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Cattle, Nicaragua, ACFV02P14_12Cow, Cattle, Beach, Ocean, Waves, Nicaragua, ACFV03P06_08Cow, Cattle, Nicaragua, ACFV03P06_09Switchback Road, mountains, hills, 1950s, CBNV01P03_01.1513Cathedral of Leon, Cars, automobile, vehicles, Leon, 1950s, CBNV01P03_02.0638Cathedral of Santiago, landmark, Managua, 1950s, CBNV01P03_03.1513Monument to Ruben Dario, Statue, Landmark, lake, Plaza de la Revoluci—n, Managua, 1950s, CBNV01P03_04.0638Trees, rainforest, CBNV01P03_05.1513Bay, Harbor, Beach, Shoreline, San Jose, Nicaragua, CBNV01P03_06Cathedral, Granada, CBNV01P03_07inside, indoors, building, CBNV01P03_08Statue, Man, Male, Conquistador, Managua, CBNV01P03_09Niquinomo, Nicaragua, FGBV01P04_19Vegetable Stand, Roadside, Nicaragua, FPRV01P06_13Fish, Nicaragua, FPRV01P06_14Fish, Nicaragua, FPRV01P06_15Nicaragua, ICBV01P02_05MYAV02P05_19Crepuscular rays, Spiritual Light, Sun Streamers, Sunset, Sunclipse, Spirit, Divine, Divinity, Heaven, sunbeams, Rays, NBNV01P01_16volcano, NBNV01P01_17volcano, NBNV01P01_18volcano, NBNV01P01_19NBNV01P02_01.1273Girl Carries Fruit in a Basket, Child-Labor, girl, PDCV01P09_08Children sitting at home, house, building, Nicaragua, PDEV01P03_15Nicaragua, PDEV01P03_16Nicaragua, PDEV01P03_17Girl, Boy, Grandma, PDEV01P06_17PDEV01P06_18PDEV01P06_19Boys running on the beach, Esteli, Nicaragua, PLPV03P12_01female, girl, feminine, pensive, dress, chair, PLPV03P12_07Brother, Sister, Siblings, Boy, Girl, PLPV03P12_08Washing Dishes, Girl, Face, PLPV03P12_09PLPV03P12_11Girl, Rusty Grounded Ship, Beach, Nicaragua, PLPV08P12_01Girls, Nicaragua, PLPV10P15_02Woman, face, Managua, Nicaragua, PORV17P13_02Nicaragua , PRSV05P05_18Parade, people, Statue, Diriamba, RCTV06P05_14Church, Cathedral, Jesus Statue, Diriamba, RCTV06P05_15Parade, girls, costume, Managua, RCTV06P05_16Parade, girls, costume, Managua, RCTV06P05_17Religious Festival, statues, Parade, RCTV08P01_03Rowboat, Granada Nicaragua, SRKV02P01_11Man sitting on the Beach, Ocean, sand, San Jorge, Nicaragua, TSCV03P07_06Anchor, Solentname, Nicaragua, TSCV03P07_07TSWV05P05_14Managua, Nicaragua, VRFV04P08_12Passenger Railcar, Managua, Nicaragua, VRPV02P12_04Passenger Railcar, VRPV03P02_06Oxen and Cart, Masaya, Nicaragua, VCVV01P09_16Masaya, Nicaragua, VCVV01P09_17Nicaragua, ETBV01P03_01Managua, MYAV02P05_18Family, Group, PORV09P03_02Coffee Beans, Man, Male, Harvesting, PORV09P03_03Cattle, Pearl laguna, Nicaragua, FPMV01P03_01People on the beach, ocean, boats, Nicaragua, FPOV01P03_06Nicaragua, FPOV01P03_07PLPV03P12_10Diriamba, Nicaragua, PLPV08P11_07Rusty Grounded Ship, Beach, Nicaragua, PLPV08P11_19N501NG, Boeing 737-2T5, NICA, Nicaragua Airlines, 737-200 series, JT8D-15 s3, JT8D, TAFV37P02_17Nicaragua, PMCV03P05_04Overloaded Bus, VBSV02P11_19lizard rock, NBNV01P01_14clouds, ocean, crepuscular rays, island, NBNV01P01_15Escuela, School, CBNV01P03_10Lizard Carved into the rock, CBNV01P03_11Lanica Nicaragua, L’neas Aereas de Nicaragua, TAFV47P11_17Communist Get Out of Nicaragua rally, 12 February 1983, PRSV01P07_04Communist Get Out of Nicaragua rally, 12 February 1983, PRSV01P07_05Communist Get Out of Nicaragua rally, 12 February 1983, PRSV01P07_06Communist Get Out of Nicaragua rally, 12 February 1983, PRSV01P07_07Nicaragua , PRSV05P05_19
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