Girl Faces Favorites

PLPV10P05_07Friends for Life, Sweet Little Ladies that have remained friends years later, PLPV10P05_08PLPV10P05_09PLPV10P05_12Girls, Mai Hill Tribes, Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, PLPV10P06_04Girls, Mai Hill Tribes, Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, PLPV10P06_05Boys, Girls, Fun, Beach, smiles, smiling, cute, Timor Indonesia, PLPV10P06_06Flores Island, Indonesia, PLPV10P06_08Paintography, PLPV10P07_01Paintography, PLPV10P07_08Paintography, PLPV10P07_11PLPV10P07_12PLPV10P08_05.0750PLPV10P08_18.0847PLPV10P10_03PLPV10P10_04PLPV10P10_05Paintography, PLPV10P13_08PLPV10P13_14Native Indian Girl, PLPV10P14_05Girl, Blonde, Smiles, PLPV10P15_12PLPV10P15_15PLPV10P15_15BPLPV10P15_16School Children, PLPV11P01_08Smiling Girl, face, PLPV11P01_17Girls, Friends, multi-ethnic, diversity, PLPV11P03_05BWGroup Portrait, girls, boys, smiles, diversity, multi-ethnic, PLPV11P04_06BWGirl, face, PLPV11P07_18.0215PLPV11P09_08.0848Girl, face, PLPV11P11_04Girl, face, PLPV11P11_05.0215Girl, face, PLPV11P11_06Group Portrait, girls, boys, smiles, diversity, multi-ethnic, PLPV11P11_08Transcendental Girl, face, Paintography, PLPV11P11_11Cubist Painting, Girl, face, Paintography, PLPV11P12_01Cubist Painting, Girl, face, Paintography, PLPV11P12_03School Children, smiles, smiling, cute, PLPV12P01_05Girl Smiles, Face, Carnival de Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico, PLPV12P01_14Butterfly Girl, Costume, Carnival de Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico, PLPV12P01_15Girl, face, PLPV12P02_01Girl, smiles, smiling, cute, PLPV12P06_14boy, girls, Cuzco, Peru, PLPV12P07_14boy, girls, Cuzco, Peru, PLPV12P07_15boy, girl, Cuzco, Peru, PLPV12P07_16Girl Face, PLPV12P09_14Girl Face, PLPV12P09_15Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, PLPV12P10_17Girl, Face, eyes, PLPV13P06_17Girl, Face, eyes, PLPV13P07_13Girls, Friends, smiles, smiling, cute, PLPV13P07_14Girls, Friends, smiles, smiling, cute, PLPV13P07_18Mother, Daughter, Smiles, Tokyo, PMCV02P10_07.0214PORV05P04_02.0848PORV05P12_14PORV05P12_15PORV05P12_16.0848PORV05P13_01Woman, Girl, Smiles, Face, Gujarat, PORV07P14_07.0847Woman, Girl, Smiles, Face, Gujarat, PORV07P14_07BWGirl, Face, Beauty, Nepal, PORV08P13_03.0848PORV13P05_09.0847PORV16P13_07PORV16P14_12BBali, PORV16P15_12PORV21P05_17CPORV21P05_18PORV21P06_02Africa, Face, PORV22P05_19Africa, Face, PORV22P06_01Africa, Face, PORV22P06_02Africa, Face, PORV22P06_03Africa, PORV22P06_18Africa, PORV22P06_19Two Girls, Contrast of Rich and Poor, Mumbai (Bombay), India, POV35V09P14_14Mumbai (Bombay), India, POVPCD3306_043Girl, face, smiles, slum, Mumbai, India, POVPCD3306_062Diving Platform, Pool, SWDV01P11_17the sparkle of beauty breaks into a stellar fractionilization of the unknown, XPFV01P05_01XPFV01P09_02XPFV01P09_02BThe inner sense, is Essence, XPFV01P09_03physics and spirit and the universe, aura, XPFV01P09_13happiness is found within yourself, XPFV01P09_13BMoon Face 1, Pareidolia, XPFV01P09_15PLPV05P13_04PLPV05P13_10PLPV05P13_12PLPV05P13_15PLPV05P13_19Merida, PLPV05P14_06Merida, PLPV05P14_07Merida, PLPV05P14_08Merida, PLPV05P14_10Merida, PLPV05P14_11Merida, PLPV05P14_14PLPV05P15_03PLPV05P15_04PLPV05P15_05Girl, face, eyes, PLPV16P01_10Refugee Camp, near the Kenya Somalia border, African Diaspora, Somalia, POVV01P05_04Girl, face, cute, PLPV13P09_09the tears in the eye, face, nose, hand, fingers, child, PABV02P04_01BBWDancers at Grace Cathedral Performance, United Nations 50th Birthday Celebration, EDPV01P08_06near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, PORV08P05_15near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, PORV08P06_08Girl, Woman, Female, near Ahmedabad, PORV08P07_17near Ahmedabad, Woman, Female, Girl, PORV08P07_18near Ahmedabad, Woman, Female, Girl, PORV08P07_19near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, Boral