_09BWRPPC, 1910's, PLPV17P05_101910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_10BSmiling Girl, bench, smirk, 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_11Smiling Girl, face, smirk, 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_11B1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_12Face, haunting, beautiful, 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_12BPrayer, Girl Praying, Hands, Arms, Face, 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_13Prayer, Girl Praying, Hands, Arms, Face, 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_13BPensive Magic, 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_14girl, female, flowers, beauty, 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_14BGirl, Boy, smiles, cute, 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_15Girl, Smiles, Hand, Dish, Fruit, 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P05_15BWoman sitting with Daisy Flowers, Contemplating, deep in thought, RPPC, PBAV02P11_06Woman Daisy Flowers in her hair, Contemplating, deep in thought, RPPC, PBAV02P11_06BMirror, Girl Washing up, 1920's, RPPC, PDRV02P01_10Mirror, Girl Washing up, washcloth, 1920's, RPPC, PDRV02P01_10BBoy, Girl, RPPC, Grapes, Friends, 1920's, PLPV08P01_02Girl, Boy, Grapes, Friends, smiles, cute, RPPC, 1920's, PLPV08P01_02B1920's, Girl, RPPC, PLPV17P06_01Girl, RPPC, Hat, 1920's, PLPV17P06_02Girl Face, Contemplation, agaze, 1920's, Girl, RPPC, PLPV17P06_02BAnchore, face, hands, fingers, 1920's, Girl, RPPC, PLPV17P06_031920's, Face of a Girl, Devils tail, christian cross, RPPC, PLPV17P06_03BBonnet, smiles, girl, scarf, pensive, RPPC, 1920's, PLPV17P06_041920's, RPPC, Dress, smiles, two girls, fiends, flowers, PLPV17P06_10smiles, two girls, ribbons, smiling, 1920's, RPPC, PLPV17P06_10B1920's, RPPC, Dress, smiles, girl, PLPV17P06_111920's, RPPC, Dress, smiles, girl, Hand, Fingers, Brunette, PLPV17P06_11B1920's, RPPC, Dress, girl, PLPV17P06_121920's, RPPC, Pink Dress, smiles, girl, PLPV17P06_131920's, RPPC, Pink Dress, smiles, girl, PLPV17P06_13BHappy Birthday Greeting, RPPC, 1910, PHBV03P11_02Birthday Wishes, Flowers, RPPC, 1910, PHBV03P11_03horse, flowers, steps, fantasy scene, RPPC, 1910, PHBV03P11_03BBirthday Wishes, Flowers, RPPC, 1910, PHBV03P11_04RPPC, Girl, Basket, 1910's, PLPV09P01_16RPPC, Girl, Basket, horse, hoof, shoe, 1910's, PLPV09P01_16BRPPC, Girl, Hat, flowers, dress, lace, Basket, 1910's, PLPV09P01_16CRPPC, Woman, Dress, Teen, Teenager, Boots, Bonnet, Hat, Stamp, 1920's, PORV23P15_07RPPC, Woman, Dress, Teen, Teenager, Bonnet, Hat, 1920's, PORV23P15_07BWoman Singing, Grand Piano, Girls, Violin, formal dress, hairbands, RPPC, 1910's, EMAV01P01_01Kindest Birthday Wishes, greeting card, Girl sitting with flowers, hat, RPPC, 1910, PHBV03P13_17Happy Birthday Greeting, Girl with a flower basket, Horse, pony, RPPC, 1910, PHBV03P13_18Amour de Paques, Bow and Arrow, Cupid, Girl, Springtime, ribbon, RPPC, Stamp, PHVV01P01_16Bow and Arrow, Cupid, Girl, Springtime, RPPC, cracked egg, wings, PHVV01P01_16BGirls, tween 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P09_06Cute Girls, Roses, face, tween 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P09_07Cute Girls, Roses, face, tween 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P09_07BCute Girl, Flowers, face, tween 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P09_08Cute Girl, Flowers, face, tween 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P09_08BCute Girl, Flowers, face, tween 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P09_09Cute Girl, Flowers, face, tween 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P09_09BCute Girl, Flowers, tween 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P09_10Cute Girl, 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P09_10BCute Girl, Dog, Flower Basket, 1910's, RPPC, PLPV17P09_11Cute Girl, RPPC, Ribbon, Basket, 1910's, PLPV17P09_11BNewly Wed Married Couple, 1880's, RPPC, WEDV01P01_01Wedding, Newly Wed Married Couple, RPPC, Paris, France, 1920's, WEDV01P01_02Girl, socks, dress, small tree, 1910's, RPPC, PHCV02P09_12Holy First Communion girl, prayer, 1910s, RCTV05P02_13Holy First Communion girl, prayer, 1920s, RCTV05P02_14
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