Outhouse, Privy, hut, shack, town of Chicken, CNAV01P03_04.1730out house, Chicken, CNAV01P11_18.1731Shack, Fence, chair, outhouse, CNCV06P13_15Outhouse, near Espanola, CSMV02P06_11.1743Creosote bush, desert shrub, buildings, hillside, barn, outhouse, shack, CSNV02P10_08.1744Outhouse, Shack, Bar, shack, CSZV02P03_05.1745dirt road, bare trees, ice, cold, rural poverty, outhouse, shacks, hut, 1962, 1960s, CMOV01P01_16Outhouse, Privy, COMV01P01_03Outhouse, International Harvester Pick-up Truck, Kings Kup Restaurant, Cars, vehicles, automobiles, Fairbanks, CNAV01P15_18Small building, CSBD01_226Bodie Ghost Town, outhouse, privy, building, shack, CNCV03P15_02Shore, Shoreline, waves, shack, outhouse, privy, Italy, 1950s, RVLV07P13_08Porta-Potty, Construction Site, Dirt, Soil, cars, ICCV06P07_09outhouse, birdhouse, shack, hut, CLNV01P10_16Outhouse, Bodie Ghost Town, Out House, June 1959, 1950s, CNCV09P06_111962 GMC Suburban, Mens Bathroom Hut, outhouse, RVCV02P13_01
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