Village, Gujarat, PORV08P08_01near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, Boral Village, Gujarat, PORV08P08_03near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, Boral Village, Gujarat, PORV08P08_04near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, Boral Village, Gujarat, PORV08P08_05near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, Boral Village, Gujarat, PORV08P08_10near Ahmedabad, Girl, Woman, Female, Boral Village, Gujarat, PORV08P08_12Woman, Female, Sari, near Ahmedabad, PORV08P09_13Woman, Female, Sari, near Ahmedabad, PORV08P09_14Girls, smiles, Female, Sari, near Ahmedabad, PORV08P09_15Smiling girl, Araniko Highway, Himalayas, Kodari, Nepal, PORV08P11_12Smiling girl, Nepal, Araniko Highway, Himalayas, Kodari, PORV08P11_14near Kathmandu Nepal, Girl, Face, Beauty, Nepal, PORV08P12_17Girl, Woman, in Prison, jail, PCFV01P02_16Lifting her skirt, Dress, 1960s, PCFV01P15_01PLPV02P01_10PLPV02P04_16Laughing Girl, Refugee Camp, Somalia, PLPV02P07_09Somalia, PLPV02P07_11Photo by: Mary Earle Chase, PLPV02P10_18PLPV02P14_12Girl, Face, PLPV02P14_18Girl, Female, Ubud, Bali, PLPV03P02_09Girl, Church, Pensive, PLPV03P03_08Girl, Church, Pensive, PLPV03P03_09Girl, Church, Pensive, PLPV03P03_10BGirl, Smiles, Teeth, Face, PLPV03P04_03Girl, Pensive, PLPV03P04_04praying, prayer, female, girl, Wharda, PLPV03P10_09praying, prayer, female, girl, Wharda, PLPV03P10_12girl, pensive, face, Wharda, PLPV03P11_03Schoolgirl, Classroom, Uniform, Wharda, PLPV03P11_10Schoolgirl, Classroom, Uniform, Wharda, PLPV03P11_14smiling girl, face, Khroorow Baug, Mumbai, PLPV03P13_05Girl on a Slide, Khroorow Baug, Mumbai, PLPV03P13_11Sri Lanka, Girl, Face, Pretty, PLPV03P15_06Sri Lanka, Girl, Face, Pretty, PLPV03P15_07Sri Lanka, Girl, Face, Pretty, PLPV03P15_10Sri Lanka, Girl, Face, Pretty, PLPV03P15_11Sri Lanka, PLPV03P15_12Smiling Girl, Blue Dress, PLPV04P03_01Laughing Girl, smiles, cheery, funny, PLPV04P03_02Smiling girls, PLPV04P03_05Cute Smiling Girl, Face, Blue Eyes, hair, PLPV04P03_06BGirl smiles, face, eyes, tween, PLPV04P03_17Girl, Female, Smiles, Face, Chin, Hair, PLPV04P04_01Girl Smiles, Face, Chin, Hair, Intense Green Eyes, freckles, Female, PLPV04P04_02Smiley Girl, Female, Smiles, Face, Chin, Hair, PLPV04P04_11PLPV04P04_18Girl, Cute, Pretty, Native, Face, Female, PLPV04P08_11Cheers, Joy, Smiles, Exuberance, PLPV04P08_14PLPV04P10_10Girl, Smiles, PLPV04P10_12Girl, Smiles, PLPV04P10_13Girl, Smiles, PLPV04P10_14Girl, Smiles, PLPV04P10_15Girl, Smiles, PLPV04P10_17Girl, Smiles, PLPV04P10_18PLPV04P11_02PLPV04P11_03Girl, Sisters, Smiles, Laughter, Joy, PLPV04P11_04Girl, Sisters, Smiles, Laughter, Joy, PLPV04P11_05Puerto Vallarta, PLPV05P02_07Yelapa, Mexico, PLPV05P05_06Merida, PLPV05P14_01PLPV06P01_05PLPV06P02_16Girl, Face, PLPV06P03_14Girls in Waiting Room, Well Baby Clinic, Colonia Flores Magone, PLPV06P05_07Colonia Flores Magone, Girl, Female, Face, Hands, PLPV06P07_16Colonia Flores Magone, PLPV06P10_10PLPV07P12_16BFemale, Girl, PLPV07P12_16CKathmandu, Nepal, PLPV08P02_07Girl, Himalayan Foothills, Nepal, PLPV08P06_17Girl, Face, Profile, PLPV08P10_09Girl, Face, PLPV08P10_18Girl, Face, Pensive, PLPV09P07_08BYellow Smiling Balloons, 1960s, PFPV06P01_11Yellow Smiling Balloons, 1960s, PFPV06P01_13Smiling Girl, Teen, PORV21P02_10Smiling Boy, Girl, Sister, Brother, PORV21P05_11Woman Face, Touba, Senegal, VRPV04P15_16woman, women, female, girl, face, ethnic costume, dress, Lady, PORV05P04_02Fantail, Girls face reflecting the the fish tank glass, AAGV01P09_16Female, Dress, Girl, Face, Ribbon, PCDV02P01_13girl, female, hat, dress, lawn, legs, open mouth, sunny day, formal, shoes, socks, arms, PCFV02P15_13PLPD01_191Woman, Tassel, cap and gown, female, face, cateye glasses, Graduation, 1960s, KECV03P10_04Pensive, PLPD02_047Girl, Church, Pensive, PLPV03P03_10 Girl, 1950s, PLPV05P08_05
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