Deer in the Snow, AMAV01P08_15Deer in the Snow, AMAV01P08_15.1711Deer in the Snow, AMAV01P08_15B.1711Deer in the Snow, AMAV01P08_15BDeer in the Snow, AMAV01P08_16Deer Gazing in the snow, AMAV01P08_17Deer Gazing in the snow, AMAV01P08_17BDeer Gazing in the snow, AMAV01P08_17CDeer Gazing in the snow, AMAV01P08_17DDeer in the Snow, AMAV01P08_18.4100Deer in the Snow, AMAV01P08_19.4100Deer Caught in the Headlights, AMAV02P08_04Deer Caught in the Headlights, AMAV02P08_05Deer Caught in the Headlights, AMAV02P08_05BWoman Gazes Up, PAFV03P05_19.2673Boys Face, eyes, stare, gaze, Ubud Bali, PLPPCD2930_121Boys Sweet Face, eyes, lips, stare, gaze, Ubud Bali, PLPPCD2930_121BPrecursor to Gazing Past the Strata of Being, XCEV02P04_12.0366Surprise!, Road, Roadway, Highway, VCRV08P08_05BGolden Statue, bow and arrow, angel, gilded, Water Fountain, aquatics, Cupid, Linderhof Palace, Schloss, Museum, Ettal, Bavaria, CEGV05P08_04Gazing through a window, PLPD01_223Gazing through a window, PLPD01_224Gazing through a window, PLPD01_225Gazing through a window, PLPD01_226Gazing through a window, PLPD01_227Gazing through a window, PLPD01_228Gazing through a window, PLPD01_229Gazing through a window, PLPD01_230Gazing through a window, PLPD01_231Water Fountain, gilded gold, statue, gaze, aquatics, Schloss Linderhof, Castle, Bavaria, Linderhof Palace, Schloss, Museum, Ettal, CEGV06P14_16Woman, Dress, Dressy, Arms, Gaze, Formal, 1950's, PFAV09P02_11Gazing Past the Strata of Being, into the Daymare of the night, XCEV02P04_12The Gaze to the Id, Woman, Female, Face, Eyes, Lips, Nose, Chin, XPFD01_001Golden Cupid Statue, Water Fountain, aquatics, Bavaria, Linderhof Palace, Schloss, Museum, Ettal, CEGV05P08_04BTranscendental Gaze into a Time Far Away, XPFD01_033
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